Mark L. Redmond’s Books

OUR READERS: 11,241 Bounty Hunter Nate Landry Series! Bounty Hunter Nate Landry: Major Issues by Mark L. Redmond. Book 1: Bounty Hunter Nate Landry. The stereotypical bounty hunter in tales of the old West is an unprincipled, dirty, back-shooter, who is only motivated by the reward money he collects. Nate… Continue reading

Ronald E. Yates’ Books

OUR READERS: 8,641 Finding Billy Battles by Ronald E. Yates. Finding Billy Battles Trilogy Book 1. When a great-grandson inherits two aging trunks and a stack of meticulously detailed journals penned by his great-grandfather, he sets out to fulfill his great-grandfather’s last request: to tell the story of an incredible… Continue reading

J. A. Hunsinger’s Books

OUR READERS: 8,785 The Settlers: An Axe of Iron Novel by J. A. Hunsinger. First Book In An Axe Of Iron Series. The Settlers: Axe of Iron is a tale of survival, strife, love, and the quest for a new home in the face of hostile opposition. Conditions of manifest… Continue reading

Dancing In The Ring by Susan E. Sage

OUR READERS: 163 DANCING IN THE RING by Susan E. Sage. Detroit in the 1920s proved to be the Paris of the West for many—including Catherine McIntosh and Robert Sage. These two law school students are as passionate about each other as they are their dreams. From a poor family… Continue reading

The Adventures of Arty Anderson: Middle Grade Fiction by Mark Redmond

OUR READERS: 342 The Adventures of Arty Anderson: Middle Grade Fiction by Mark L. Redmond. Arty Goes West Mark L. Redmond. Book 1 of 6: The Adventures of Arty Anderson. Saddle up, pardner, and hang on! Arty Anderson is about to take you on a rip-roarin’ ride through the Old… Continue reading