The Colors of My Life by Linda Burson

The Colors of My Life by Linda Burson.

A married woman, Caylie Lyon, finds herself in the middle of a bank robbery and gets taken hostage by the five robbers. Her ordeal starts off as a scary event, but ends up with her forming a close relationship with one of the robbers named Cole.

When the five criminals are caught in the act of another robbery, Caylie is freed only to return to a different life than the one she left. Eventually, Caylie reunites with Cole when he is released from prison. His plan is to go after the company he used to work for. They’re the reason he turned to robbery. They destroyed his construction business and murdered his only brother. When the owners of the company find out Cole’s plan, Caylie seems to find herself in danger.

5 Stars: Danger Intertwined with Romance

Who ever said that “Lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice” never met Caylie Lyon.

The story opens with Caylie and her husband, Nolan, waiting in the Vanity Falls Savings Bank in Vanity Falls, Maine to close on their new house. Haunted by her frightening ordeal in a grocery store robbery in 2009, Caylie Lyon’s increased awareness of her surroundings tells her something just isn’t right. What happens next, is surreal.

Survival for fifty-two-year-old Caylie will depend on her instincts, perceptiveness, and strangely enough, her infatuation with actor Landon Cordell, not to mention luck.

Even when justice is in motion, strange situations arise. Romance and new dangers take surprising twists and turns in The Colors of My Life by Linda Burson. This is an entertaining read with some strong language.

I enjoyed the story. If you love suspense and fictional romance, you will want to read The Colors of My Life. Also, Author Linda Burson has a 13-book suspense, romantic thriller entitled The Marcy Series, along with a couple of other single title novels.

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Laura Furuta: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. This is a book that I enjoyed reading. It is a story that details the … Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2017. Verified Purchase. The story The Colors Of My Life by Linda Burson is a romantic suspense book. This is a book that I enjoyed reading. It is a story that details the relationship between two people who are brought together because of a bank robbery and how a connection between them is formed and maintained. This is the story of Caylie and Cole. Caylie finds herself in the middle of a bank robbery and is taken hostage by the robbers. Although she is scared and unsure of what is going to happen to her, she finds she can talk to one of the robbers, Cole. During her captivity Cole opens up to Caylie about his life and why he turned to robbery. They both begin to feel a deep connection to each other. It is when these men try to commit another robbery and get caught that Caylie is able to return to her previous life. However, it is one that is quite different than the one she had. Still feeling that connection Caylie and Cole stay in touch when he is in prison and when he is released, she is the one he returns to. Now Cole is determined to make the company that he used to work for pay for the harm they have done. They are responsible for both the downturn in his life and the death of his brother. Once his intentions are known strange things begin to happen involving Caylie. Will Cole be able to keep Caylie safe? Are the owners of the company that Cole is going after responsible for the danger Caylie is in?

This is a wonderful story that had me quickly turning pages to find out what happened next. It is an unusual love story and I found myself not able to put it down until I finished. I just had to know what happens. Will Cole and Caylie’s story have a happy ending? This is the first book I have read by the author and it is amazing. She weaves a story and creates characters that are unforgettable. I went through so many emotions when reading this story. It ran from being scared and sad for Caylie to that warm feeling that you get when reading of two people who are falling in love and you know that they are right for each other. This is a story that I thought about long after I had finished reading it. This book does include a sensitive subject matter and also adult situations. It would be recommended for those 18 years of age or older.

Review by Beth B: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Beth’s Review. Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2017. Verified Purchase. Linda’s writing style is easy to read and her stories always have twists and turns that you didn’t expect. Very enjoyable to read!

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Paperback: ‎378 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (August 9, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Romance (Suspense)
Thrillers (Romance Suspense)

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Message From Linda Burson:  I decided to write a different kind of biography. While the one written in a few of my books is accurate, this one adds a bit more detail. This one will give you the complete reason while I decided to not only write a novel, but to finally complete it, as well as continue writing.

Life is short. Yes, you’ve heard that cliché many, many times, I’m sure. For me, however, I understand it and feel it to my core. There are those of you who may feel it as deeply as me. Whether you changed your life completely, well, only you would know that. As for me, that’s exactly what I did, and the true reason I am now writing full time.

I had two close calls in my life, close as in the end of my life as we know it here on earth. This makes one stop and think. It certainly made me stop and think, a lot. It made me appreciate what I have, but it also made me consider if the life I was living and the direction it was heading was truly what I desired. This wasn’t a difficult decision for me. I always knew I wanted to write books, but as I said in the previous biography, something always seems to “get” in the way.

Besides the fact that physically I could have died twice, I did have four special people in my life who died way too young. They were all close to me as I was to them. The first important, irreplaceable person I lost was my mother who died from ovarian cancer. Next, was my brother who died due to heart issues; my best friend, who was more like a close sister, died due to breast cancer, and lastly, a cousin who was also a best friend to me, to suicide.

This alone should have been enough for me to make changes in my life. It did get me to seriously consider making these changes and attempt to start that writing career multiple times, but it didn’t push me over the edge enough to do it. It took me being diagnosed with breast cancer, not having great odds, and a couple of years contemplating my life that finally gave me the push I needed to close my business and write full time. It’s the second scare I experienced that keeps me writing.

So, if you don’t wake in the morning looking forward to starting your day, hopefully with a smile, then maybe you need to take a second look at the direction of your life. I found the joy and passion in writing books. Do I want to sell lots and lots of books? Of course. But that isn’t my driving force. I know not everyone is going to love my stories; but that doesn’t matter as much as the fact that I enjoy writing them. It makes me happy; it makes me full whole, and it makes me wake looking forward to starting my day because I know I have something waiting for me that I love to do.

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