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Pete Pallet’s New School by David Frosdick.

Pete’s Pallet Series Books One.

‘Pete The Pallet’ is an educational children’s book. This book delivers an entertaining and reassuring message for pre-school children and their parents. ‘Pete The Pallet’ is a loveable character, who shares his own first day of school and first time in a classroom experience. The first day of school is often stressful, for both children and parents. ‘Pete The Pallet’ teaches a valuable lesson in overcoming the anxiety, while enjoying the success of getting through the first day of school.

5-Stars: Delightful Educational Picture Book, For Pre-School Children.

Let Pete The Pallet (lovable character), reduce your child’s anxiety, about their first day of school.

As Pete The Pallet shares his first day of school and classroom experience, your child will see that everyone has some stress, when facing things for the first time.

When your child reads and understands Pete The Pallet’s message, your child will become less fearful of their first day at school. Pete’s story will stay with your child and even help you, as you watch your child step away for the first day of school.

Author David Frosdick has done an amazing job with Pete The Pallet. The bright, beautiful illustrations from Mark Wilson will fill your child’s mind with positive, memorable images and reassuring words.

Your child will look forward to the first day of school. He or she will dream about all amazing adventures to come, in the classroom.

I give this educational book 5-Stars.

Author David Frosdick promises new adventures from Pete The Pallet, in the future.

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Product Details:
Pete’s Pallet Series Books One
Paperback: ‎28 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published
Mark Sean Wilson (Illustrator)
Language: ‎English
Children’s Books: New School
Children’s Books: Pre-School
Children’s Books: Ages: 3-10 Years

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Pete Pallet’s Healthy Fruits and Vegetables by David Frosdick.

Pete’s Pallet Series Books Two.

Pete Pallet’s Healthy Fruits and Vegetables is the second in a series of books where Pete shares his wisdom and kids share in his adventures. In this edition, kids learn all about eating healthy!

Product Details:
Pete’s Pallet Series Books Two
Paperback: ‎34 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (April 30, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Children’s Books: Foods (Fruits and Vegetables)
Children’s Books: Ages: 3-10 Years

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Log Lines For Pete’s Pallet Series For Ages 3-10 Years.

  • When a warehouse pallet comes to life, he makes it his mission to teach kids about life’s many challenges, such as healthy nutrition and calming your nerves. Meet Pete the Pallet.
  • Pete the Pallet is a fun lovable cartoon that seeks to teach kids life’s lessons.
  • Pallets are normally inanimate objects in a warehouse, but not only can Pete the Pallet talk, but it has the honorable mission of helping kids understand some of life’s biggest challenges.
  • Pete the Pallet is more than just a warehouse pallet. Through his life lessons on major topics like nutrition, he makes complex issues easy for kids to understand and follow.
  • Welcome to the world of Pete the Pallet! The fun, loving cartoon pallet that makes issues like nutrition and dealing with stress digestible for children.
  • Pete the Pallet makes it his life mission to deliver life’s lessons to the kids who need it most.
  • Pete is not your ordinary teacher. Actually, he’s a pallet and one that is ready to teach your kids the life lessons they need to know to survive in the modern world.
  • Pete the Pallet isn’t your average talking pallet. In fact, he might be the only one, which is perhaps why kids trust him enough to actually learn from him how to overcome life’s challenges.
  • Pete the Pallet is passionate about helping your kid learn lessons that most humans find it difficult to teach. By interacting through character, Pete knows how to make your child understand what’s needed to survive in the modern era.
  • Many kids face challenges in life that are complicated by a lack of education on practical life issues. Pete the Pallet is here to solve that problem and bring your kids up to speed.
  • If your children don’t want to eat their vegetables, then maybe let Pete the Pallet take a shot at it. Pete knows how to show your children the value in eating healthy, among other life issues.
  • Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Pete the Pallet? In this program, Pete helps children set themselves up for a successful life by tackling everyday issues like nutrition.
  • It’s about time someone took Pete the Pallet seriously! He’s been waiting for his moment to shine. Never again will you have nobody to turn to as you’re faced with life’s most essential challenges, including how to eat well. 
  • What’s better than a human going on and on about life’s essential lessons like nutrition? Listening to Pete the Pallet really break it down on a level that kids understand. This series will cover many issues that face everyday kids throughout the world.
  • Pete the Pallet is not just a pallet, he’s a guide on how kids can live a better life. Step into his school as he teaches children just how easy life lessons like creating a balanced diet can be.

About The Author: While working in a local warehouse, Author David Frosdick found himself maneuvering a pallet labeled Made in Vietnam and the words he had heard so many times as a child growing up in England, ‘if only it could talk’, popped into his head.

Pete Pallet was born as a loveable character that children can learn from. Other books in the series, such as Pete Pallet’s New School and the support song, Clap Away the Nerves have been received well by parents with young children who are about to start school. They are reassured that ‘even grown-ups get nervous’. It is David’s hope that Pete the Pallet books will encourage kids and help parents teach their children valuable lessons.

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