Sophie London and Evin Foster Mysteries by Christina Siwik

Sophie London and Evin Foster Mysteries. He Never Said Good-Bye & Deception In The Moonlight by Christina Siwik. Sophie London and Evin Foster Mysteries Book One and Two. Sophie London sets out to prove her husband, William, was murdered and not just killed in a tragic auto accident. The more… Continue reading

Carron Maitland-Jake Brennan Mysteries by Christina Siwik

Carron Maitland-Jake Brennan Mystery (Two Book Series). Justice For Lindsey by Christina Siwik. A Carron Maitland/Jake Brennan Novel. Carron Maitland and Jake Brennan would have never met in another time and another place. Carron had it all. The heiress to a fortune had built her own successful business from the… Continue reading