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Down and Dirty by Phyllis Hunsinger.

A “how to” Math Book Spiral-Bound.

Student mastery of math continues to decline as demonstrated by the increasing numbers of students requiring remediation prior to enrolling in college math classes. College professors admit that far too many students do not know how to do basic math computations. Math textbooks used in schools today spend an inordinate amount of time having students discover mathematical principles. The discovery approach is analogous to having the student learn to program a computer as opposed to learning how to use the computer as a tool. I believe math is a tool used to solve problems.

This is a Down and Dirty “How To” Math Book covering a review of the number systems and basic operations up to and including the fundamental tenets of algebra. There are “how to” instructions followed by examples. The glossary serves as the index, providing definitions and page links to words. There is also a listing of useful math terms and definitions not specifically covered in the text. Parents and students alike will benefit from this “how to” approach to mastery of basic math concepts. Parents, as they help their students with math, sometimes need a review of how to perform certain operations. Students studying for the ACT, SAT, or college entrance exams often need a review of fundamental processes. This book is designed to review “how to” do the math.

Review: I have reviewed the Down and Dirty basic math book written by Phyllis Hunsinger. It is past time such a succinct, no-nonsense roundup of basic mathematics principles is made available for students, parents, and teachers. Hunsinger has a useful index and table of contents; one can quickly find the concept that one needs, complete with a simple example. The book is a must for parents who are trying to home-school their children. We all get rusty on math and this book will help cut through that rust to the heart of the concepts with which the children are working. I teach developmental math at a junior college and my students really need this book! They have either forgotten or never learned the principles that Hunsinger has included; as a result, they cannot pass introductory algebra. This book should be a required reference for these students. The book could be used for a quick review of math prior to such tests as ACT and SAT. Ruth A. Maurer, Ph.D. Professor Emerita of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Colorado School of Mines Instructor, Developmental Education Mathematics, Western Colorado Community College Online Instructor, Mathematics Baker College Online –Foreword – Down and Dirty, A how to Math Book.

Product Details:
Spiral-Bound: ‎114 Pages
Publisher: ‎Vinland Publishing; First Edition (July 21, 2015)
Language: ‎English
Reference (Mathematics)

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Order from Phyllis, Vinland Publishing
The book is available in spiral bound format only.

About The Author: Phyllis has a passion for education, serving as a math teacher, middle school and high school principal, and retiring as school superintendent. Failing retirement, she worked as a teacher evaluator for Visiting International Faculty, as a southwest regional representative for the Colorado Department of Education, and as an educational coordinator for GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs).

Phyllis has an undergraduate degree in chemistry, with a minor in English; her Master’s degree is in math/secondary education administration. She has assisted students in mastery of mathematical concepts for almost forty years. The overwhelming evidence demonstrating the lack of student proficiency in math today is what prompted Phyllis to help students and their parents learn “how to” do the math.

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