Michael Ripley’s Books

Fortune’s Flight by Mike Ripley. Fortune is our dog. He loves to bark at airplanes and helicopters when he sees them up in the sky. Dad and I think Fortune wants to fly, so dad comes up with a way. Let’s go on an adventure together and see how Fortune… Continue reading

Marsha Casper Cook’s Books

Grand Central Station by Marsha Casper Cook. Some Relationships Are Just Meant to Be! A famous child psychologist, who has authored several bestselling books on raising children, discovers he doesn’t know as much as he thought he did when he meets a pediatrician and mother of three. Neither of them… Continue reading

Mike Oborn’s Books

Toward Happier Choices by Mike Oborn. A Coffee Conspiracy! This book is a Memoir better described as an Anthology of a person’s life. It also might be looked at as a transition piece by a person who doesn’t tell, but shows how he reinvented his life. “Our challenges strengthen and… Continue reading

Mike Ellis Books

Guided Teachings from Spirit: The Journey Continues by Mike Ellis. A spirit guide.Love is the answer.Love is the be-all.Don’t be afraid.I am here to help you. These are a few of the words I had written down the morning after a trusted medium told me to buy a notebook and… Continue reading

Mark L. Redmond’s Books

The Box M Gang by Mark Redmond. Children’s 1800s US Historical Fiction. The year is 1875. The Arizona Territory is a wild, sparsely settled place. The Martin family’s Box M Ranch is ten miles from their nearest neighbor and twenty miles from Tucson. Ma has been gone for two years,… Continue reading

Maria Monte’s Books

Eve’s Ducklings by Maria Monte. A sweet, simple story that will make readers of all ages eager to be kind to animals. Eve and her Grandpa take daily walks to the local lake, where Eve tries to make friends with two shy ducklings. Will Eve’s funny and heart-warning antics win… Continue reading

Mary Deal’s Books

Grief Is Love by Mary Deal. A Memoir of Surviving Bereavement. After losing her long-term partner, through poetry and essay, author Mary Deal shares the turmoil and oftentimes bewildering depths of her grief. This memoir exposes the spectrum of emotions with which those suffering loss will become familiar or already… Continue reading

Maria davenza Tillmanns’ Books

New Release In ‘Why We Are In Need Of Tails’ Series! Why We Are in Need of Tales? Part Three by Maria davenza Tillmanns. In ‘Why We Are in Need of Tails’; we learn how we all used to have tails that helped us connect to each other and the… Continue reading

Michael Palladini’s Books

Spellbound and Sensationless: A Drug War Vision by Michael Palladini. Spellbound and Sensationless: A Drug War Vision. Best friends struggling with their drug-fueled past, embark on a journey of self-discovery which changes their lives forever. What is a drug war vision? A personal vision. A battle with enemies known and… Continue reading

Marie McGaha’s Books

Shine His Light 3: Instructions in Life by Marie McGaha. Shine His Light 3: Instructions in Life is the third in the Shine His Light series. This devotional takes everyday situations and shines the light of God’s word on them to help the reader understand that we all go through… Continue reading