Lubelia Alycea: One Hundred Years by J.E. Spina

Lubelia Alycea: One Hundred Years by J.E. Spina. Lubelia Alycea leaves her native country of Madeira, Portugal to travel to her new home – America. This is the story of how a strong, resilient young girl grows into a formidable woman. She must survive many tragedies in her lifetime, separation… Continue reading

In A Second by J. E. Spina

In A Second by J E Spina. Athena feels as if she is going out of her mind. She can’t function after losing her fiancĂ©, Justin, in a car accident, or did she? She keeps having dreams or rather nightmares of being trapped in a car with Justin’s lifeless body…. Continue reading

The Misunderstood Angel by J. E. Spina

The Misunderstood Angel by J.E. Spina. Book 1 of 1: Branyrd the Angel Series (For Ages 18+). This is not a children’s book. Branyrd is a different kind of angel. She has a difficult time being understood because of her habit of getting into all kinds of trouble and for… Continue reading