The Immortal Jake: Going Home by David DeRosa

The Immortal Jake by David DeRosa.

Going Home!

Jake’s life is merry mayhem around a militant mindset of misusing impossible science. He’s an extra-terrestrial teenager who accidentally marooned himself in the Bronze Age. He’s waited patiently for people to develop the technology he needs to build a way back to the stars. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, technology has advanced enough for Jake to make use of it. Lately, though, he’s been aware that he is being watched by people who know what he is and want what he knows.

Covert government operatives have their eyes on Jake, looking to exploit his highly advanced technical prowess. He’s let secrets slip before, and witnessed ensuing disaster. Now his greatest concern is keeping dangerous knowledge from being misused. His latest endeavor; Jake needs to build a time machine. But that sort of knowledge, in the hands of the unscrupulous, could be cataclysmic. He shares his unique and often fanciful observations of history and human nature with a few close friends that help him build a living computer, one that is capable of manipulating space/time and providing Jake a way home.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎314 Pages
Publisher: ‎CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 19, 2010)
Language: ‎English
Science Fiction (Action-Adventure)
Fiction (Coming of Age)
Fiction (Teens and Young Adults)
Teens and Young Adults

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About David DeRosa: Born in November of 1959, David’s interest in writing began with music and poetry. It remains his first love, but storytelling in novels offers a broader range for character development. “The heroes we love and the villains we hate deserve the rich background that a book can provide.”

His appetite for books didn’t start until well after high school when his wife introduced him to fantasy novels. “Ya see, they didn’t have dyslexia where I went to school. They just called us stupid.” He didn’t believe that, of course, but reading was and remains an effort.

Reading for pleasure, he learned, is different than assignments. “There’s no time limit. I read what captures my imagination. Perhaps not as fast as the ‘A’ group, but fun is less so when it’s rushed.” He encourages kids with the same stigma to find something they enjoy, something that draws them in, and discover things that can only be imagined.

Now he reads history, fantasy, science, philosophy, poetry, comedy, and occasionally (just for fun) The Bawdy Bedtime Reader. It’s a big book of dirty limericks.

“The important thing is to find what you like and read, right?”

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