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Warrington Legacy Series by Marsha Casper Cook.

It’s All About Love by Marsha Casper Cook.

Warrington Legacy Book 1.

“Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet.” ~ Sarah Louise Delany

It’s All About Love is a sweet, heartwarming story about how love can happen when you least expect it.

After losing the love of his life, Leo Tucker never thought it would be possible to fall in love again. But then he met Gracie Maxwell and happiness seemed to be more than just a possibility—it became reality.

Gracie Maxwell had been hurt so many times before her final conclusion: she was never going to let herself fall in love or even get close to it ever again. But then she met Leo.

Leo was kind and considerate and Gracie thought he was pretty darned wonderful, so unlike anyone she had ever known. So, there they were, falling in love with each other. Would they choose each other, or would they decide against the second chance they were both afraid of?

The beauty of this love story will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between as you watch them decide their destiny. Will they find the right path to each other’s heart?

Review by Phil Bolos: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Great characters and interactions. Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2022. Verified Purchase. It’s All About Love by Marsha Casper Cook is a heartwarming and funny tale about two people who swore off love only to have it hunt them down when they least expected it. Leo Tucker was a fantastic writer until his wife died. When that happened, he knew that he would never find the happiness he had with her again in his life. That is, until he found Gracie. Gracie needs to get away from the life that she has been living. Her heart has been broken too many times, and she knows that love simply is not in the cards for her. That is, until she meets Leo. The two cross paths briefly while traveling internationally, and soon meet up with each other once again. Is this fate? Are they meant to fall in love? Or will their pasts keep them from exploring what could be the greatest second chance of all time?

Leo and Gracie and excellent characters. They are developed well, and the author does a great job of making their interactions believable. The dialogue is written nicely and the narrative moves at a fast pace. Fans of romance novels and uplifting fiction will enjoy this story and the characters it contains.


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Paperback: 196 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (April 5, 2021)
Language: English
Romance (Comedy)
Romance (Contemporary)
Romance (Later In Life)
Romance (Clean & Wholesome)

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Second Chances by Marsha Casper Cook

Warrington Legacy Book 2.

Leo and Gracie are back again, but their hearts have been broken by previous relationships and that’s keeping them apart. Even though their podcast, “It’s All About Love,” is successful, they can’t seem to take their own advice while others around them find love and happiness.

Can they forget the past and let love take its course or will they never allow themselves to be happy again?

Is the timing right this time or will they miss the boat?

What readers are saying about It’s All About Love, the first book in the Warrington Legacy series:

“Marsha Casper Cook’s romantic novels are always a pleasure to read. Her characters are so well developed and interesting.”

“I really enjoyed this book! Written by Marsha Casper Cook, an author that believes family is everything.”

“This would make for a wonderful made-for-television movie. I was so invested in these characters that I want to know what happens to them. “

“Leo is the man all men, and I suspect women too, can admire. He proves old-fashioned virtues have a place in modern society and it can’t help but make you feel good.

“This story is heartwarming and beautiful; I haven’t read such a lovely romantic story for a long time.”

“As a person who greatly enjoys reading romance stories, this book is definitely one of the most heartwarming stories I’ve ever read.”

Review by Celeste L-VINE VOICE: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Great, realistic dialogue. Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2022. Verified Purchase. Second Chances by Marsha Casper Cook is the second book in the Warrington Legacy series and is classified as a romantic comedy type of book. It is quite a short and easy read. I would also recommend going back to read the first book in the series before this one so you know the characters and have a good developmental background on them before jumping into this sequel. I love this book. The dialogue is great, and it feels authentic. As if I’m experiencing it in real life. The characters are very relatable, and I constantly found myself rooting on the characters in their journey of love.

Review by Mayra Comolli: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A book to recommend. Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2022. Verified Purchase.In ‘Second Chances’ by Marsha Casper Cook, I not only found a nice, well-written novel but also a beautiful message. This story is about Leo and Gracie. They are together again, but they have suffered a lot due to previous relationships and that’s a problem. All along the narrative, I found myself immersed in the plot. This is the result of a great job done by the author as regards descriptions. She wrote such good descriptions for each scene that I felt part of them. I liked her writing style very much. When I finished the book, I also felt I was left a nice message. When second chances appear, take them.

Review by Chelsey McQuitty: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Loved everything about it! Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2022. Verified Purchase. I really loved the plot of this book. There is a lot going on and the author has written it in such a relatable way that is hard not to connect with the characters. I loved the fact that the lovebirds are podcast hosts as it adds so much to their love story and brings even more tension to their time apart. This author has an incredible way with words that will totally wrap you up and make you feel deeply connected to every chapter of the book. I’d highly recommend it.


Product Details:
Paperback: ‎196 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (April 20, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Romance (Comedy)
Romance (Contemporary)
Romance (Later In Life)
Romance (Clean & Wholesome)

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It’s All About a Wedding by Marsha Casper Cook.

Warrington Legacy Book Three.

In the heartwarming novel, It’s All About a Wedding, the Warrington family takes center stage as they navigate the complexities of love, loss, and second chances. After three decades apart, Lilly and Samuel find themselves miraculously reunited. Their rekindled romance inspires hope for finding love later in life.

Meanwhile, their children, Leo and Gracie, grapple with their own emotional dilemmas. Leo, still haunted by the untimely passing of his beloved wife, teeters between moving on and honoring his past. In an extraordinary twist, Leo is visited by his late wife through a small dose of celestial magic. With her ethereal guidance, he discovers that love doesn’t have to end with a loss, but can be transformed into a beautiful legacy.

Against the backdrop of a much-anticipated family wedding, Leo and Gracie find themselves at a crossroads. Their budding connection blossoms amidst the romantic festivities, but fear of repeating past mistakes threatens to hold them back. As they navigate their own personal struggles, the Warrington’s realize that life is too short to let love slip away.

This sweet tale of love, healing, and the power of family bonds invites readers to believe in the magic of second chances and the enduring power of true love.

Review by Cathy B: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Strong characters and a great book! Reviewed in the United States on September 6, 2023. Jump inside the covers of this wonderful book and join the excitement that is Samuel Warrington’s life. As head of Warrington Publishing, Samuel is an intelligent and powerful man. The one thing he loves more than being in charge is his family. Of course, he likes to be in charge there too. This was a wonderful installment in the intertwined lives of Samuel, his love, Lilly and his two daughters as well as a myriad of other characters. With an upbeat tone, even though the drama, I truly enjoyed this story of how messy and complicated life can be. One always hopes that love wins in the end, because makes it all worth it! Once again, Marsha Casper Cook, entertained me and I can’t wait to read more of her books.

Review by Devon D. Brugh: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Beautiful Story! Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2023. First time reading this author. This is a beautiful second chance romance. Well woven around a single family. Lost love finally being reunited. A daughter learning to let down her walls and begin to trust again. Another learning to follow her own path and it’s ok to have your own desires. Epiphanies abound she weaves a story that blends so well I was sad to see it was over. It says it’s book 3 of 3 but found it easy to ready as a stand-alone.

Review by B. Snow: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Really enjoyed this! Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2023. In the beginning, it jumped around between characters and was a little hard to follow. But let me tell you, it was worth it! This was a sweet romance with some ups & downs, a little bit of drama and a will they, won’t they vibe. The story kept me guessing until the end and I hope I get to read more about the Warrington Legacy!


Product Details:
Paperback: ‎152 Pages
Publisher: ‎Fideli Publishing, Incorporated (September 6, 2023)
Language: ‎English
Romance (Comedy)
Romance (Contemporary)
Romance (Later In Life)
Romance (Clean & Wholesome)

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Stand-Alone Books

Love Changes by Marsha Casper Cook.

Second chances are possible, but only if the lies and compromises are gone.

Martin had lost his first wife and daughter in a horrible car accident, and it took him years to fight the sadness he woke up with every day. When he met Elaine, everything changed. He married her and their new life made Martin forget all the pain. Once again, life was good.

After feeling such happiness the second time around, Martin never expected tragedy to once again come knocking at his door. But it did. If Martin had known the truth about Elaine’s past he would have been able to help her, but her fear of the truth became her reality and the fact that they loved each other didn’t seem to be enough. Elaine came up with a solution she thought would be for the best. Martin went along with her plan, but it put him in a compromised position and very unhappy. However, he loved his wife so much he agreed to live her lie.

The stakes were very high, but Martin thought he could change her mind over time. But as the years passed, the only thing that changed was Elaine. She became withdrawn and uneasy. Eventually, things got out of hand and Martin couldn’t control anything that happened. It was a downward spiral, and everything they had worked to achieve began to crumble.

Could Martin save his wife from herself?

Would Elaine let that happen?

Review by Mom of 6: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Not your usual love story! Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2023. From beginning to end you are not sure what will happen next and the ending will have you in tears as you feel for this family.

Review by H. Taylor: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. An enjoyable book! Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2017. Love changes by Marsha Casper Cook draws the reader in from the very first page and keeps them until the last word. Martin was happily married with a wonderful wife and daughter, when one fateful day devastation came knocking at the family home, the wife and daughter were involved in a car accident that took their lives. As the years passed, he fought through the sadness he woke with each day. However, Martin met Elaine and his life began to change for the better. They married and with his new life Martin finally forgot the pain, making his life great again.

However, this second time with the happiness he was surrounded by, a cruel twist of fate once again saw tragedy knocking on his door. Unfortunately, his second wife Elaine kept her past secret, although fearing the truth of her past becoming a reality and although they loved one another it could all be ruined was the mistake, the pair have to face the consequences of now in their present. The way the characters have been constructed and written makes them easy to empathize with and even hate at times. It’s wonderfully created and very enjoyable, a definite recommend.

Review by Samfreene-VINE VOICE: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Feel the Passion! Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2012. Marriages have a way of outlasting themselves. Sometimes we don’t even see the signs not until it is too late. Martin Lewis is trying his best to understand his wife Elaine’s erratic mood swings. Honored at a dinner for the disabled, his wife and his mother both proud, but in two different ways. A man who is selfless, a doctor who is rare and rarely cares about his patients, does not see the warning signs in front of him as his marriage is about to smolder into ashes due to the secrets and lies his wife has hidden from him for years. Spending his life as a doctor and delivering children into this world, just imagine how he would feel if he found out his child was given away. Enter into the world of gambling, adultery, abortion, mental illness and the disabled. Elaine appears to us as a selfish, unfeeling woman who enjoys the life of a rich socialite and doctor’s wife. Martin Lewis deliberately ignores her faults, her coldness and mood swings in order to keep his marriage solvent. Elaine Lewis has placed a veil of secrecy around her in order to hide the truths about her past. Will they be able to survive? What truths will be revealed in this heartfelt novel by outstanding author Marsha Casper Cook who brings to light so many issues that people face today but never really fully address.

Elaine Lewis appears on the outside to be a cold, unfeeling and distant woman. That is all a façade. Beneath the surface you will find a woman who is deeply troubled, hiding from her own pain and remembering a choice that she made that changed the course of her life, Martin’s, and an innocent child. Elaine Lewis made the choice to give away her young son, Steven. Steven was born with a disability, an imperfection that she could not stand for and would not allow into her life. Steven was born with Down syndrome and would need the love, understanding and caring of parents who would learn and want to address his needs. She was not that giving and she convinced Martin to give her child to someone she never met. Haunted by the images and dreams of her sister Megan who died in a freak accident, Elaine’s emotional scars and guilt from that day on have tortured her waking hours and left her cold and afraid to love any other child.

Facing her fears, running away from her life, and finally coming to a stark realization after almost losing her life, Elaine decides it is time to get some help but at what cost. Finding her diary and reading the entries, Martin learns the hidden secret about how Elaine really feels about their son Stevie and why she feels like a failure. With the help of her close friend Sally, Maggie and even Josh a man she formed a relationship with, Elaine might just find her way back but not before Dr. Ben Caulfield of the facility she is in forces her to face past in a very unique and brave manner. Three great doctors, her husband, her psychiatrist, and her gynecologist, all-working toward the same end to save this troubled and tortured woman from herself. But, could they and the events that do follow are startling. A man who has devoted his life to his wife and yet questions his own actions and blames himself for not being able to help his wife and understand her problems. A woman who closed herself off when her son was born but, in her heart, and soul she loves him.

There are many children born with disabilities today both physically and learning that hamper their learning. As a reading and writing specialist I worked with students that needed that extra help in both areas and I taught classes of double grades with students who were below level and had difficulty in both reading and math. Before becoming the reading and writing specialist I worked with so many children who endeared themselves to me and who will always be in my heart and soul forever. Working with children with disabilities like Down syndrome, autism and Attention Deficit Disorder takes a specially trained teacher and parent to help these children succeed. It can be done as we hope Elaine will find out.

When Martin asks Sally to attend a gallery opening more than just the paintings are revealed as Sally and Josh come to terms with his feelings for Elaine as the plot becomes more complicated and lives are intertwined. Anonymity is what Elaine strived for and wanted in order to forget her pain and release her anger. She found her solace at the racetrack where she stated she could rest her mind and no one cared who or what she was. Friendships are hard for Elaine to cultivate but the persistence of one woman would change the course of her treatment and hopefully restore her life. The dam finally burst the water began to flow and Elaine was finally on the road to recovery. Group therapy sessions revealed many other aspects of her childhood and past. As author Marsha Casper Cook takes us on a backward journey into her past and then reunites us with her present life, we learn more about the real Elaine.

The events that follow her release you will have to read for yourself. Sometimes when we wait too long, we learn many other hard lessons in life. The ending has a twist and you will never expect. What does happen to Elaine, Martin and Stevie will surprise the reader. This is a story a man whose unrequited love for his wife. A story of loyalty, friendship, hope and the desire to set the past free and strengthen the future. Friendships that will last, others that will be tested and losses that will be hard to overcome, as Elaine Lewis tries to understand what lies ahead for her and those she loves.

Well written, characters that you will either love or hate, a woman who learns many truths about herself, and a man whose undying love helped her through it all. This is a must read for everyone that has ever had a child with disabilities, learning needs or lost someone close to them. Marsha Casper Cook brings to light so many valuable issues in this book that are relevant today. A definite must read and one of my best picks for 2010.

Review by Crysmisty: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Really need to let yourself feel this book! Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2019. There was a love hate relationship for me with this book and the reason was because. I do not understand people’s inability to have compassion until it is too late. The characters appear to be heartless until the author delves into the reasons why they are as they are. The selfishness, the suffering, the anger and the angst. Love is better when you understand the person for the secrets they hide. Very well written book. I recommend as a sort of lesson in life moment or I should say moments. Rereading is recommended with this book. Really feel it.

Ratings: Cook/dp/1604141948/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=#customerReviews

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎224 Pages
Publisher: ‎Fideli Publishing, Incorporated (January 15, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Women’s Domestic LifeFiction Family LifeWomen’s Contemporary Fiction
Romance (Contemporary)
Romance (Later In Life)
Romance (Clean & Wholesome)

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Audio Book:

Grand Central Station by Marsha Casper Cook.

Some Relationships Are Just Meant to Be!

A famous child psychologist, who has authored several bestselling books on raising children, discovers he doesn’t know as much as he thought he did when he meets a pediatrician and mother of three. Neither of them imagined how their lives would change when they shared a flight headed for Las Vegas for a medical convention. For Jack Winston and Victoria Feingold, whatever happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. It follows them back to Chicago.   Jack doesn’t want to fail, but he’s not sure he’s emotionally prepared to live with Victoria’s three children. Not to mention her mother, sister, dog, and needy ex-husband. Grand Central Station is a fast-paced ride and a lot of fun!

Review by Shawn Pinzon: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Good Read! Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2023. Verified Purchase. This book was a good read with an array of hilarious characters in a talking dog. The ex-husband definitely needs the health insurance. Just when you think things are going good something happens. I enjoyed reading this book and this was my first book by Marsha Casper Cook.

Review by Chelsey McQuitty: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A true to life romance! Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2018. Verified Purchase. If you’re tired of the same run of the mill romances then this one is certainly right up your alley. You won’t wind up with a huge drama that leaves you waiting for the happy ending. Rather, this romance is a lot more real to life than you can imagine. The characters are loveable, even with some of their eccentric behaviors, which is something that I especially enjoyed about the book. I also got a kick out of the humor that the author brought to the table. If you love romance stories but aren’t eager for the erotic elements that many novels have now-a-days, then this is right up your alley.I read this book was taken from a screen play, which might be one of the main reasons it stood out to me. Of course, this means the dialogue is much stronger than you would find in other novels. Overall, you will keep a deeper storyline that is sure to impress.

Review by Carol Flythe: 5.0 out of 5 Stars … is not only a child psychologist but has three best sellers. Victoria Feingold is a mom to three … Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2017. Verified Purchase. Grand Central Station focuses on Jack Winston who is not only a child psychologist but has three best sellers. Victoria Feingold is a mom to three and a pediatrician. Her mom happens to be a huge fan of Jack and one weekend in Vegas the two meet and have a wild time. They come back home to Chicago and once Jack meets Victoria’s children, mom, and sister-in-law he realizes he may not be prepared to live in a full house type situation. Honestly, it’s understandable. I live in a quiet house even with my one kid and her house sounds like pure chaos most of the time.

However, these two characters not only can be funny but they are relatable and more than that they are memorable. I really enjoyed this book and I’ve recommended it to my mom because I know she too will enjoy how different of a story this one is.

Review by Margot Guadalupe: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. If you are looking for a romantic comedy then this book was made for you. Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2017. Verified Purchase. This is an amazing book for sure!! I loved every single part of it I just could not skip all those pages when they gave me a lot of entertainment. I am really into romantic stories, and this one gave me a lot of it and, a lot of fun. The plot was amazing and so the writing was as well, this one is a book that you usually want to read on a lazy afternoon when all you want to do is laugh a feel a little bit of love! I think the characters are just like anyone else with their own personalities, one of the things that I liked the most about the story is that it let us know (even when we already know it) that honesty means a lot when it comes to a relationship.

Review by VS Grenier-VINE VOICE: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. If You’re Looking for an Enjoyable Romantic Ready for the Weekend or Vacation…This, is it! Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2016. Verified Purchase. I really enjoyed this story. It’s a quick read and one that isn’t loaded down with sex. It’s one of those romantic comedy’s you just enjoy reading on a Sunday afternoon.

The writing was good and the story kept my interest. There wasn’t anything in the storyline where I felt it was pushing reality. This is just a fun, simple, romance and everything tends to happen naturally. You can’t help but like the characters and humor isn’t forced either. When I was reading the book, I felt the author did a good job with the plot and the movement was just like best-selling authors of mainstream fiction write a story. I had actually just finished “Honeymoon” from James Patterson and when I started this novel, I felt it had the same writing style and pacing. If you’re just looking for an enjoyable romantic read for a weekend or vacation, this is it.

Review by M. M. Bishop: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. IT SHOULD BE A HALLMARK MOVIE. Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2019. Verified Purchase. Years ago, I loved reading romance novels but fell out of the genre. However, Marsha Casper Cook’s Grand Central Station has changed my life. It is an adorable, funny, quirky, and altogether a joy to read. I loved the story of Jack (the famous author on parenting) who has never been married, falling in love with the divorced Victoria who is the mother of three children and a talking dog named Angus. What more can want than, except to add a sister, ex-husband, and mother into the household to make for a genuinely fabulously fun read. Thank you, Ms. Cook.


Product Details:
Paperback: ‎158 Pages
Publisher: ‎Fideli Publishing, Incorporated (September 26, 2018)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Literature)
Humor (Humor and Satire)

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It’s Never Too Late for Love by Marsha Casper Cook.

Everyone Deserves A Fairy Tale Ending.

Confirmed bachelor Noah Meyers thinks living his life without a partner is just fine and manages to dodge his meddling mother’s repeated attempts to fix him up. When an adorable dog named Gracie finds her way into his life and decides to play matchmaker, Noah finds his carefully constructed world is turned upside down.

Will Gracie complete her mission to finally find a fairy tale happy ending for Noah and ultimately help herself find happiness too?

It’s Never Too Late For Love is a timeless and delightful love story filled with a lot of laughter and just a hint of magic.

Review by Julie A Sherman: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Sweet! Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2022. Verified Purchase. This is a sweet easy read. It’s always a pleasure to read a book that has an easy enjoyable and funny characters with a dash of meddling by mom.Look forward to more.

Review by Deb C: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Not what I expected! Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2023. Verified Purchase. Wasn’t what I expected but it was most enjoyable.Light hearted and fun.And a woven web.Recommend this one for a bit of fun.

Review by Billy O.: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Animals sometimes know more about love than humans. Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2018.Verified Purchase. This is such a lovely, heartwarming story, the one that you would want to read around the holidays, or when you are going through a breakup or just when you need to read some soothing words that will make you believe in love again after a disappointment. Excellent dialogue that goes so smoothly, you’ll read the book in one go! It’s truly one of those romances that you don’t want to leave until you complete it.

Gracie, the adopted talking dog, has quite an impact on Noah’s destiny. When he decides to pick her up from the shelter after yet another ruined date, the young, handsome, and eligible doctor has a turn of events. He gets closer to Annie who works in his office and starts taking his life in his own hands. His mom Rosalyn stops hooking him up after she meets someone with the justification to make him happy in love. At that point, all events in the book somehow come together, and there is more than one love story that will melt your heart. For readers who prefer dialogue over descriptions, this will be a candy. Grab it!

Review by J Armstrong: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Who only wants to see her son happy and settled down. Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2018. Verified Purchase. Noah’s mom is a well-meaning woman, who only wants to see her son happy and settled down, with a lovely young woman, preferably with a few grandbabies on the way. If this doesn’t sound like most moms, then I have been in different circles. The characters in this book are fleshed out, well written and relatable. Even Gracie, the cute King Charles Spaniel, who in a twist becomes the main character, attempting to secure her own happiness by continuing the work that Noah’s mom has begun: setting him up to fall in love. There is a surprise twist that awaits Noah’s mom later in the book. Something along the lines of “what comes around, goes around.” Funny, witty, heartfelt, and inspiring, the love story has it all. You do not find this often anymore in love stories. It was sweet and a true pleasure to read. It did not feel sleazy but genuine.


Product Details:
Paperback: 194 Pages
Publisher: Fideli Publishing, Incorporated (September 14, 2018)
Language: English
Romance (Clean-Wholesome Romance)
Romance (Comedy)
Romance (Paranormal)

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Audio Book:

To Life by Marsha Casper Cook.

A Young Holocaust Survivor’s Journey to Freedom.

This compelling Holocaust memoir is about Sala Lewis and her love of family.

Ten year old Sala Lewis had been out with friends and came home to find the apartment where she lived locked. The Nazis had taken her family and she was left to wander the streets of Poland alone. In an instant, she had gone from having everything to having nothing — no family, no clothes, no food, and at that moment in time, no future. Because she was strong willed and confident, she was able to make her way to find her sister, Dora, who had been taken to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Because Dora was older and knew what had to be done to stay alive in the concentration camp, she helped Sala adjust to following orders and the vigorous work required there. Dora had raised herself to a level where she oversaw three hundred young women. If everyone did as she said, the sisters remained safe. If the women misbehaved or tried to escape, Sala would be killed.

As they lived through these hardships, their sisterly bond grew stronger than it had ever been. Even after their liberation from the camp, their love and commitment to each other continued throughout their lives.

Sala and Dora had a strong belief in the American dream and the land of opportunity, and eventually made it to America. The proudest day of their lives was when they became United States citizens. To Life: Holocaust Survivor’s Journey to Freedom (Audible Audio Edition): Marsha Casper Cook, Robin Howatt Shrock, Marsha Casper Cook: Audible Audiobooks.

Review by Gigi l. Levy-Stein: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Compelling! Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2022. Verified Purchase. Wonderful author who writes from the heart.

Review by Pamarella: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. TO LIFE!! Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2013. Verified Purchase. I very much enjoyed this book, as I do all Holocaust publishing. This one is very different as our leading lady wanted to be a famous entertainer. She was love able and had so much drive and energy. She succeeded in finding a happy life after the terrible years of suffering under the Nazis. It is a very good book. Well written. I especially loved the devotion of her sister, who was a wonderful person!

Review by Kindle Customer: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Sad Journey. Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2019. Verified Purchase. This is a story of courage and grace. The author has told the story gently and with a path easy to follow and understand.

G. Barker: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Riveting. Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2018. Verified Purchase. One has to marvel at the human spirit. Riveting, sad, as well as inspiring. An easy read, and so inspiring.


Product Details:
Hardcover: ‎142 Pages
Publisher: ‎Fideli Publishing Inc. (November 24, 2018)
Language: ‎English
History: Civil & Human Rights
History: Holocaust History
Women Biographies

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About Marsha Casper Cook: Chicago author Marsha Casper Cook has more than 20 years of experience in the writing industry. She writes stories about family relationships and multi- generational characters that remind her readers how much family matters. She uses her love of family to bring her characters to life. Her books are translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese and can be found on Amazon

She also writes steamy romance with strong characters and has a lot of fun bringing them to life. At the beginning of her writing career, she wrote children’s stories that both kids, parents and grandparents enjoy immensely and from time to time considers writing a few more. That stems from her earlier professional life in the pediatric medical field.

She is also the founder and Producer of Michigan Avenue Media podcasts on Blog talk radio for over twelve years. Her shows are about writing, what’s new in the entertainment field, health issues and current topics.

Marsha’s latest accomplishment is being a contributor to a wonderful International Magazine, EYS, where she does interviews about authors and timely stories about life.

Published Books:

  • East Wing of the Meridian
  • Every Man Wants Her: A Virginia Templeton Stories (The Virginia Templeton Series Book 1)
  • Grand Central: Chaos Reigns in this Feel-Good Love Story
  • Guilty Pleasures: Nothing Is As Good As it Seems
  • I Wish I Was a Brownie
  • Isabella Pimpinella’s Magical Potion
  • It’s All About A Wedding (Warrington Legacy Book 3)
  • It’s All About Love (Warrington Legacy Book 1)
  • It’s Never Enough: A Virginia Templeton Story (The Virginia Templeton Series Book 2)
  • It’s Never Too Late for Love: Everyone Deserves a Fairy Tale
  • It’s Never Too Late: Screenplay
  • Love Changes
  • No Clues No Shoes
  • Sala – More than a Survivor
  • Second Chances (Warrington Legacy Book 2)
  • Snack Attack
  • Stepping Up Her Game: A Virginia Templeton Story (The Virginia Templeton Series Book 3)
  • The Busy Bus: A Collection of Short Children’s Poems
  • The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion
  • To Life by Marsha Casper Cook
  • The Virginia Templeton Stories: Three Sexy Stories About A Woman Who Knows What She Wants (Volume 1)
  • To Life: A Young Holocaust Survivor’s Journey to Freedom
  • Virginia Templeton Stories: She rolled the dice, and she won!

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