The Library of Time by Nikki Broadwell

The Library of Time by Nikki Broadwell.

2323 holds many secrets….

Hidden behind the bookshelf in the library is a maze of stacks that change positions when the mood strikes them. Preserving the past and finding lost things is what Sam and his two employees, Annie and Cecily do every day. But when a woman appears on their doorstep from 1891 things begin to unravel.

Between Sam declaring his love for Annie and the arrival of Elizabeth, their guest from the past, another problem presents itself. Jack. And Jack and Annie were once an item.

Things are further complicated when Jack disappears into 1891 with Elizabeth. Sam has to go after him to prevent the future from being disrupted, but along the way he discovers several disturbing details regarding his own past. Meanwhile the future is changing and people and places are disappearing.

From The Author: The Library of Time is finished. When I began the book I expected another story, but as often happens the characters decided to go in a different direction. Do you like fantasy? Time travel? Other worlds of the future, a mystery, and a good love story? A library that is sentient? Then you will like this book.

I tend to write crossover genre–it’s hard for me to stick with one theme. this one combines a mystery from the past with a world of the future and has many twists and turns in between. The story takes place in 2323, after the world has gone belly up and is beginning to regenerate. It is not the world we know.

There are no more cars, money has been replaced with barter. People live together in community, each person contributing to what the community might need. I want to live there. The first twist happens right away when a woman appears on the stoop of the library. She is from 1891 and looks just like Annie, one of the main characters in the book. The story grows more complicated, the past intruding on the present in destructive ways. What is The Library of Time? If you’ve watched ‘Doctor Who’ think Tardis. If any of this sounds interesting to you, I hope you will search the book out. I will post it on my website when I publish and offer it at a discounted price! Stay tuned!

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Time Travel

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About The Author: Welcome readers!!! You will find what you want here!

Nikki Broadwell is the author of three series that take place in or around Scotland and featuring the Celtic and Norse pantheon of gods and goddesses as well as fantastical and mystical settings and beings. Look for: Wolfmoon series, Gypsy series, and Raven and Hummingbird series.

Her themes are the natural world, feminine power, romantic entanglements, and the fight between good and evil.

If you enjoy futuristic, apocalyptic, goddess driven fantasy, ECHOES and FORBIDDEN are now published. Check out the covers here!

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After giving up a successful silk-painting business, Nikki has been writing full time since the early 2000’s. And although the cash flowing in from the books is decidedly less, her interest continues.

Nikki and her husband of over thirty years, a standard poodle and a cat, live in Santa Cruz, Ca. When not writing Nikki hikes in the redwood forest, does yoga and explores the many wonderful sites that abound in this seaside town.

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