Children’s Literature: The Eighteen Story Gingerbread House by Jay Dubya

OUR READERS: 500 The Eighteen Story Gingerbread House by Jay Dubya. The Eighteen Story Gingerbread House’ book is an eclectic collection of eighteen unique stories that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Four of the stories involve magic. They are “The Green Genie,” “The Magic Seeds,” “Merlin’s Ring”… Continue reading

Quest of the Brokenhearted (Legends of Windemere) by Charles E. Yallowitz

OUR READERS: 216 Quest of the Brokenhearted by Charles E. Yallowitz. From the pages of ‘Legends of Windemere’. (From the pages of ‘Legends of Windemere’) As Windemere moves forward, a broken spirit falls into the shadows. Two years have passed since Luke Callindor was lost during the champions’ battle against… Continue reading

Mariah Crime Mystery Series by Janice (J. E.) Spina

OUR READERS: 660 Fiction Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Series. Hunting Mariah by Janice (J. E.) Spina. Mariah Series Book One of Two. An insane killer, obsessed with blood and death, seeks revenge with those he perceives wronged him. He is now on the loose. His next victim may be Mariah…. Continue reading

The Immortal Jake: Going Home by David DeRosa

OUR READERS: 245 The Immortal Jake by David DeRosa. Going Home! Jake’s life is merry mayhem around a militant mindset of misusing impossible science. He’s an extra-terrestrial teenager who accidentally marooned himself in the Bronze Age. He’s waited patiently for people to develop the technology he needs to build a… Continue reading

The Adventures of Arty Anderson: Middle Grade Fiction by Mark Redmond

OUR READERS: 366 The Adventures of Arty Anderson: Middle Grade Fiction by Mark L. Redmond. Arty Goes West Mark L. Redmond. Book 1 of 6: The Adventures of Arty Anderson. Saddle up, pardner, and hang on! Arty Anderson is about to take you on a rip-roarin’ ride through the Old… Continue reading

The War Of Nytefall (Vampire Series)by Charles E. Yallowitz

OUR READERS: 259 Enjoy The ‘War Of Nytefall’ (New Vampire Series)! War of Nytefall by Charles E. Yallowitz. Book 1 of 8: War of Nytefall. In the wake of the Great Cataclysm, a new predator will emerge from within Windemere’s shadow. For fifty years, Clyde has been trapped beneath the… Continue reading

Legends of Windemere (Epic Fantasy Series) by Charles E. Yallowitz

OUR READERS: 219 Enjoy The ‘Legends of Windemere’ (Epic Fantasy Series)! Beginning Of A Hero by Charles E. Yallowitz Book 1 of 15: Legends of Windemere. Luke Callindor was born into Windemere’s most decorated family of adventurers. Since his birth, he has been treated with the greatest amount of respect… Continue reading

Sweet Dreams Series by Tory Gates

OUR READERS: 252 Reading Age: Young Adults 16+ Searching for Roy Buchanan by Tory Gates. Book 1 of 3: Sweet Dreams Series. Aki Sato is not your typical teenager. She has weathered the loss of her parents and joined her brothers, Kenji and Hiro in a struggle to keep the… Continue reading

The Legend Of The Eagle Feather by Barbara J. Duell

OUR READERS: 321 The Legend Of The Eagle Feather by Barbara J. Duell. Best Friend Series-Book One. The Legend of the Eagle Feather is the premier chapter book in the Best Friend Series for young readers, by author, Barbara J. Duell. Long ago, while flying high above the earth, Father… Continue reading

‘Talon’ Youth Series by Gigi Sedlmayer

OUR READERS: 162 Talon, Come Fly With Me by Gigi Sedlmayer. Inspirational Story About Friendship (Book One). Inspiring story of a girl whose disability is her greatest strength and brings the important message of never losing hope in hard situations and using misfortune to look for an opportunity to be… Continue reading