Mary Deal

Grief Is Love by Mary Deal.

A Memoir of Surviving Bereavement.

After losing her long-term partner, through poetry and essay, author Mary Deal shares the turmoil and oftentimes bewildering depths of her grief.

This memoir exposes the spectrum of emotions with which those suffering loss will become familiar or already experience. The author holds back nothing of her odyssey of despair. Her experiences and much she has learned to help herself provide other survivors a chance to see that they are not alone. Though everyone’s grief is different, all grief is surprisingly similar in its basis. Hope is found in familiarity with another’s grief and no one should endure the bereavement process alone.

Following the author’s progression through relentless sorrow, and finally redemption, lets others know there is validation for their emotional suffering. An easing of the pain occurs as the memory of loss takes its place among all other memories of the life shared with departed loved ones. This memoir offers helpful advice for survivors who endure their grief, until the puzzle of life meshes back together again in a new pattern.

5 Stars: Mary Deal’s Strength and Love Is A Gift To Us All!

Mary Deal’s book ‘Grief Is Love’ is a testament to enduring love. Mary shares her grief process while honoring the memory of her partner, Ronald Jerome Holte.

I am moved by Mary’s self-reflection and brutal honesty. Poignant short poems, are placed throughout the book, speaking in the language of heart and soul. I am convinced that poetry is the language spoken when normal conversation is not adequate, due to emotional trauma.

‘Grief Is Love’ is a gift to those going through the grieving process, and a special gift to those of us who need to prepare for the loss of someone we love. This is a book that needs to be in everyone’s hands, because loss is inevitable. Reading about Mary’s experiences, regrets, and even mistakes, will help others make plans, and find solace through the process. I admire Mary’s strength and her kind words for those giving their support to her, in a variety of ways.

Mary clearly states in her introduction: “Some of the writings included here are sad and heart-wrenching while others may simply be emotionally raw. I am baring my heart. If I can’t do that, then what is there with which you who suffer and seek support might find rapport and validation for your own grief and nearly unnatural experiences? As I am learning, grief is not something anyone should have to do alone. The creation of this book comes from a place of pain. Most books I’ve read dealing with grief and bereavement are written, perhaps a year or more after the author has developed a better grip on their own anguish. Yet, the writing seemed sterile and formal, at least to me. I write this book from inside my pain, while it is ongoing and, at times, maddening.”

It will take courage to read this book and use it as blueprint for your own grieving process. It will take even more courage to give it to someone who is experiencing some form of grief. Giving this book away is an act of compassion. This book should be placed in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and funeral locales. Mary is donating some of this book’s profits to the ‘American Cancer Society-Renal Research’.

Mary’s final thought: “For those who wish to learn more about the ability to sit quietly and sort out their thoughts, please read my bestselling, award-winning book titled Hypno-Scripts: Life-Changing Techniques Using Self-Hypnosis and Mediation.”

Mary is an artist, photographer, and former editor of a print magazine and newspaper columnist. She is an Amazon best-selling and award-winning author of five suspense/thriller novels: “The Ka,” a paranormal suspense taking place among the tombs in Egypt; her 3-book Sara Mason thriller series contains “River Bones,” “The Howling Cliffs,” and “Dead to Life” which start in her childhood hometown area but reaches Vietnam and Hawaii. Another thriller, “Down to the Needle,” is set on the west coast. “Legacy of the Tropics,” is an adventure/suspense spanning from the Caribbean to the Hawaiian Islands. “Off Center in the Attic” is a collection of over-the-top short stories and flash fiction pieces, and “Sea Cliff – A Love Story,” contemporary romance set in San Francisco. Her nonfiction books are, “Write It Right – Tips for Authors,” a complete guide for writers, and “Hypno-Scripts – Life-Changing Techniques Using Self-Hypnosis and Meditation.” “Grief Is Love –A Memoir of Surviving Bereavement” recounts the author’s own grief, written to offer help to others experiencing similar heartache from the loss of a loved one.

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Review by James J. Cudney IV (Jay)-VINE VOICE: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Touching. Reviewed in the United States on April 17, 2023. Verified Purchase. Bereavement is a visceral and personal experience we all learn how to handle in our own unique ways. Mary Deal, a prolific author of short stories, suspense novels, poetry, and advice books, shares her latest journey for readers who have lost someone they loved dearly. Written in the months following her long-time partner’s death, Grief Is Love offers poetry, memoirs, reflections, and a guide to taking a few steps each day, knowing life may be very different but still something to cherish and live to its fullest. Mary’s partner, Ron, had a wonderful life but also suffered several bouts with cancer, the last one leaving its unfortunate and fatal mark. Mary’s reflections on the man’s virtues and their honest, inspiring relationship will keep their love and connections alive.

Deal’s poetry gives a secondary tone to the memoir/journey by leaving readers with moments of reflection and transition. Grief is for the living; memories must be kept alive and used to propel each day forward for those left behind. Making decisions, such as when to pack up their things, is not a decision to take lightly. One of Mary’s friends offers advice on this task, too, as do several others who were close with the couple, giving us a sense of what it’s like to lose someone with whom you’ve spent 30, 40, 50+ years loving and building a history. Walking away from the book, I now know Mary more intimately, and understanding the depth of feelings between two people who had a fulfilling and rewarding life together shows the beauty of life and friendship.

I recommend reading the book in multiple sittings, absorbing the reflections from friends, neighbors and chaplain, then reading several of the poems and making connections to your own life experiences. Definitely filled with sadness, but also uplifting sentiments and a promise for a stronger future. Another fine example of why I always read Mary Deal’s newest releases… and I’m looking forward to more in the future.

Review by Rita M.: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A Beautifully Written, Comforting Guide on an Important Subject. Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2022. Verified Purchase. First of all, I love the title. It helps one know that grief it a normal emotion, to have less fear about grieving, and to understand that your love for the person you lost is the reason for your grief – and not a selfish or self-indulgent feeling. It helps you understand that you will get through the pain without forgetting your loved one. My sister recently lost her husband. He died unexpectedly of a heart attack; literally in a matter of a minute. I sent this book to her and she is very grateful. It is helping her tremendously. And it is providing me with a lot of support so that I can be supportive of her in this very rough time. The book is beautifully written. The author also includes personal short stories in the words of her friends, and that helps give you multiple perspectives on grief.

Review by Book Lover: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A brilliant book! Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2022. Verified Purchase. I have known Mary for many years and through those times we have helped each other in many ways. In reading this book she has helped me. I wished this book came out years ago when I needed help with grief. This book has a way of touching your very soul in times where one begins to wonder if you will ever find normalcy again. It’s written from not only the heart, but from a broken soul that desperately wants, needs repair. She leads the reader into a world of grief and it’s a personal journal that she takes you in as a way of expressing something that is so very hard to deal with because it’s numbing, and yet, through her words, words of friends who have gone through losing someone they love, you the reader can get a sense that there is light, there is hope in a time where you don’t sense any. It’s a book I highly recommend reading this even if you aren’t grieving, and if you have lost someone…this will help.

Review by Ken Farmer: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. BALM OF GILIAD. Reviewed in the United States on April 6, 2023. Mary Deal’s talent as a writer again surfaces with her wonderfully penned, meaningful, memoir about losing a loved one. It is poignant, healing, and something that could only be written by someone who has made that journey. I highly recommend Grief is Love for anyone who has also been down that road…as we all will at one time or another. ‘Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.’- Matthew 5:4.

Review by JUDITH DRESEN: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. It is okay to grieve!!! Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2023. This is a beautifully written book. At some point in our life, we will all walk this road! Grief, a small word, but, oh so powerful. I highly recommend this book for all who are having a hard time understanding their feelings with the loss of a loved one.

Review by Maloa: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Very helpful. Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2023. Another great read on surviving loss of loved ones. It’s very helpful and comforting to know others have similar thoughts and experiences. Sometimes you feel like you are all alone in your grief. No one else would understand what you are going through. Very helpful.

Review by Janet Ahlgren: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Therapeutic and Beautiful. Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2022. I can tell that this book is sincerely written from the author’s heart. It made me smile, cry and at the end of it know that I will be ok. Thank you thank you for writing this!

Review by Martha A. Cheves-VINE VOICE: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Read now to understand what is to come. Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2022. Verified Purchase. If we live long enough, we’ll all go through the loss of a loved one. Whether it be a parent, child, or possibly a spouse. The biggest problem we face when this time comes is how do we handle our feelings. If it’s sudden, I feel sure it hurts just as bad, but if it’s something that drags your loved one through a life of pain and misery, I feel sure it hurts even more. You watch your loved one slowly pass and you’re at a loss to do anything. At times you even start feeling sorry for yourself. Asking why God is putting me through this emotional pain. Sometimes it’s hard to think about the loved one more than you think about your own self.

I personally am going through much of the same thing that Author Mary Deal went through. My loved one’s health is failing and like her, I’m watching him go through stages that hurt me as much as it hurts him. After reading Grief is Love, I’ve started to realize that my feelings are normal and I must stress, even now, on the memories we’ve made together, both good and bad and hopefully make more before our time runs out.

For me, I find this book to be one that needs to be read by those who have lost a loved one, those who are watching their loved one decline, and even those who feel they have no need to prepare for a loss. Reading the Author’s memories, both through poetry as well as stories, this book will bring light to all lives as we go through life.


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Paperback: ‎218 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (February 9, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Self Help: Grief & Bereavement
Women’s Biographies

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Sara Mason Mysteries (Trilogy)

River Bones by Mary Deal.

Sara Mason Mysteries Book 1.

A serial killer is on the loose in Sacramento River Delta.

When Sara Mason returns to her hometown to start a new life, she learns that a murderer is terrorizing its residents. Despite battling difficult childhood memories, Sara is determined to make peace with her past.

But she soon learns that the elusive psychopath is now stalking her. Sara’s attempt to rebuild her life is hindered even more by the discovery of skeletal remains on her property. As the investigation focuses on several suspects, Sara discovers critical clues and bravely volunteers to be a decoy for the sheriff’s department.

Sara’s destiny has brought her back home, but will her decision lead her down a path lined with danger… and straight into the arms of a madman?

★★★★★”Will keep the reader on their toes till the very end. ” – Ken Farmer, bestselling author

★★★★★”A thrilling mystery.” – Barbara Deming, The US Review

★★★★★”Enthralling.” – Readers’ Favorite

Review by Eva Pasco: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. An Enthralling Thriller! Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2023. Verified Purchase. ‘River Bones’ held my attention throughout. For starters, I appreciated the geographic and cultural details of the Sacramento Delta area interwoven throughout the story. More than the setting’s window dressing, it’s Sara Mason’s former childhood home which triggers painful memories and predisposes her to think and react in certain ways as she makes a new life for herself in the Delta.

The author has a knack for making the reader’s hair stand up on back of the neck when things go bump in the night at Talbot House while a prolific serial killer is on the loose. Like Sara, the reader becomes suspicious of several characters: Crazy Ike, Frederik, Pierce Newton, Fletcher Gable, Huxley Keane, and Tripp Unwyn to cite most.

Whoever the perpetrator is—he snaps the victim’s hyoid bone and buries their remains in soft soil near a stream or under boulders. On that note, I felt the author did her own extensive profiling to create a credible killer hiding in plain sight. I highly recommend this enthralling thriller where mystery and suspense loom large.

Review by SK: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Fantastic Read. Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2023, Verified Purchase. River Bones is a fantastic read. Mary Deal paints a picture of the Sacramento River Delta community so vividly, you feel like you’ve stepped through the pages and are right there with the characters. The plot keeps you guessing as to who could possibly be the serial killer in a cold case mystery. Deal mixes intrigue and suspense sprinkled with romance and two adorable puppies.

A brief synopsis: Sarah Mason’s past and present collide as she returns to her hometown thirty years later, excited to attend her high school reunion and restore her beautiful Victorian home. Though much of the community is still the same, someone is disturbing her new home and the life she hopes to rebuild. A ghostly visitor in her dreams is trying to communicate with her, but what does it all mean? Can she connect the dots, finally solving the mystery of remains found hidden around the community and the disappearance of one of the community’s beloved residents? Read to find out more!

Review by Brebre716: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Serial killer. Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2023. Verified Purchase. I love a good book on a serial killer and this one joins the list. Though the storyline is long it keeps you reading wanting to know more. If you are into serial killers, I highly recommend this one.

Review by Author Cynthia K. Christakis: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2014. Verified Purchase. BOOK REVIEW AND VETTING by Cynthia Seasons. About the Author: Mary Deal, a native of Walnut Grove in California’s Sacramento River Delta, has lived in England, the Caribbean, and now resides on the island of Kauai in Kappa’s, Hawaii. She was Founder and past President of Kauai Writer’s Roundtable. She is also an artist, photographer and newspaper columnist. She is the author of six suspense novels and two nonfiction references for writers.

OVERVIEW: Author Mary Deal creates a haunting mystery thriller set in the Sacramento River Delta where the history of an abandoned plantation house is the focus of the plot which attracts a serial killer among other beings.

SYNOPSIS: River Bones was a winner in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards competition and a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Books Award. Main characters Sara Mason, Fredrik, Daphine, Crazy Ike, Linette and Buck Alden and Esmeralda Talbot are brilliantly utilized to create a plethora of plot twists which keep the reader on their page-turning toes unable to guess ‘who done it’ . Author Deal effortlessly tosses the reader bones to retrieve only to be thwarted by other entwining clues until it seems as if everyone is involved in what seems to be an unsolvable clump of mysteries and murders.

1. WHAT DID I LIKE THE MOST ABOUT THIS NOVEL? I liked Author Deal’s genuine ability to carry through with the complex plot and subplots she set in motion in this well written, well executed mystery. I liked the research and inclusion of historical background of the Sacramento Valley Delta to draw me more personally into the story and the characters. I liked that the characters were flawed in realistic believable emotional and physical disabilities. I like the entire novel and therefore Author Deal.

2. WHAT DID I LIKE LEAST ABOUT THIS NOVEL? I liked least the repetitive leaps of goodness and generosity of Sara with little cluing me in to how her thinking resulted in her decision-making process. However, since I have never personally experienced the death of a sibling at a very young age, perhaps it is possible to miss and be life-long influenced by a long-dead sister to the extent Sara did.

REVIEW: River Bones rates at the top with a five on a scale of 0-5 in my opinion. Author Deal created a good old fashioned mystery thriller, which both entertained and kept me curious as I was unable to ‘guess’ what I thought at first, would be a predictable ending. Job well done. I recommend this novel to any reader.

Review by Amazon Customer: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Great story! Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2023. Verified Purchase. I enjoyed this book more than any I’ve read in some time. It was well written and had good pace. Characters are interesting and the location is familiar. I have spent sunny afternoons driving many of those roads.

Review by Kindle Customer: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Hidden Killer. Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2023. Verified Purchase. This is an excellent book about serial murder from a twisted mind. The plot has many turns. The ending is well done.


Product Details:
River Bones-Sara Mason Mysteries Book One
Paperback: 325 Pages
Publisher: Creativia; 3rd Edition (October 17, 2017)
Language: English
Thrillers (Mystery)
Thrillers (Serial Killer)

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The Howling Cliffs by Mary Deal.

Sara Mason Mysteries Book 2.

Sara Mason joins in searching for Huxley’s MIA brother’s remains in the Vietnam jungle. She is joined by her friend Esmerelda.

Later in Hawaii, Sara learns that a six-year-old neighborhood girl had gone missing ten years earlier. Something odd is going on at the nearby forest cliffs; someone wants this cold case to stay cold.

But even after attempts are made on Sara’s life, she pushes on with the investigation and pursues the leads that take her on a path of danger. Can she solve the mystery of the Howling Cliffs?

★★★★★ “Detailed and rich, the descriptions of Kauai made me feel like I was really there, and I became totally absorbed in the atmosphere. As a history buff, I thoroughly enjoyed the historical aspect of Vietnam as well the behind-the-scenes forensics. Howling Cliffs is a must read for all mystery fans.” – Kim Murphy, Amazon Review

★★★★★ “There is great depth to both her characters and locations that many books lack… Another wonderful mystery by Mary Deal.” – Hilary H. Hall, Amazon Review

Review by LoveToRead: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Great read!! Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2023. Verified Purchase. Having read Mary Deal’s previous suspenseful book River Bones, I had to read The Howling Cliffs and was not disappointed. It’s a thrilling read, and I couldn’t put it down. I love the character Sara Mason and her neighbor, Birdie, is a dear. Her amazing K9 is unforgettable. The suspenseful murder mystery keeps you on edge, and I am not giving any spoilers here. I highly recommend this series and give it five stars. I am looking forward to reading Book 3 in this series.

Review by Berk Rourke: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A fast and great read. Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2018. Verified Purchase. This page turner held my attention for a continuous read today after briefly starting yesterday evening (July 3-4). I have read the entire book and the reviews as I often do before reviewing any book I read. Here are some comments about reviewing a book. First, I think anyone who does not read the entire book is both a fool and a troll if they offer a review. In that respect this book starts and ends with Sara’s and Huxley’s on-going search for the remains of MIAs in Vietnam. Thus, it ties itself together front to end while engaging through the rest of the book in a Sara Mason mystery that is an attention grabber to say the least. Secondly, about reviewing, I start every read with the idea that the author deserves my approval simply because they have had the courage and the creative juices to do the hard work of putting a book before the world. The author or the publisher must persuade me to reduce my five-star initial review, my starting point. Nothing in this book persuades me to lessen my initial outlook. Finally, I seldom offer any information about the actual story I have read because to do so ruins the read for others. So I will not tell you what this story divulges. I will say that the characters are beautifully created so they seem real as you read this fictional story. The content deals with difficult topics which most authors choose to ignore and does so in a manner befitting an actual investigation of criminal activity. If there are criticisms to be offered, they might relate to the notions a trad editor would apply to this book. This is not a trade publication, but an Indie publication. That does not forgive errors by authors or their publishers, but the errors in this book are so miniscule in nature and so difficult to see that only a trad editor would and has trolled this story. IT IS A WORTHY BOOK, A WORTHY READ YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE. I enjoyed it immensely. Few books hold my attention as well as this one did. A great read.


Product Details:
The Howling Cliffs: Sara Mason Mysteries Book Two
Paperback: 300 Pages
Publisher: Creativia; 2nd Edition (December 2, 2017)
Language: English
Thrillers (Mystery)
Thrillers (Serial Killer)
Fiction: Cozy Detective Mysteries

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Dead To Life: Pocket Book Edition by Mary Deal.

Sara Mason Mysteries Book 3.

Sara Mason and love interest, Huxley Keane, follow a trail of clues in an attempt to match a bullet-scarred key found in the Vietnam jungle.

An apartment key was given to Rocky, Huxley’s brother, by his fiancée. If sweet Emma Ellis kept a matching key all these years, it would prove Rocky is not MIA, but deceased.

Tracing Emma proves to be a perilous escapade; she doesn’t wish to be found and attempts to stop Sara and Huxley, whose very lives are threatened. In separate incidences, both Sara and Huxley are left to die of their wounds. And when they finally catch her, horrifying truths about the woman send their sensibilities reeling.

NOTE: This is the pocket book edition of Dead To Life, convenient to both read and carry.

Review by Martha A. Cheves-VINE VOICE: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. What happened to Emma? Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2020. Verified Purchase. Sara Mason and Huxley Keane are still on the hunt for proof that his brother Rocky, who turned up as a MIA during the Vietnam War, was indeed dead. After receiving a box full of letters from Huxley’s mom, the two sit down to read the letters in hopes that the information would provide some of the most defining clues leading to verifying that the key that was found in the Vietnam jungle did belong to Rocky. The key was one given to Rocky by his fiancée, Emma Ellis. It was to the apartment she shared with her sister Evelyn in San Francisco and would give him access to a place to stay if he were to return unexpectedly. But shortly after Rocky became MIA, Emma’s sister Evelyn took her own life and Emma may have moved to Hawaii. With this piece of information, Sara and Huxley begin their search in San Francisco in search of information that will lead them to Emma in Hawaii and the possibility that she will have the matching key that will confirm the one found in Vietnam was indeed Rocky’s.

As always, Author Mary Deal takes you through page turning tunnels as you join Sara and Huxley in their search for Emma and the key. You’ll see the life changing events that put Emma into an investigation by not only the Hawaiian police but also the San Francisco Police. You’ll find yourself trying to understand how and why such a level headed person could turn into what Emma turned into.

Review by Book Lover: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Brilliantly written mystery! Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020. Verified Purchase. I’ve known Mary for quite some time and her love of writing shows. In the first book, River Bones, I felt as though I were part of the story, that I was there in every aspect of it, even in the horrific, terrorizing scenes. So, in Dead to Life, the third Book of her Sara Mason Mysteries, that same feeling took hold of me. It was like visiting an old friend, but this time I got to go to Hawaii with her, which I always wanted to do…even though I’m just reading a book. That’s how real it was for me. I wasn’t just a reader anymore; I became involved with the characters.

The tension stayed at an even keel and only increased when it deemed necessary and important to the story. As for the setting, I’ve never been to Hawaii, but only seen pictures of it through Mary, she is a wonderful photographer as well, I could picture every scene clearly in my mind, almost smell the Plumeria flowers that grow there. The sad parts tugged at my heart and I won’t say what those are, you’ll just have to buy it.

If you love books that make you feel the emotions, give you great visuals as you read, the need to want to go further into the next chapter and so on and so on…this is a must read. It’s an easy read. An enjoyable read. A suspenseful read. It’s everything you want in a book.

Review by Berk Rourke: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A Key Mystery. Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2020. Verified Purchase. The key to learning of the mystery laid out in this story is to listen very carefully to the masterfully drawn dialogue between the characters. This is a character driven story in which Huxley Keane and Sara Mason seek to find his brother’s romantic interest. The story spins its way through San Francisco and an interesting visit with Brian Porter and his spouse, then to Honolulu, and finally back to San Francisco for its conclusion. Along the way these wonderfully fleshed out characters present you with a lot of information which will lead you to what you may think the end of the mystery will be. But you might not be correct? Well, enough said. You’ll have to read this book to find out what happens. It is masterfully done and easily merits a five-star rating.

Review by Amazon Customer: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Well written clean story. Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2022. Verified Purchase. Loved this book. The characters were well developed and likeable. Even though it was obvious from the beginning which sister actually survived, the plot has many twists and turns. This is not a cliffhanger, which I appreciated. I also appreciated that there was no foul language or explicit sex scenes. Always a big plus for me.

Review by Minglement: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Wow! A favorite! Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2020. Verified Purchase. This author has an amazing talent for drawing the reader in with endearing characters, great plots laced with mystery, and beautifully described settings. I felt like I was there and the characters felt like friends. I hated to see it end.

Review by LoveToRead: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Awesome mystery. Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2023. I loved this book. The 3rd in a fantastic series. Wonderful, likable characters, great twists and turns with mystery, and beautifully described settings. As in the first two stories in this series, I was right there with Sara as she solved this intriguing mystery – no spoilers here. Author Mary Deal is amazing.


Product Details:
Dead To Life: Sara Mason Mysteries Book Three
Paperback: 435 Pages
Publisher: Gumshoe-A Next Chapter Imprint; 2nd Edition (July 30, 2020)
Language: English
Thrillers (Mystery)
Thrillers (Serial Killer)
Thrillers (Women Sleuths)

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Stand Alone Books (Multiple Genres) by Mary Deal

Off Center In The Attic by Mary Deal.

A Collection of Short Stories and Flash Fiction.

Humor and nonsense, flights of fantasy into other realms, fright, disgust and disappointment, silliness and wonderment, and the sadness of reality and heartache.

It’s all here, and more, in stories that may leave you a little Off Center in the Attic.

  • Acting in a Coffin – A director plays a prank that backfires on a movie set.
  • The Wallflower – A woman compares herself to one who is the life of the party.
  • Pupule – A neighborhood gets a lesson in humility from a crazy old Hawaiian man.
  • To Soar – What a bird drops.
  • Out of Body – A man is shot and his brain goes through a metamorphosis.
  • Looking for Life – Never the right one.
  • Most Wanted – The killer of young boys remains at large.
  • Grandpappy’s Cows – Antics of backward backwoods relatives.
  • Boy at the Crossroad – The making of a monster.
  • Cafeteria Science – How to lose your lunch.
  • Indoctrination – A daring woman wants to experience something different and gets her wish.
  • Explosive Day – No escape.
  • The Smell of Death – A clue to the dying.
  • Legacy – A woman in mourning changes her life to follow in her mother’s footsteps.
  • An Urgent Message – A plea to a writer.
  • Rituals – Neurosis as a way of life.
  • Watched – Being watched can kill.
  • The Swimmer – A man losing his sanity.
  • Thanatos – The urge to die.
  • Alien Footprints – An invisible perpetrator.
  • Vibratory Rates – Visitations from heaven and hell.
  • The Voodoo Kit – A Jamaican hex follows a woman home.
  • Pekoe – A newborn kitten abandoned in a portable toilet.
  • Great Lady of Wisdom – A holy goat.
  • The Last Thing I Do – The end of making memories.
  • Future Winner – A little-known artist gets a break.
  • Innocence – A high school girl on the verge of betrayal by her innocence.
  • Sister Fly – Karma
  • Homeless, Not Heartless – A man and his dog.
  • Roots – What you may find when tracing your family tree.

5 Star Review by Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite: A wonderful collection of short vignettes comprises Off Center In The Attic: Over the Top Stories written by Mary Deal. Many of the stories detail true-to-life incidences, while others are “flights of fancy into other realms.” There is a large range of scenarios – from a brief out of body experience, to an adolescent girl who was saved from possible devastation by a ten o’clock curfew, to the appearance of a gaunt, scary-looking man at a funeral. Several stories occur in Hawaii, illustrating the author’s familiarity with its people, landscapes, and culture. A few others take place in a northern California setting. The author also demonstrates an appreciation and love for the arts, as well as exploring the areas of spirituality and mysticism.

Review by Ron Holte, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii: One of the best aspects of this collection is the great variety of works; it feels as if several authors contributed to this book, not just one. The reader experiences a wide range of emotions while reading these stories – from joy to disgust to anger to wonderment. While the book can be a quick read, it is best enjoyed when savored, enabling the reader to consider some underlying messages. The true craft of creative, inventive writing is on full display. Author Mary Deal has skillfully scripted a thought-provoking, imaginative collection of short stories in Off Center In The Attic. At the end of the book, she shares how her writings over the years culminated in this fanciful collection. This is a book that can be revisited many times – enjoy!

Mary Deal has the capability of altering reality in each of her stories, whether humor, tragedy, anything in between, or nonfiction. Sometimes I think her mind is out in the ozone, but if that’s where these stories come from, then she should keep going there and bringing back her ideas. Her stories are truly unique, give the mind a turn, and made me wonder about the possibilities.

From The Author: I have written many short stories and flash fiction pieces. Some have won awards. One story, The Last Thing I Do, was nominated by Silver Boomer Books for the coveted Pushcart Prize. My stories have been published in numerous anthologies, publications and magazines. For a while I had stopped writing these shorter pieces in order to complete a few more novels. I’ve put 30 of these slightly warped stories and flash together for this anthology, Off Center in the Attic. My next collection could be just as strange as this one.


Product Details:
Print Length: 130 Pages
Publisher: Creativia; 2nd Edition (December 3, 2017)
Language: English
Story Stories and Flash Fiction

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Sea Cliff by Mary Deal.

Rachael Connor has great looks, money and a home of her own, but childhood abuse has left her fearful of men.

When Rachael meets Matthew, she begins to rethink her life. He falls in love with her, but Rachael rebukes him, living by the “rules” her father taught her.

She soon has an epiphany about how to overcome her father’s grip on her life. The next time she falls in love, she will know how to deal with it.

But will Matthew let her get away so easily?

5 Star Review By Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite: Rachael Connor, outwardly successful and a budding author, seemed to have it all. An inheritance from her father had assured her financial stability and she was able to choose when she worked for wages and when she indulged in her one true passion, writing. In Sea Cliff: A Love Story by Mary Deal, we find that Rachael has a dark secret that rules her life, even now as an adult and long after her father has died. Rachael and her brother Brandon were brought up by a tyrannical and abusive father who ruled their lives with both physical and mental abuse that Rachael still carries to this day. She is unable to form lasting relationships with men as she simply doesn’t know how, and consequently has resigned herself to a life of solitude with writing and meditation as her solaces. Enter Matthew Knight, a successful, ridiculously handsome and well-adjusted man who sets his sights on winning Rachael’s heart. True love, though, rarely runs smoothly and both Matthew and Rachael have to overcome the many barriers that life and their pasts put in their way before they can truly find each other.

Sea Cliff: A Love Story is a simple, carefully crafted romance, but what lifts it above others in the genre is its willingness to address societal issues that might otherwise be glossed over. Author Mary Deal has imbued her character of Rachael with all the angst and fear a sufferer of an abusive childhood would feel. As readers, we want to take Rachael and shake her, telling her to “get with the program.” She has a man who clearly adores her and yet she looks for and finds myriad ways to push him away. Although both of the main characters are too perfectly beautiful/handsome for my liking, there was no stopping me from enjoying the twists and turns their convoluted relationship took. The concept of combining the feelings and actions of the characters in this story with the characters in the story Rachael was writing had the potential to be trite and clichéd and yet Deal made it work well. The writing style is simple and unpretentious, which I did enjoy, and I found myself flying through this book. I can definitely recommend this story to lovers of romance.

5 Star Review By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite: If you’re looking for a contemporary romance novel, something that will restore your faith in love and life, look no further. I have the perfect novel and writer for you. Sea Cliff by Mary Deal is a great read. Especially if you’ve been bruised and battered by the struggle of trying to find the real thing. The thing that will last through all the troubles that we know life will throw at us. I don’t read contemporary romance much, to be perfectly honest. I prefer the historical version. But Sea Cliff takes place in one of my favorite cities in the whole world. The city by the bay; San Francisco. I haven’t been there in years, but Mary Deal reminded me just how unique and wonderful the San Francisco Bay Area is.

Mary Deal writes about life. She writes about friendship and family relationships. Romance is something we find while navigating our way through all these other important relationships…if we’re lucky. I liked the plot in Sea Cliff. These were real modern-day characters with lives and relationships just like mine and people I know. I loved the setting. I have lived in the Bay Area and I believe Mary Deal has too. She took me back to it and I really appreciate that. The characters are great. Not perfect but very real. What I liked most about Rachael, besides her being a red-head is that she is very self-aware and constantly trying to improve herself. That’s what it takes in modern life.

4 Star Review By Amanda Rofe for Readers’ Favorite: Sea Cliff: A Love Story by Mary Deal is a contemporary fiction novel set in San Francisco. It portrays a woman called Rachael Connor who grew up in the farmlands of the Sacramento River Delta. She is someone who experienced abuse in her childhood and who is now trying to renounce the past. Her brother, Brandon, who suffered similarly, is also struggling to come to terms with adult life. While Rachael tries to help him as best, she can, she has her own demons to contend with, in particular how to form healthy relationships with men. There is one man called Matthew, who pursues her despite her obvious reluctance to get involved with anyone. In an attempt to work through her issues, she writes a novel which turns out to mirror her life in more ways than one.

Mary Deal writes a rather unusual love story, bravely tackling the difficult subject of childhood abuse and the impact it has on adults later on in life. She portrays the adult survivors, Rachael and Brandon, sympathetically and with a great deal of insight. The disparity between Matthew’s rather normal family and Rachael’s dysfunctional life has been ably portrayed, adding an edge to the story line. I thought Sea Cliff was an engaging novel which dealt with very challenging and painful issues. Both Rachael and Matthew, the main protagonists, made me feel uncomfortable at times and I like this in a book. As a point of interest, the title ‘Sea Cliff’ is a fascinating link which runs through the narrative, drawing the story threads together.

From The Author: After being rear-ended in a car accident in 1991 and being incapacitated for a while, I realized that at least my mind still worked! I could sit at my PC to write and did just that. It is said that the first book an author writes is mostly about themselves or about incidences that happen in life that leave an indelible mark on them – good or bad. Realizing that, I still had no fear of writing that first book. I managed to change much of the personal material I used so that it was not about me but about a fictional character whose life I could imbue with knowledge and some experiences I had accumulated.

The first draft of Sea Cliff was actually titled The Recluse. It remained that way while the book languished, all 135,000 words of it. After reading it I realized a lot of me was still in there. So, I left it alone and wrote and published other books. In 2018, with 11 books published (three already out of print), I decided to take another look. I had already borrowed quite a bit of Recluse to use in my first mystery. So, it was a matter of cleaning the entire Recluse manuscript and shortening the story to a salable number of words. In doing so, I realized the protagonist was no longer a recluse. I needed a new title, and it didn’t have to be about the character. Hence the title became Sea Cliff because that is where the protagonist’s life is depicted.


Product Details:
Print Length: 349 Pages
Publisher: Creativia; 2nd Edition (June 9, 2018)
Language: English
Romance (Contemporary)

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Write It Right by Mary Deal.

Tips For Authors.

Written and compiled by award-winning novelist Mary Deal, Write it Right – Tips for Authors is a major source of information for breathing life into your prose. Learn how to polish your writing with tips and examples, and make your prose leap off the page.

Writing your opus, you may have encountered myriad questions about imperfect areas that you stumble across in the composition. The thoroughly explained tips offered in Write it Right – Tips for Authors clarify these worrisome issues, instead of simply taking a chance they’ll be acceptable.

These thorough and often humorous tips were written in response to author queries for articles that explain various problematic aspects, including:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Narration
  • Character development and dialogue
  • Preparing your manuscript for submission
  • Your public image

If your writing hasn’t been perfectly smooth, you’ll find answers to your questions in Write it Right – Tips for Authors.

5 Star Review on Amazon UK: Mary Deal has clearly worked extremely hard in putting together this volume of tips and advice for authors, both those aspiring to succeed in their early careers and those who are, shall we say, a little longer in the tooth when it comes to the writing business.

It’s true that nobody has all the answers to what makes a successful writer, but with her years of experience as an author behind her, Ms. Deal is able to give constructive advice, while at the same time, managing to highlight some of the pitfalls awaiting the unwary.

It’s not a short read, and is best absorbed in what each reader finds to be comfortable stages, in order to get the best from the book. Unlike a lot of ‘how to’ books, it’s never dull and boring, and makes for an interesting read, whether you happen to be a published author, or someone just setting out on the path of expectancy, hoping to be a bestselling author of the future.

From The Author: Write It Right – Tips for Authors is a compilation of articles I have written. On Kauai in Hawaii, I had my own newspaper column for writers. It was titled, Write It Write. Authors and writers have always asked for clarification of certain problems areas in their writing. I would send my instruction to them. Then I decided more people should see this information, and so, my column began.

But that wasn’t the end of it. I decided to put many of my articles together in book form and Write It Right – Tips for Authors was born. I have many more articles and am thinking about publishing a second volume. But first, I must finish the two books I’m presently writing.

I encourage anyone with questions to freely contact me. If I can clarify their writing dilemma, we both win.


Product Details:
Print Length: 624 Pages
Publisher: Creativia; 2nd Edition (June 15, 2019)
Language: English
Self-Help (Reference Writing, Publishing and Marketing)
Self-Help: Authors

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The Ka by Mary Deal.


Archaeology student Chione has vivid dreams about the discovery of an opulent tomb. After the founder of the Institute of Archaeology learns that Chione’s dreams might be connected to events in Egypt, he accepts an offer to examine a mysterious site in the Valley of the Queens.

When they discover a burial chamber, ancient spells transport Chione and her ex-boyfriend, archaeologist Aaron Ashby, 3,500 years into the past. There, they learn of Tutankhamon and Tauret, a priestess in Pharaoh’s Court.

Soon, Chione and Aaron discover that they have been chosen to play a crucial part in Tauret’s plan.

★★★★★ “If you’re a fan of Egyptian-themed reads or anything with a paranormal edge, this one is for you.”

★★★★★ “Intensely absorbing fantasy entwined with true history.”

Review by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite: Mary Deal has recreated this world beautifully in her novel, in the tradition of Christian Jacq’s The Mysteries of Osiris, only this time, readers are treated to great cunning in the plot and twists they won’t see coming. The Ka is fast-paced, intense and sophisticated,and the author shows a great skill in character development. Mary Deal creates awesome moments of suspense, holding the reader’s attention throughout the story. This is a book that can only be described with superlatives, a story that makes the past come alive, thanks to a masterful storytelling skill. Loaded with mystery, The Ka by Mary Deal is a fascinating story that involves magic, a timeless love, and archaeology, a well-plotted novel with strong characters. As a fan of Egyptology, I felt excited by the magical and mysterious setting, with the unexpected twists that punctuate the narrative. Well-researched, the story explores the concept of the afterlife, only it is curious that the afterlife is this life with characters that have been bound together by the power of magical spells embedded in ancient hieroglyphs.

Review by Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite: Mary Deal’s style is stunning, and has a story that’s emotional and layered. The love story is a key part, romantic and emotional, as Aaron and Chione’s relationship is a mirror to that of Tauret and Tut. History is brought to life in this stunning journey through the past. The Ka is breathtaking, finding the beauty and tragedy of the past, and the mysteries and magic of ancient Egypt.

Review by K.J. Simmill for Readers’ Favorite: I’ve been to Egypt, and I’ve seen, heard, and read some of the lore within this book. With great skill Mary Deal had me feeling like I was right back there, in the thick of it. The pace is slow and steady, but will easily keep you turning the pages. The Ka is heavily character driven with a plot that keeps you guessing; it has everything from tomb robbing to paranormal events. If you’re a fan of Egyptian themed reads, or anything with a paranormal edge, then this is a read for you. The level of detail speaks volumes to the time and effort that went into researching this book to give the plot a genuine story, from the difficulties of financing a dig, to superstition,complications, unlikely friendships, and of course what Egyptian tale is complete without mysteries, missing people, and death?

Review by Teresa Syms for Readers’ Favorite: Mary Deal has presented the reader with clear visions of life and love in the courts of ancient Egypt through all the senses. It is a tangled web of archaeology,intrigue, love and magic woven throughout this book. The reader will lose track of time and surroundings as they are consumed by the captivating writing and absorbed into the lives of the main protagonists. A great read and I look forward to more works from Mary Deal!

Review by Joseph J. Ursprung, Kapaa, Hawaii and Phoenix, Arizona: The Ka is a book for all tastes. This beautifully craft novel contains history, science, mysticism, mystery, intrigue, humor and romance in a neat package which is not just entertaining but challenges your mind and your imagination. It tells of the joining of minds and bodies of two lovers in an ancient world with two lovers in a modern world. Mary Deal has created word images so vivid that it is almost like watching a movie. She takes you for a romp through ancient Egyptian history as an archaeological team finds and opens the tomb of King Tut’s commoner “wife,” the love of his life. An archaeological student has the mystical ability to communicate with the ancient Egyptians, who are frustrated by lack of an heir and want their story told. This keeps the story alive and moves it along at a rapid, breathtaking pace. The final impact of this mystical relationship is left for the very last sentence of the book. The Ka is a delight to read. Once started, it is difficult to put down until the last page is turned. One can only hope that, from a writer of this talent, there will be many more books to come.

Review by Richard Jay Nedervelt, Ewa Beach, Hawaii and Panzhihua, China: OMG! Mary, I just finished Ka, the first of your books that I have had the pleasure of reading, but not the last. You are BRILLIANT my friend! I didn’t want the book to end. The characters you created, their depth, and the personal changes they went through were incredible. I LOVED IT! You are an inspiration to us all. You gave enough hints to keep me guessing and wondering if I was right. I will gladly recommend it to everyone. Thanks for sharing and letting me escape into your wonderful world and imagination. You are a master writer, for sure.

★★★★★ by Sandra McCluskey, Lihue, Hawaii: I was spellbound!

★★★★★ by Sherrye Boyer Dix, London, England: Mystery, magic, intrigue and great attention to historical detail. I was spellbound!

★★★★★ by Bill Robinson, Author of Archie Cleebo, Bishop, CA : Intensely absorbing fantasy entwined with true history.

★★★★★ by Marcia Lynx Qualey, Writer, Cairo, Egypt: Egyptian life and history so real, you’d think the author had lived it.

★★★★★ by Lori Kikumoto, Kapaa, Hawaii: I was enthralled by the amount of research and felt I was one of the archaeological team.

From the Author: I woke from a dream wherein I saw vivid scenes from Ancient Egypt. I saw costumes and half-naked adults and children going about their days. When I woke – about 2:00 in the a.m., I lay stunned and visualized those images again. Not till I woke a second time with a fixed image in my mind, like a still photograph, did I realize I had the ending of a story. Running to my computer in the middle of the night was common place, but not sitting there for five hours straight, in my pajamas. I managed to write out or make notes about everything I had seen. By the time I finished, I knew I had the makings of a huge story.

I proceeded to spend the next four years researching the entire 3500 years of Egyptian Dynasties searching for a time period in which to weave the threads of my plot. While researching, I managed to write and publish my first book and complete a manuscript for a second. However, once I began to write this Egyptian story, I spent another four years solely perfecting the manuscript that you and I have come to know as The Ka.

You, as well as Ancient Egypt scholars, should find that all of the information about Ancient Egypt, how to locate a tomb, retrieve and preserve its contents, and life at a dig site are all real and true to fact. But through it all, I weave my mysterious threads of fantasy to bring ancient life into the present.


Product Details:
Print length: 666 Pages
Publisher: Sanguine-A Next Chapter Imprint; 5th Edition (September 14, 2017)
Language: English
Paranormal (Historical/Suspense)

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Legacy of the Tropics by Mary Deal.


A trilogy of stories that shatter the myths of stereotypical islands of paradise.

In Promises, during the late 1960s, the ketch, Mercy, sinks during a sea storm off Culebra near the Virgin Islands. Ciara Malloy assumes custody of her drowned fiancé’s son and learns a devastating secret about the boy that changes her life forever.

In Adrift, in the late 1990s, underwater photographer Lillian Avery gets caught in a rip current and swept out to sea off Kauai in Hawaii. In facing death, she finds a way to leave a message behind.

Years later, in Reunion, the two former neighbors from Puerto Rico reunite on Kauai. A hurricane wreaks island-wide havoc. Ciara is missing, presumed dead. Among the rubble, Lillian finds Ciara’s memoirs; a life history that threatens to expose tightly held secrets about the boy since the sinking of the Mercy.

5 Star Review by Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite: Legacy of the Tropics is three inter-related stories combined into one dynamic read. Each of the stories has its own ups, downs and excitement tying the characters together in love, friendship, hardship, tragedy, joy and sorrow. “Promises” is a beautifully sad love story with Ciara finding true love with Rico and his son Pablo. One boat ride will change lives forever, as their boat doesn’t survive a sudden storm and they become castaways on a small, out of the way island. “Adrift” is the story of Lilly and her love of the sea. Her passion is diving and taking pictures of the coral, fish and turtles that inhabit the waters of Hawaii. When things go horribly wrong on one of these trips, Lilly comes close to death and must make some changes in her life because of it. “Reunion” finds Ciara and Lilly, only acquaintances in “Promises,” now reunited as neighbors and friends. When a hurricane hits their island, they are forced to endure challenges that would again change their lives forever. The hurricane damages their homes and much more before its path is through.

I enjoyed how each of these books joined together to become one story centering on Ciara and Lilly. These women were strong characters that survived shipwrecks, rip currents, hurricanes, tragedy and love. I found “Reunion” to be a little slow going at times, but it really didn’t take too much away from the enjoyment of the story. Mary Deal’s descriptions of Hawaii made me want to drive to the airport and get on the next plane to Hawaii. My thought was then when I landed I could go and find Ciara and Lilly! Legacy of the Tropics is a good book on so many levels of fiction; adventure, suspense, romance and more, all wrapped up in one great bundle.

5 Stars For Real Life in The Tropics-by a customer on October 4, 2001: I have always wondered how the residents lived in those tropical locales I’d visited. If this book gives us some examples, then I’d have to say that daily life in “The Tropics”is both exciting and dangerous. The author has done a magnificent job of portraying everyday life for her characters in the islands. Her writing style flows. Once I began to read, I finished the book in two evenings, then re-read it again. Wonderful! I’m ready for this author’s next book.

5 Stars: A real page-turner set in an exotic location- by a customer on October 4, 2001: Mary has woven a complex story,rich with interesting characters and an exotic locale. She speaks with authority about the rhythm of the islands and the waters surrounding them so there is no doubt that she’s experienced them first hand. A real page-turner…I couldn’t put it down!

5 Stars by a customer on March 6, 2002: Curl Up with It! Three compelling, suspenseful,heart-warming tales! Deal’s prose is as pure and welcoming as a drink from a chilled-coconut on a hot day. A fine read!

5 Stars by a customer on October 8, 2001: Tropical Paradise.Mary weaves a wonderful web of life, love, danger, courage and survival with consummate skill and insight.Congratulations!

From The Author: The experiences portrayed in these three novellas were adapted from some of my dangerous escapades both on land and at sea. I actually wrote “Adrift” before the first and third stories. It was so well-received that I decided to expand it to novel length. At the time I wrote, novellas were not popular. When I tried to expand Adrift, well, there just wasn’t any more that I could add without drawing out what was already there, written lean, and well-accepted. That’s when I decided to write the two other stories and tied all three together. Separate incidents occur in each story, but the characters and time line carry forward through all three.


Product Details:
Paperback: 376 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (November 25, 2020)
Language: English
Action Adventure (Suspense)

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Down To The Needle by Mary Deal.

A Psychological Thriller.

From the day her five-year-old was abducted, Abigail Fisher vowed never to stop looking until her daughter was safely back home.

But despite multiple searches, twenty-three years have passed without a trace of Becky Ann. When Abigail learns that death row inmate Megan Winnaker is the same age as her daughter, she begins to wonder if the kidnapper had Becky Ann’s face surgically altered to prevent identification.

Megan Winnaker maintains her innocence, but faces capital punishment if she loses her final appeal. As Abigail launches her own investigation to find out if Megan is truly her daughter, someone wants to stop her in her tracks.

Even when facing mortal danger, Abigail refuses to give up her investigation. But can Megan Winnaker really be her long-lost daughter?

★★★★★ “A standout mystery thriller from a solid literary talent.”

★★★★★ “The characterization is great, the plot is intricate, and the action is fast-paced… A superb thriller.”

★★★★★ “A page turner that will have you riveted right to the end.”

★★★★★ “Suspenseful mystery full of twists and emotions.”

★★★★★ “The story is riveting and tense. The author did a great job keeping me sitting on the edge of my seat through the entire story. I can’t wait to read more from this author.”

5 Star Review by Amazon Customer on Amazon UK: Exquisite, heart pumping, extraordinary torture brilliant! Where do I start? I loved this book, and yet it caused me so much heartache and worry. I am a slow reader, but I take all of it in. I live it. I felt the pain and suffering of a mother who endured the anguish of losing her daughter aged 5; abducted by her estranged husband, never to be found. Was she still alive? And then, a death row woman, the same age as her daughter, displays characteristics that suggest she could be the long lost daughter. What follows is a roller coaster ride of emotions that involve proving if the woman is her daughter, and then to prove her innocent of the crime. A switchback of narrative twists, hope, despair, misery… so well written. It has taken me some time to recover – I was exhausted after this read. I will say no more for fear of spoilers – but – read this book – you will not regret it. I have already bought another of Deal’s books.

5 Star Review by Elizabeth Sullivan, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Somerset, California: I read Down to the Needle for a second time I was pulled into its magnetic spell. This afternoon I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat for a long while as the suspense grew to a crescendo. Mary you out did yourself in this powerful work. Your changes tricked me into fearing the ending would be different. I clung to my shreds of tissue as I hoped for a happy ending. Every step of the way you delivered, and delivered, and delivered. Brilliant!

5 Star Review by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite: Mary Deal’s writing is unique and highly compelling, with a  narrative voice that is hypnotic. Down to the Needle has a labyrinthine plot, a  conflict that is monumental, and characters that readers will relate to easily.The emotion comes out strongly and readers can’t help but sympathize with her  characters. A woman who has lost a daughter for two decades will certainly  attract the attention of any reader, but when it is possible that a person  abducted two decades ago is alive and could be facing death for a crime they  never committed, it becomes more than an interesting plot element — it becomes  an irresistible hook. It’s a very suspenseful read, to say the least. The  ending will surprise readers.

5 Star Review by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite: Down to the Needle is a story that has huge potential to blow the reader’s mind. Cleverly plotted and masterfully accomplished, Down to the Needle by Mary Deal is a great entry in the genres of suspense, mystery, and thriller, a story that follows one woman’s gritty investigation to solve an abduction that happened twenty-three years ago. It takes a lot of cleverness and skill to weave a yarn that combines strong elements from different genres into a satisfying read, and Deal has that skill…. This is the book for you if you love well-imagined and rock-solid characters, stories that are character-driven with sophisticated plot lines. I enjoyed the gritty investigation and the complexities in the plot. The reader is immediately excited to find out what could happen next, thanks to the well-crafted hook, the enticing prose, and the lively dialogues.

5 Star Review by Darryl Greer for Readers’ Favorite: Down To The Needle is a page turner that will have you riveted right to the end. Down To The Needle is a great concept: a desperate mother searching for her daughter, then after more than two decades, finding she might be on Death Row awaiting execution for a crime she says she didn’t commit. And the date for her death by lethal injection is imminent. There’s nothing like a ticking clock to get the adrenaline flowing. There is also a sense of mystery throughout as Mary Deal never allows her reader to know whether or not Megan really is Abi’s daughter. No matter what tidbit of information is revealed, there’s always an element of doubt. And, speaking of the end, the author’s vivid description of life on Death Row reveals either extraordinary insight or painstaking research.

5 Star Review by Ankita Shukla for Readers’ Favorite:  This is not a one-dimensional story…. Although there are many things for which I would sing the praises of the author, I am extremely fascinated by Mary Deal’s knowledge in many aspects of lethal injection, art, and law. She has done her research in this book. The story develops splendidly and keeps the reader filled with several emotions. The author has included many elements and they all work together to keep the plot intriguing. Mary Deal has paid attention to even the smallest details and written the characters’ behavior and actions according to the requirement of the plot. This keen observational skill helped me connect with all the characters. I could understand their fears and strengths among other things. There are many characters and each one of them has a significant role in the plot.

5 Star Review by Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite: Down to the Needle is more than just another engaging mystery: it’s an exploration of what makes people tick, and how our life experiences can, and do, alter any original plans we might have had. As one reads, courtesy of Mary Deal’s character revealing skills, one is caught up as much in this mother’s heartache and longing for her long-lost child as in the mystery gradually evolving and involving another young woman. Several mysteries intersect in Down to the Needle, each of them intriguing. The twists and turns are plentiful and there is no way this reviewer will spoil your enjoyment of trying to put all the pieces together. But as you do, if you’re at all romantic and care about people as Mary Deal obviously does, you’ll be as interested in not just what happens with Abi, Joe, Margaret, Megan, and Becky but why. The why is the propelling force behind the plot for, after all, it’s people who determine what happens next since one can ever really know what makes people do what they do….

5 Star Review by Renee Washburn, Apex Reviews: Taut, riveting, and action-packed, Down To The Needle is a nail-biting page turner. Splendidly crafted by author Mary Deal, this engaging suspense thriller takes the reader on a fast-paced thrill ride through one determined woman’s unyielding crusade for ultimate justice. As Abigail fights fervently to honor her parental obligations to her daughter, readers are sure to connect both spiritually and emotionally with her heartrending sojourn for vindication. With driving action and intense plot lines, Down To The Needle is a standout mystery thriller from a solid literary talent.

★★★★★ by Bonnie Schenck, Kapaa, Hawaii: What a twisted story! The psychology of it left me breathless.

★★★★★ by Brian L Porter, Award-winning Author: A heart-wrenching mystery that leads you down a very crooked road. Mary Deal captures the emotions of her characters so that we know them well, yet, can never anticipate their next moves.

★★★★★ by Leanna Kay Noble, Encino, California: The characters in Down to the Needle were interesting and engaging. I never knew what was going to happen next… which is the mark of a good mystery. The author, Mary Deal, gets you in her grasp and doesn’t let go until the very last page.

From The Author: While researching on the Internet one day, I came across articles about Sister Prejean and her counseling work with prisoners facing the death penalty. Sister Prejean offered solace to the inmates, particularly just before they were executed. The entire scenario triggered something in my mind. What happens to the families of the innocent who are put to death?

No sooner had I had that thought when a plot formulated in my mind. Almost the entire story tumbled out. I had a new book to develop. My story would be about a person who was only a few months away from lethal injection for a crime she didn’t commit. I complicated my plot with the fact that the inmate may well have been lost to her family, not knowing someone searched for her for decades.


Product Details:
Print Length: 670 Pages
Publisher: Creativia; 3rd Edition (November 8, 2017)
Language: English
Women’s (Psychological Thriller Fiction)

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Hypno-Scripts by Mary Deal.

Life Changing Techniques Using Self-Hypnosis and Meditation.

Unleash the power of your mind and discover your potential.

Do you wish you had the power to become all that you can be? All good-intentioned programming works best when you reach a deeper state of mind. The secret is in accessing those states through easy life-changing techniques. A thin window of consciousness differentiates two states of the mind – self-hypnosis and meditation – and this book will show their similarities, and define each condition and accessibility.

If you’re curious enough to at least peruse this book, then the ability to learn these techniques is already a part of your consciousness, and will soon to be recognized. Lucky you! Your subconscious is prompting you to investigate. It is saying that you are capable of deeper states of mind.

Many have tried to focus to learn either self-hypnosis or meditation and failed. Applied concentration and knowing what to expect once entranced may be what was missing. The instructions in this book are meant for those wishing to learn and use the techniques of self-hypnosis and/or meditation for self-improvement. Easy, yet powerful scripts are provided to produce desired changes. You can change your life today.

Praise From Readers:

★★★★★ “I bought this book a long time ago and I wish I had gotten around to reading it sooner. I recommend this book to anyone fascinated by the subject of hypnotism.”

★★★★★ “Experience radiant health and well-being with this book.”

5 Stars: Retired Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Mary Deal helps the reader understand the power on one’s subconscious. Quote: “A thin window of consciousness differentiates two states of mind-self-hypnosis and meditation – and this book explains their similarities and defines each condition and accessibility. “If curious enough to at least pursue this book, then the ability to learn these techniques are already a part of your consciousness and soon to be recognized. Lucky You! Your subconscious is prompting you to investigate. It is saying that you are capable of deeper states of mind.”

Section One-Hypnosis speaks to the issues of unintentional Childhood Training-My Early Practices, using Inductions and Scripts and Terminology that the lay person needs to know. Quote: “Hypnosis: A technique to still the conscious mind activity of the analytical left brain. To protect us, the conscious mind, the left brain, censures all we receive, know, or transmit. Truth is cloaked in order that we may not be hurt by that which we do not understand or are not ready to comprehend or accept. Our conscious mind protects us from ourselves until we are ready to learn. It is the conscious mind we make quiet in order to access hypnosis.”

About half way through the book I learned something that I could put into immediate practice to lower my stress. I share with you an important quote from Dr. Andrew W. Weil, American medical doctor, teacher and best-selling author on holistic health says on an internet post: “People who are stressed or anxious are actually chronically under-breathing, because stressed people breathe shortly and shallowly, and often even unconsciously hold their breath. By extending your inhale to the count of four, you are forcing yourself to take in more oxygen, allowing the oxygen to affect your bloodstream by holding your breath for seven seconds, and then emitting carbon dioxide from your lungs by exhaling steadily for eight seconds. The technique will effectively slow your heart rate and increase oxygen into your bloodstream, and may even make you feel slightly lightheaded which contributes to the mild sedative-like effect. It will instantly relax your heart, mind, and overall central nervous system because you are controlling the breath versus continuing to breathe short shallow gasps of air”.

This book deals with many topics. I found the Through The Gate: Problem Solving, Allergy Control, Tinnitus Reassignment, Immediate Stress Reduction and The Attic Trunk-Finding Your Gifts most enlightening.

Quotes of Interest from Section Two-Meditation:

“Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.” by Dr. Joshua Kai, ND

“Mediation cannot be induced manually. It is the ability of the inner mind or soul when conditioned and trained correctly, and when conditions that prevent us from seeing our true nature are removed.”

It is my impression that whether you believe in Hypnosis or Meditation this book will show you ways to reduce stress and become more aware of your surroundings. Keep this Kindle reference book handy, learn from it and develop your own Hypno-Scripts.

I leave you with this thought from Mary, “Life may not be that joyous, but believing that it is moves you quickly to it becoming that way.”

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Product Details:
Print Length: 265 Pages
Publisher: Creativia; 2nd Edition (January 7, 2019)
Language: English
Self-Help: Hypnosis Psychology & Counseling

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About Mary Deal:  Mary Deal, a native of Walnut Grove in California’s Sacramento River Delta, now resides in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was Founder and past President of Kauai Writer’s Round table. She is also an artist, photographer and former editor of a print magazine and newspaper columnist.

She is the author of six suspense novels: “The Tropics,” an adventure/suspense trilogy, “The Ka,” a paranormal Egyptian suspense, “River Bones,” a thriller that takes place in her childhood hometown area, “Down to the Needle,” a thriller, taking place along the West coast, “Legacy of the Tropics,” a re-write and expansion of The Tropics, and “The Howling Cliffs, a Sara Mason Mystery” and 1st sequel to the award winning River Bones. She has also published “Off Center in the Attic,” a collection of over-the-top short stories and flash fiction pieces. The eBooks, “Write it Right – Tips for Authors, Vol. I and Vol. II are nonfiction references for writers. “Write It Right – Tips for Authors – The Big Book” (a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards) brings both of the Write It Write eBooks together in paperback.

“River Bones” was a winner in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards competition and a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Books Awards. Her short story, “The Last This I Do” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Awards and Special Recognition:

  • Author, Painter, Photographer
  • Amazon Best-Selling Author
  • Pushcart Prize Nominee
  • 2021 Global eBook Awards – Winner/Gold
  • 2021 International Book Awards – Finalist
  • 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards – Finalist
  • 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards – Winner
  • 2019 National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist
  • 2017 Global eBook Awards Bronze
  • 2016 International Book Awards Finalist
  • 2016 Global eBook Awards Silver
  • 2016 National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist
  • 2015 Global eBook Awards Bronze
  • 2014 National India Excellence Book Awards Finalist
  • 2011 National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist
  • 2009 Eric Hoffer Book Award Winner

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