Mark L. Redmond’s Books

OUR READERS: 11,450 Author Mark L. Redmond Is A Western Action-Adventure Writer! Children’s 1800s US Historical Fiction. New 2024 Release In The Box M Gang Series! Intended For Middle Grade+ Readers! The Box M Gang And The Army by Mark L. Redmond. Book Two In The Box M Gang Series…. Continue reading

Bounty Hunter Nate Landry Series by Mark L. Redmond

OUR READERS: 285 Bounty Hunter Nate Landry Series! Bounty Hunter Nate Landry: Major Issues by Mark L. Redmond. Book 1: Bounty Hunter Nate Landry. The stereotypical bounty hunter in tales of the old West is an unprincipled, dirty, back-shooter, who is only motivated by the reward money he collects. Nate… Continue reading