A Twisted Shade Of Green: Trilogy by Eloise Epps MacKinnon

A Twisted Shade of Green (Portrayal of Lust and Revenge) by Eloise Epps MacKinnon. A Twisted Shade Of Green (Trilogy Book One). This novel is listed under the contemporary romance genre. Kali Mathias recognizes being cursed with a beauty like hers, it’s less likely for a man’s eye to take… Continue reading

Escaping Rapture Of Devotion by Eloise MacKinnon

ESCAPING RAPTURE OF DEVOTION by Eloise MacKinnon. Escaping Rapture Of Devotion is this riveting fictional romance tale capturing the life of Ella Epstein, whose life with her “Boy-Friend Rules” has become like the Argentina Tango; unveiling all its twist and turns to escape the rapture in a romance that takes… Continue reading