Review Given To Book Marketing Global Network by Author Linda Maria Frank

Hello, as you know I talk to a lot of authors on my interview show, The Writer’s Dream. One of the subjects that is most challenging is how to market our marvelous books.

I’ve sold 5,000 plus books as of this date. It’s been a lot of work marketing them, since I discovered Book Market Global Network, exposure and sales have picked up. It’s a great and easy way to get your books on social media and a true value. Try it!

Book Marketing Global Network has given me many options for marketing. I have included my Author’s Page link below.

Social media is the thing that is most time consuming and least attractive to me, but I think I have found the solution through Book Marketing Global Network.

Take a look at the options they provide, and I hope this tidbit finds you in good health.

Linda Maria Frank
Author’s Page Here At Book Marketing Global Network

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