Deanie Humphrys-Dunne’s Books

OUR READERS: 12,220 The Adventures of Cocoa and Cream-Remarkable Twin Ponies by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne. Meet Cocoa and Cream, the amazing twin ponies with wild, untamed manes! They are anything but ordinary. Cocoa and Cream have a big dream: to teach little kids how to ride and help them discover their… Continue reading

Dave McGowan’s Books

OUR READERS: 8,182 Boundaries by D. M. McGowan. Bob Morgan, sometime rangeland detective and sometime bounty hunter is prepared for a quiet summer training and selling some of his horses. When that pleasant, relaxing time is attacked by a crime boss and his daughter, then complicate further by an ungrateful… Continue reading

David W. Thompson’s Books

OUR READERS: 3,210 ’Possum Stew by David W. Thompson. How dark do you like your fiction?Are the terrors of day-to-day life enough?Or does it take the creature hidden in the dark woods to stir your blood?Perhaps, a visit back in time to face the Wendigo will quench your thirst?Fairies are… Continue reading

David DeRosa’s Books

OUR READERS: 5,991 Sword & Sorcery Fantasy! Anaxiunara by David DeRosa. One Brief Eternity! With three children on an epic voyage to seek justice for his murdered wife Jo Lee finds the perfect nanny, a mysterious woman with a magic about her that might even mend his broken heart. But… Continue reading

David Frosdick’s Books

OUR READERS: 2,646 Pete Pallet’s New School by David Frosdick. Pete’s Pallet Series Books One. ‘Pete The Pallet’ is an educational children’s book. This book delivers an entertaining and reassuring message for pre-school children and their parents. ‘Pete The Pallet’ is a loveable character, who shares his own first day… Continue reading

Dutch Rhudy’s Books

OUR READERS: 13,599 A Secret In Ash Brooke by Dutch Rhudy. A Secret in Ash Brooke by Dutch Rhudy Summary: A small town detective agreed to mentor a local newspaper reporter who wished to enhance his sleuthing hobby. In the process of improving his observational skills, the reporter scrutinized various… Continue reading

David Harvey’s Books

OUR READERS: 8,111 The Dragon Slayer Series by David Harvey. The Dragon Slayer by David Harvey. Book 1 of 2: The Dragon Slayer. To some village folk, he was the Dragon Slayer. To the King of Zorgonia, he was their Guardian. To Liam himself, it was a mystery. He’d grown… Continue reading

Don Edward Cook’s Books

OUR READERS: 1,914 Ithyanna, Last Daughter of Atlantis by Don Edward Cook. Book I: How the World Ended Millennia Ago (The Last of the Atlanteans). IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, IN AN ANCIENT WORLD OF ANXIETY … Noah warned the world about the coming flood yet, outside of his family,… Continue reading