Judy Kiel McKain’s Books

OUR READERS: 644 From Mess To Best by Judy Kiel McKain. Katrina knows that a clean room is important, but she just doesn’t take the time to pick up her socks, shoes, toys and stuff.  When a little spider glares at her from her bed, Katrina figures it is time… Continue reading

Joan Fields Long’s Books

OUR READERS: 568 Depart From Evil by Joan Fields Long. The author, Joan Fields Long, wrote Depart From Evil in 1976-77. The setting is in a peaceful farming community in the South. When a new pastor is hired for the local church things begin to change. He and his wife… Continue reading

Jon Cocks’ Books

OUR READERS: 4,048 Angel Of Aleppo Is A Story For Today! Angel of Aleppo by Jon Cocks. A Story of the Armenian Genocide. Soldiers murder her mother. They force her from the family home. Anoush must endure a death march through unforgiving desert, as Armenian refugees perish all about her,… Continue reading

John F. Dobbyn’s Books

OUR READERS: 4,681 Deadly Depths by John F. Dobbyn. A notable archaeologist, close to finding a priceless artifact, meets his untimely demise— Matthew Shane vows to find his murderer. Matthew Shane is a law professor in Salem, Massachusetts, where he enjoys a rewarding mentorship with Professor Barrington Holmes, a well-known… Continue reading

Jessica Gold’s Books

OUR READERS: 4,267 Perceptions and Secrets by Jessica Gold. Our Perceptions may not always be reality. Rick and Marissa Lynch, Manhattan elite and press favorites seem like the perfect couple, with money, prestige and a beautiful daughter Emily. In reality, their lives have become tangled webs filled with deceit and… Continue reading

J. L. Greger’s Books

OUR READERS: 4,654 Come Fly With Elf by J. L. Greger. Picture Book For Pre-School and Kindergarten Children. Even a little dog has dreams. Join Elf, a Papillon dog, as he dreams of flying in a hot air balloon. COME FLY WITH ELF is a picture book for pre-school and… Continue reading

Jay Dubya (John Wiessner) Books

OUR READERS: 18,801 5 New Adult Satirical Literature Releases. Special Book Pages Below: 5 New Adult Satirical Literature Releases By 5-Star Author Jay Dubya:https://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/5-new-adult-satirical-literature-releases-by-5-star-author-jay-dubya/ Prime-Time Crime Time by Jay Dubya:https://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/prime-time-crime-time-by-jay-dubya/ The Psychic Dimension: Part Two by Jay Dubya:https://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/the-psychic-dimension-part-two-by-jay-dubya/ So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher! by Jay Dubya:https://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/so-ya-wanna-be-a-teacher-by-jay-dubya/ The Arcane Arcade… Continue reading

Joy M. Lilley’s Books

OUR READERS: 9,948 Joyful Pussy Cat Tales by Joy M Lilley. Pussy Cats are always looking for something to pounce on. They seem to be on an endless quest of adventure. But do we remember how their quest began? From the most gentle to the most fearless, you will read… Continue reading

John W. Howell’s Books

OUR READERS: 7,653 The Last Drive by John W. Howell. Sequel To Eternal Road (Magical Realism). In the sequel to Eternal Road – The final stop, Sam and James are reunited to look for two souls, Ryan and Eddie. Ryan was killed in Afghanistan, trying to avoid a schoolyard with… Continue reading

Janice (J. E.) Spina’s Books

OUR READERS: 20,859 Abby & Holly Book Series by Janice Spinahttps://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/abby-holly-book-series-by-janice-spina/ Branyrd The Angel Series by J.E. Spinahttps://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/the-misunderstood-angel-by-j-e-spina/ Children’s Classic Literature by Janice (J. E.) Spinahttps://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/childrens-classic-literature-by-janice-j-e-spina/ Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series Janice Spinahttps://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/davey-derek-junior-detectives-series-janice-spina/ Drystan The Dragon and Friends Book Series by Janice Spinahttps://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/drystan-the-dragon-and-friends-book-series-by-janice-spina/ Gateskin Chronicles by Janice Spinahttps://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/book-marketing-global-network-book-reviews-central/gateskin-chronicles-by-janice-spina/ Make… Continue reading

J. A. Hunsinger’s Books

OUR READERS: 8,785 The Settlers: An Axe of Iron Novel by J. A. Hunsinger. First Book In An Axe Of Iron Series. The Settlers: Axe of Iron is a tale of survival, strife, love, and the quest for a new home in the face of hostile opposition. Conditions of manifest… Continue reading

James Glass’ Books

OUR READERS: 624 Rebecca Watson Crime Thriller Trilogy. Girl In The Leaves by James Glass. A Rebecca Watson Novel Book 3 While Detective Rebecca Watson wrestles with the possibility that her mother may get away with murder, she responds to the murder-suicide of a family of five and soon discovers… Continue reading

Jeff Rimland’s Books

OUR READERS: 198 The Poetry of History by Jeff Rimland. The Poetry of History is unique. It contains photographs, descriptions, and poetry of historical figures and events. The photographs and descriptions are authentic, but the poetry is the Author’s interpretation and historically accurate. These events and historical figures are placed… Continue reading