Cross-Ties by Carolyn M. Bowen

Cross-Ties by Carolyn M. Bowen.

Historical Fiction Passages.

A page-turning epic of adventure, suspense, and romance that crosses the chasm of societal rules.

Leah is a rebel. As a mixed-race female intent on escaping the constraints of 19th-century English society, she bucks her single father’s control and embarks on a daring journey from England to the Caribbean and then frontier America.

As she navigates the treacherous seas and sidesteps the constant threat of pirates, Leah forges a strong character and hones fierce independence.

Follow along as she explores scenic countries, immerses herself in native cultures and tastes local cuisines.

Along the way, Leah faces hurtful prejudices, learns who her true friends really are and ultimately recognizes and embrace love, even if it’s against the law.

“A great tale of someone overcoming the odds and stepping out of her comfort zone to grow as a person.” Amazon Reviewer
“Great epic story of love, life, and loss.” Amazon Reviewer

Review by Lucidity: 5.0 out of 5 Stars.  I must say that it turned out to be a great decision. I could see early on. Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2016. Verified Purchase. Wow, what an adventure! Admittedly, I’m usually not a big fan of these kinds of books (I tend to stick to the sci-fi and romance genres) but I decided to give “Cross-Ties” a chance and go into the read with an open mind, and I must say that it turned out to be a great decision. I could see early on, within the first few chapters, that the author is truly talented when it comes to weaving words into stories. The prose flows in a very smooth manner while conveying everything in very vivid way – I personally found it easy to visualize many of the scenes and also empathize and understand the feelings of Leah, the protagonist. I highly recommend ‘Cross-Ties’ to readers looking for a genuinely immersive and adventurous read. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future releases by Carolyn M. Bowen.

Review by Viv Drewa: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A fantastic book! Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2017. Verified Purchase. Bowen keeps you interested in the story in “Cross-Ties”. I read it in two days; I just couldn’t put it down.You feel for Leah on her amazing journey to find not only love but herself.This book holds remarkable adventurers, and I highly recommend it!

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Paperback: ‎118 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (March 16, 2020)
Language: English
Fiction (Sea Adventure)
Romance (Action Drama)

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About The Author: Carolyn M. Bowen is a mystery author who calls on her life escapades and an adventurous, imaginative spirit to inspire and entertain. Bowen uses travel as a muse to explore cultures and dialogue to bring her stories to life.

Her writing credits include Cross-Ties (a romantic adventure); The Long Road Home (a contemporary crime fiction mystery), Cross-Stepping Your Way To Success; Primed For Revenge: Sydney Jones Novel Series Book 1, Chance: Sydney Jones Series Book 2, and One: Sydney Jones Series Book 3).

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