The Library of Time by Nikki Broadwell

OUR READERS: 123 The Library of Time by Nikki Broadwell. 2323 holds many secrets…. Hidden behind the bookshelf in the library is a maze of stacks that change positions when the mood strikes them. Preserving the past and finding lost things is what Sam and his two employees, Annie and… Continue reading

Carron Maitland-Jake Brennan Mysteries by Christina Siwik

OUR READERS: 125 Carron Maitland-Jake Brennan Mystery (Two Book Series). Justice For Lindsey by Christina Siwik. A Carron Maitland/Jake Brennan Novel. Carron Maitland and Jake Brennan would have never met in another time and another place. Carron had it all. The heiress to a fortune had built her own successful… Continue reading