Nikki Broadwell’s Books

The Library of Time by Nikki Broadwell. 2323 holds many secrets…. Hidden behind the bookshelf in the library is a maze of stacks that change positions when the mood strikes them. Preserving the past and finding lost things is what Sam and his two employees, Annie and Cecily do every… Continue reading

Janice (J. E.) Spina’s Books

Mariah Crime Mystery Series by Janice (J. E.) Spina Make Believe Is Fun Bedtime Series by Janice Spina Gateskin Chronicles by Janice Spina Drystan The Dragon and Friends Book Series by Janice Spina Abby & Holly Book Series by Janice Spina Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series Janice Spina Children’s… Continue reading

Special Books For Ages 18+ by Janice Spina

Lubelia Alycea: One Hundred Years by J.E. Spina. Lubelia Alycea leaves her native country of Madeira, Portugal to travel to her new home – America. This is the story of how a strong, resilient young girl grows into a formidable woman. She must survive many tragedies in her lifetime, separation… Continue reading