Retribution Series by David Harvey

Retribution by David Harvey. Seeds Of Revenge Book 1. Alexander Jack Lightfoot and Ethan Hunter experienced all kinds of hell in Afghanistan. When they became targets of a drug syndicate based in Cape Town, South Africa, they resorted to the only thing they knew. Meet force with greater force. First… Continue reading

When The Sun Blinked: Search For The Truth Series by David Harvey

When The Sun Blinked by David Harvey. Search For The Truth (Book 1). All it took was 5 seconds for the world to change forever. For 28 passengers, the end of the world arrived on the morning of October 08, 2015. That morning, the unthinkable happened when several aircraft vanished… Continue reading

The Dragon Slayer Series by David Harvey

The Dragon Slayer by David Harvey. Book 1 of 2: The Dragon Slayer. To some village folk, he was the Dragon Slayer. To the King of Zorgonia, he was their Guardian. To Liam himself, it was a mystery. He’d grown up with the dragons and he loved them. King Garrin… Continue reading