Beyond Love by Barbara J. Duell

Beyond Love by Barbara J. Duell. He’d only planned to run away from home, but when eight-year-old David Hampton is almost run over by a speeding car in downtown Sausalito and rescued by a beautiful woman with a man’s name, his plans change. The one thing he has always wanted… Continue reading

Theo’s Diary by Barbara J. Duell

Theo’s Diary by Barbara J. Duell. A novel of War, Love, and Regret. Theo sat on the old bench across from the cemetery and pulled his jacket close to his chest. The service for his closest friend had ended an hour ago, but he would wait. After everyone left, Theo… Continue reading

Beyond A Dream by Barbara J. Duell

Beyond A Dream by Barbara J. Duell. Two people ~ One dream. Lilianarose McKenna has lived her life with the same passion responsibility that brought her Spanish ancestors to the rich fertile land by the Pacific Ocean in search of a new life over two centuries ago. Bound to the… Continue reading

Sophie London and Evin Foster Mysteries by Christina Siwik

Sophie London and Evin Foster Mysteries. He Never Said Good-Bye & Deception In The Moonlight by Christina Siwik. Sophie London and Evin Foster Mysteries Book One and Two. Sophie London sets out to prove her husband, William, was murdered and not just killed in a tragic auto accident. The more… Continue reading

Paradise Point by Cynthia A. King

Paradise Point by Cynthia A. King. Novel: A Mid-Life Romance. Never married Aimee Dunsmore hides her identity as a successful Gothic Romance ghostwriter. Happy to toil away in relative obscurity, a chance encounter with a man she meets at the grocery store causes her to reevaluate her priorities. For Aimee… Continue reading

The Replacements by Cynthia A. King

The Replacements by Cynthia A. King. A Fractured Family Fairy Tale. Valerie wants her family back, but because she’s divorced from the alcoholic father of her three girls, it doesn’t seem likely. Since his injury derailed his plans for the future, instead of turning to Valerie for comfort he turned… Continue reading

Carron Maitland-Jake Brennan Mysteries by Christina Siwik

Carron Maitland-Jake Brennan Mystery (Two Book Series). Justice For Lindsey by Christina Siwik. A Carron Maitland/Jake Brennan Novel. Carron Maitland and Jake Brennan would have never met in another time and another place. Carron had it all. The heiress to a fortune had built her own successful business from the… Continue reading

Escaping Rapture Of Devotion by Eloise MacKinnon

ESCAPING RAPTURE OF DEVOTION by Eloise MacKinnon. Escaping Rapture Of Devotion is this riveting fictional romance tale capturing the life of Ella Epstein, whose life with her “Boy-Friend Rules” has become like the Argentina Tango; unveiling all its twist and turns to escape the rapture in a romance that takes… Continue reading

A Twisted Shade Of Green: Trilogy by Eloise Epps MacKinnon

A Twisted Shade of Green (Portrayal of Lust and Revenge) by Eloise Epps MacKinnon. A Twisted Shade Of Green (Trilogy Book One). This novel is listed under the contemporary romance genre. Kali Mathias recognizes being cursed with a beauty like hers, it’s less likely for a man’s eye to take… Continue reading