A Twisted Shade Of Green: Trilogy by Eloise Epps MacKinnon

A Twisted Shade of Green (Portrayal of Lust and Revenge) by Eloise Epps MacKinnon.

A Twisted Shade Of Green (Trilogy Book One).

This novel is listed under the contemporary romance genre.

Kali Mathias recognizes being cursed with a beauty like hers, it’s less likely for a man’s eye to take a second glimpse of her. Not until the day, her eye rested upon Mr. Glen Monroe. A man, who would not easily be had, not short of a hefty price tag. But, Kali has enough money to bribe a man; at any cost, to take as many gazes as she desires; why not Glen?

Money or not, Kali has a few more hurdles to overcome. Glen was a handsome man nursing a wounded heart and already taken by a woman for this season. And, still, Glen was sought-after by every woman’s core of the community of Springfield, Virginia. But that’s minor to the fact a woman by exclusive invitation only gets to behold such passion waiting inside Glen’s empire. This colorful world of lust, deceit, greed, and love where a beautiful woman could partake of Glen’s twisted shade of love. Nonetheless, a man, who Kali’s eyes instantly fell prey to when moving to Springfield, Virginia’s uptown balling area.

Most women were too blinded by the realism of a Seasonal Man like Mr. Glen Monroe to shield their heart before heartbreak. However, this day, Kali gaits into Glen’s territory of no retreat without an invite. They both were undergoing a broken heart at the hands of a twisted shade of green. Mostly, Glen got her, and Kali got him. As Kali thought she was never acceptable; not slim enough, not tall enough, or pretty enough to please a man. Whereas Glen knows he is more than enough; handsome and breathtaking. He was more than enough for any woman to behold. Regardless of that discord, they both confusingly questioned their faith in God and opted for a doltish lifestyle; her on games, his on revenge. Glen’s faith was almost null to void where he believes that all he had is enough to get him through life. And, Kali, on the other hand, has the notion God just wasn’t working fast enough; not quicker than her cash. Glen and Kali were two lost people trying to survive in a world minus a heavenly net; God! They lost their way, but God never forgot them. He defeated the hands of Satan by refuting a pair of wrongful eyes from an unjust sight of Kali in the arms of another man. As God embodies Kali with a heart of compassion to forgive Glen; flaws and all.  Instead, God turns one date among two total opposite hearts into one which requires each other to be alive in the midst of any storm. Also, God taught both Glen and Kali a lesson; He taught her to realize that not everything had a price tag; at least not real love! And, He taught him that even love can conquer the grips of a heart’s revenge!

From The Author: Love Conquers All! Two opposites illustrate how love can conquer hearts of lust, revenge, and deception. Kali Mathias possesses an appetite of lust, and Glen Monroe has a raging spirit for vengeance. And together, Glen and Kali both have deceit souls within. But, love turns one date among two total conflicting hearts into one which requires each other to be alive in the midst of any storm. Through a new-found love, God taught Kali to know that not everything has a price tag; at least, not real love! God taught Glen to realize even love can conquer the grips of a sought-after heart’s revenge!

From the Inside Flap: June 15, 2012, Move-in day! A date Kali Mathias will remember for life. This was no ordinary day for Kali, as she packs up the last of her belongings while waiting on the movers to arrive. Kali was nearing forty years of life and has been dumped by more men than the law allows for one woman. But, today Kali’s ecstatic to leave those men worries behind as she invites her sidekicks along; a few extra love handles and self-doubt uptown to mingle with the upper crest of society. She’s going to rub noses with the Springfield, Virginia ballers; and her long-time, gossipy friend, Martha Hayward.

Not only was Kali entering into a strange world. She is moving her low self-esteem along with feelings of not being enough; pretty enough, skinny enough, or worthy enough. But oddly enough, she casts her lustful eyes on a man’s soul that’s held by another, and the desired one of every woman’s palate in Springfield.

A fit man, who’s 5’11” tall, dark, strapping physique shrieks sex appeal from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. A man, Kali didn’t have the prettiness to allure but desired with every inch of her being. So many ladies desire to take a ride on Glen Monroe’s arm. But did not understand what the going rate was for a Seasonal Man, nor his style of love, lust, deceit, and money it requires; other than his current seasonal; Jo-Ann Parks.

Nonetheless, it was he seasonal love sought-after by all of Springfield’s finest; even Kali Mathias. But, unlike Jo-Ann Parks and all the rest, Kali has what most of the other women didn’t. Kali has lots of money and a quick calculating mind to know beauty wasn’t her undisclosed weapon. Kali uses what she has the most of to entice all men to take a second eyeful; money. The more cash she tempts a man’s ego with, the more he thirsts Kali’s love and affection. Some were able to flee Kali’s web of cash bribes such as Joseph Carlson; however, she was certain it would be a welcoming invitation for Glen Monroe.

After what seems like a lifetime of being disregarded by Mr. Glen Monroe. Kali gets valorous! Kali decides if the man didn’t want to come to her, then she’ll take the party to him. As Kali confidently sashays into Hay-Way Market, Glen’s workplace on a sunshiny, warm summer day. It has been almost two years since Kali moved into Springfield. Kali’s day has finally come as she cruises up and down Glen’s market aisles trying to gets a bit better acquainted with him. Kali begins to get a feel for him as a man; like she is exploring the heart of his very soul.

Kali knows she could trap Glen with one of his own demons; money. It’s a scheme that Kali’s been planning since the moment she moved to Springfield; even when Joseph Carlson ramshackle through the wall of her core stampeding upon her life. Kali smile as she utters. “One might even say, God has a sense of humor!” Mainly this man of Kali’s dream always seems to come forth at that moment, she desires Glen Monroe the most. Somehow, momentarily snatching Kali’s prize away from her mind for an earth-shattering, temporary fix. Only, placing her heart that much farther away from Glen’s; the one man, Kali’s body, craves him night-after-night.

Kali walks to Glen’s register with the bribes in hand. She sees Glen’s eyes hook in on the two-hundred dollar bottle of champagne, but Glen isn’t basing Kali’s worth on the two-hundred dollar bottle of champagne. Glen’s greedy eyes were fixated on the payment with her Black American Express Card. In his head as the cha-ching of the cash register add up Kali’s entrapment items, Glen’s susceptible eyes were growing faithfully in-love with her Black American Express card. Smiling, he avidly voices. “Why hellooo beautiful! My name is Glen Monroe, and I’m the Store Manager here.” He beams sinfully at Kali. “Did you find everything your heart was searching after or did you forget one thing in your cart?” Of course, he is referring to himself as the forgotten item on her list.

Batting her long sexy eyelashes, Kali teasingly laughs as she glances into Glen’s eyes uttering. “You could not possibly be referring to yourself, as my missing object?”

Kali keeps on playfully trying to lead Glen on, as she returns his scandalous smile followed by a sexy wink.

Glaring nonstop into her face, he licks his lips a little before expelling. “Well, from the looks of your bag, it is a bit empty when I’m available in twenty minutes!”

From that moment on, Kali knows she has ensnared Glen’s heart. However; it was Kali whose introduced to a new realism; a world which belongs to; no other, then Glen Monroe. A place where a woman discovers a taste of a scorned man’s heartbreak, lust, and greed as a prize for his own justice. An area where Glen’s colorful invite is only offered to ladies of wealth by personal invitation to enter. An empire of a Seasonal Man where there’s no escape for your heart or soul, not unless Glen desires to set you free. An undisclosed land, where passion makes one believe she has Glen’s entire world at their feet, but at the same time, she must lose her soul to have. A hold of sapid vengeance which quickly entraps Kali’s essence camouflaged by love sugarcoated with deception, greed, and lust.

Review by Dorothy: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Riveting! This book was quite the page turner! I was drawn in by the mystique of the main character and did not want to put the book down without knowing what would happening next! Unlike other stories, the ending did not let me down . Thank you Eloise Epps MacKinnon.

Review by Jeff Staebner: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Just Listen To Your Inner Voice. My intuition told me one Sat afternoon to go into Barnes & Nobel as I was driving bye. Walked in, at the front of the store there was a book signing. Met a wonderful human being named Eloise MacKinnon. We connected and so I bought her book “A Twisted Shade of Green”. The 2 characters/players were in no way headed down a good path, as the story unfolds you realize that there is something greater than you or the 2 players going on. But in the heat of the battle so to speak, they got a very important message. And it’s up to the reader to get it too! There is always a more powerful force than you running this universe! It’s the voice that I listened to when I walked into that store, and also what the two characters heard. So, Please read the book! But more importantly…..Please listen to the message! It could very well change your life.

Review by Rays: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Fantastic! I just finished reading a twisted shade of green by Eloise Epps MacKinnon. I absolutely loved it and consider it to be a must-read!!

Now, I can’t wait for part 2 of what I’m told is a 3 part series. Have to find out if there will be a fairytale ending!!

I literally got engrossed in the storyline and couldn’t put it down! I had to see if by the end, they would intricately be entwine in each other’s passionate embrace.

It was well written and despite the connection between to romantically challenged people, they realized what so many others did. They were destined to be together! Even though, a series of encounters, was meant to separate them.

Hmmmm… Trajectories to a real life romance or, will it remain just a part of our subconscious thoughts ?

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Paperback: ‎220 Pages
Publisher: ‎AuthorHouse (July 11, 2018)
Language: ‎English
Inspiration & Spirituality
Contemporary Romance
Contemporary Christian Romance
Romance (General)

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A Twisted Shade Of Green (Lies and Secrets) by Eloise Epps MacKinnon.

A Twisted Shade Of Green (Trilogy Book Two).

Lies and Secrets! The spawn of Satan has resurfaced to wreak havoc and reclaim what is hers through any means possible. Glen and Kali’s happy-ever-after that they once knew is about to be turned upside-down by the persuasive lies of Iona Monroe. Satan’s spawn, and the one who still believes she has one hidden secret up her sleeves to control over Glen’s life forever! But is love more powerful than evil?

Well, it is about to be put to the test as Kali restlessly pleads. “Where is God now!” Kali is blinded by that fear of the unknown, but who else, but God can stop the lips of Satan’s spawn herself, Iona Monroe. He took Iona’s revealed lies and secrets of Glen’s sordid past buried from Kali’s ear, which Iona wish to be used for evil, yet God used it for His glory. Who’s hand, but God’s was there carrying Kali and Glen through this storm!” Although, His presence wasn’t evident to Kali or Glen, like in the Book of Esther, God’s trusty and mighty hand of protection are ever-present,  keeping a watchful eye over Satan’s annihilation of His people.

From The Author: This is my third novel, but as an avid reader, I was inspired by so many wonderful and talented Authors. It would take more word to say thank you by name to all of them than I have space here to write. However, my favorite genre has always been romance in which it appears to view the beautiful woman as the one who always gets her Prince Charming. At least in most of the romance books which I have read.

So, I wrote my books with a message in mind for all of “us” fuller ladies who believe they’re less desirable to a man because of a few extra love handles. Or the beautiful woman who was wondering why not me? I truly believe God created someone for everyone. So, when your “Knight In Shining Armor” does come along; as with Ella’s in this novel, he’ll see the beauty in you which no one else could see; other than our precious God, Mother or Father.

We have all heard this phrase, “The attitude of the most beautiful person can make them ugly!” So,with that said, never think of yourself as less than beautiful because women, we’re all beautiful in God’s eyes as long as we possess the right attitude!! Also, this was something I was raised to believe by my Mother.

My Mother always said that the beauty of a woman is in the eyes of their beholder, and not sometimes visible to the eyes or on the surface! That visual beauty of a woman is not always measured in her outer appearances such as facial features, skin tone, or size. Rather in the outer attitude of her heart and soul.

Remember, if the man you’ve chosen does not see you that way then perhaps he is not your God chosen “Knight In Shining Armor” because, with Ella, Aaron was hers. He only saw her beauty inside and out.

From The Inside Flap-Prologue-Springfield, Virginia:

Unspoken truths and secrets! Kali Mathias realizes it wasn’t the happy ever after she expected when her gaze first met with Glen Monroe’s. Who is that man with his well-guarded lips of lies and harboring the past memory of desire for a lover Glen has not seen in five-years! His every word seems to echo out one lie after another into her ear. From the secret girlfriend named Jo-Ann Parks, him not knowing Martha Hayward when Jameson Milo, his best buddy, was once engaged to Martha. What else! What else is Glen not telling her about the secreted past filled with a life of fabrications? Somehow, the grey line of lust and revenge, Glen once walked, he had swapped for a bottled-up tomorrow of hypocrites and disguises.

Glen gazes at Kali a few moments wondering how her knowing the hidden stories of Jameson, Martha, and Jo-Ann will end his and Kali’s budding romance. Just the same, he knows it’s time to come clean with her. Yet, he realizes Jo-Ann Parks is not the woman Kali needs to know about as he apprehensively asks. “Did you know Martha Hayward’s sister, Iona Hayward? Or, maybe it’s Iona Monroe!”

Kali’s ears appear deafto the last name tossed about by Glen; that’s the same as his. Stunned, theonly words she surprisingly asserts. “Martha Hayward has a sister?” Kali irritablywhispers under breath. “One mystery after another! Lies and secrets, when willthey all end?”

It was as if Glen could read Kali’s mind. He answers her request. “Kali, you seem surprised by what I’ve said so far. Maybe, the lies will end here, at least for you and me.” He sighs slightly before going on. “Martha’s sister, Iona, was the person who shattered my heart in broken pieces so tiny I felt my soul was unrepairable until I met you. Iona put out my burning flame to trust in anything or anybody, even God.”

Noticing the flabbergasted expression on Kali’s face, Glen stops speaking. He realizes his words were spoken to a pair of tone-deaf ears. Kali’s face showed the shock of finally apprehending Martha’s sister has the same last name as Glen. The thought of this elevates Kali’s blood pressure with such anxieties. Educing her strength from such a setback, Kali boldly answers. “Not only did I not know that Martha Hayward has a sister, but Glen, I also didn’t know you were married to her!”

Glen mildly laughs. “Ohno, there you go letting this same last name as mine make your feral imagination get crazy.” Glen scowls. “It’s nothing like that!” He feels an air of self-consciousness talking with Kali about an ugly period of misery for him. And, a history which will only bring heartache for everyone. But, Glen realizes she will never let it go now, not without the whole truth.

Kali stands before Glen affectionately looking down into his face with eyes full of questions. His eyes rapidly move toward the floor as he taps his feet while carrying on. “Iona is my past and apart I hate to relive. But, if it saves us, I will.” The words cease from Glen’s lips. The feet stop tapping. Glen’s nerves settle a bit as he frowns and stares up into Kali’s face with pleading eyes waiting for her to whisper stop. But not once did the lyrics part Kali’s lips as he goes on. “I really don’t realize how I let my heart fall for Iona. Not after seeing what Martha did to destroy Jameson’s life. However, the shady path Iona traveled me down, it made Martha seem like an angel; if this is even possible for you to fathom. The masked lies and secrets, Iona told while sneaking around sleeping in our bed with my own cousin, Perry Monroe.”

Speaking about Iona, a woman he thought would be his forever love is zapping Glen’s vivacity. The rage this is stirring within Glen’s soul, he’s all talked out for now.

Glen slowly raises his arm. He glances at the time on his Rolex. He noticed it is 3:30 AM; his brain was weary from lack of sleep. Glen doesn’t care to discuss Martha, Jo-Ann, and Iona any further, or how their lives twisted into a towering ball of lies and secrets. Glen’s talked out for right now. Glen utters. “Kali, it is getting to be quite late, and you and I have been talking for hours. Besides, you’re requesting way too many answers from someone who hasn’t had any sleep in a few days.” He leers at her with pleading eyes carrying on. “Kali, perhaps we could continue your questions and answers session later today once we’ve both had a chance to rest.”

Kali grins, asserting. “Maybe I have been grilling you for quite a long time. I believe you’re right; we both can use some sleep after the bombshells you’ve dropped on me tonight about Martha and your past.”

Kali fervently gazes up into Glen’s handsome face as she places both his hands inside hers. Kali smiles as she leads him to the door. Opening her door, Kali raises up on her tippy toes. She leans in kissing him on his cheek, averring. “Let’s say about 3 PM for a late lunch here.”

Glen squeezes Kali tightly before stepping down out of the doorway. He avidly turns around while flashing a big smile affirming. “Thank you! I gladly accept; is there something, I can bring besides me?”

“No, just you!” Kali teasingly chuckles as Glen soars around, pacing down the stairs. Glen waves goodbye as Kali wonders. Should I? Glen’s words were smooth with all the right answers. She laughs, thinking! So many hidden skeletons and lies, is this runaway man even worthy of a second chance?

Review by Rays: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A MUST READ , FAITH DRIVEN ROMANCE… WITH INSPIRING SCRIPTURES. If, you have already read the First book ( Portrayal of Lust and Revenge) of this three part series, A Twisted Shade of Green” then you definitely need to follow up with part 2 ( Lies and Secrets ). You will not… be disappointed!! I, can hardly wait for part 3, the FINALE !!!



Review by MS: 4.0 out of 5 Stars. Romance with moral. Another romance novel under her belt! Author Eloise Epps MacKinnon delivers a second novel in her deadly sins series. Written with the influence of her Faith, this novel highlights the trials and tribulations of the main characters.

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Product Details:
Paperback: ‎222 Pages
Publisher: ‎AuthorHouse (May 18, 2020)
Language: ‎English
Inspiration & Spirituality
Contemporary Romance
Contemporary Christian Romance
Romance (General)

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A Twisted Shade Of Green: Betrayal by Eloise Epps MacKinnon.

A Twisted Shade Of Green (Trilogy Book Three).

Love Is The Heart’s Gift From God!

The author of the trilogy: A Twisted Shade of Green returns with an attention-grabbing, soul-questing finale, Betrayal. Glen Monroe’s world once was filled with ecstasy as he ensnared a woman’s entire being with just one look. Glen’s eyes dazzle with a hint of lust and revenge doused with lies and secrets that intrigue all women. That was before Glen met true love, Kali Mathias! And now, that essence of being kissed by Judas outpour from the pores of the very ones Glen least expected to do him wrong. His sister, ex-lover, and best friend! Could it possibly be the end of Glen’s true love? How would such love survive within Glen’s turned upside-down trial of trickery and backstabbing?

The existence where he no longer knows if he belongs nor who that person glaring him back in the face really was anymore as Glen quietly sighs, whispering. “Who am I to be anyone’s father? I’m a man undressed of honor and pride by his own flesh and blood!” Glen wonders. Where does Kali Mathias fit in? Because a life facing one scheming thing after another is all Glen could promise Kali. Particularly now that his life has become a three-ring circus with Iona Monroe’s lies and Baby Mama Drama. It’s no longer Kali and him, but an ex-lover and a child, Glenalina Monroe. Glen smiles, asking himself. “Is this the cost for being a man which every woman desires to be hers?” And when his life is the most vulnerable, God finally answered Glen’s prayers for true love. But this revelation of Kali being Mrs. Glen Monroe was no longer his. Like Moses in the Bible, God permitted him to see the altar of love with Kali Mathias as a potential wife. The only woman Glen knows was ordained by God to be his now has doubts planted by his ex-lover.

Can Kali’s heart overcome the suspicion of Iona’s unjust claim of him being the father of her baby, Glenalina Monroe? Leaving everyone wanting to know. “Who is the father of Glenalina Monroe? Or perhaps wondering is the child even Iona’s baby?”

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎226 Pages
Publisher: ‎AuthorHouse (February 23, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Inspiration & Spirituality
Contemporary Romance
Contemporary Christian Romance

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About The Author: Eloise Epps MacKinnon, Author and Motivational Speaker, and a Servant of God. She advocates for God’s people to know Him in all these roles. As a child, Eloise was taught it is never too early for someone to learn their God-given brand in society. A life brand in which God gave his only Son for us to achieve without a cost; the choice and power to be uniquely you. So, stand up and be proud of who you are, regardless of what others think! You are beautiful as you are because you were made in the image of The Perfect One Himself, God.

Eloise’s novels: A Twisted Shade Of Green Trilogy (Portrayal Of Lust and Revenge, Lies and Secrets, and Betrayal) and Escaping Rapture Of Devotion were written with a message for everyone who feels like the right one will never come along. Well, they might already have! We often look at the glamourous outside package and miss what God intends for us to see the person’s heart, like when Glen Monroe saw Kali Mathias’ heart. It was love at first sight! Perhaps your life may or may not parallel the characters in the books or the fairy tale happy ever after. Maybe it might represent the slippery slope of tested faith of the character’s life endured to attain the faithful ending of true love.

Message From Author: The love shared and received along God’s journey is truly a blessing from Him!

My novels are dedicated, first and foremost, to God. He is The Author and Finisher of it! And, my beloved Mother, Trannie Rae Epps, who raised us to know and believe that anything is possible through God!

Secondly, to all my loved ones, whose beautiful souls went through the storm with me during the entire steps of writing, editing, and publishing this novel. Many thanks for your ears and eyes. But most of all, your hearts, my beautiful daughters, son, grandchildren, and sister.

And last, but certainly not least, all my readers, who make my journey as an author possible. Because of you, I’m able to get the Word of God heard through my writings.

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