A Distant Earth by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira

A Distant Earth by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira.

When interstellar travelers discover a planet teeming with life but devoid of humanity and art, they send an armada of spacecraft hoping to recruit Earth’s indigenous people to settle the new world. Instead, their advance-ship encounters oceans full of plastic garbage, Native American resistance, and a right-wing agitator named Bram Roberts Trenchant. Trench and his followers hate all aliens and believe they intend to destroy America by exploiting what Trenchant calls “the lie of climate change.” He vows to capture the spacecraft commander and execute her as a warning that all aliens must GET OUT. In the end, only a pair of conflicted teens may be able to save the commander and her mission.

Searing political satire from the authors of The Battle of The Alamo Taqueria.

5 Stars: Earth is not exactly as the visitors imagined!

A Distant Earth, the new novel by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira, is a powerful political satire about benevolent, hyper-intelligent aliens from another world. They value humanity’s creativity and strength so much that they want to relocate Earth’s indigenous people to a distant planet free from the ravages of global warming. While the aliens are bound NOT to interfere in the fate of Earth, they intend to give Earth’s leaders a stern warning about the deadly effects of climate change.

Their armada of flying saucers is well on its way to Earth when the alien flagship plunges into the Pacific Ocean and becomes entangled in a web of plastic debris. While under repairs, the crew befriends a retired widower who offers to take the ship’s commander, Captain Faith Morrow, and her husband on a tour of nearby Hollywood.

Faith has a commanding presence, a playful spirit, and a love of old Hollywood movies. She also enjoys classic superhero costumes and blockbuster special effects. So, when she catches the attention of Bram Roberts Trenchant—the founder of a group of right-wing supremacists—it leads to a series of encounters that are first comical but then grow more and more deadly.

Trenchant incites his followers by telling them, “This isn’t about the climate, friends. This is about CONTROL. Aliens want to cripple our industry, weaken our economy, and make us sad and vulnerable. You know they’re coming from south of the border and from other continents. But they’re also coming from other worlds. They’re even coming from OUTER SPACE. Can you believe it?”

Resistance to the aliens comes in many forms, the supremacists, the press, the world’s political leaders, and even some of the indigenous peoples themselves. But, in the end, it’s Trenchant’s disillusioned teenage followers who turn on him and do their best to save Faith, her crew, and her mission.

I think you will thoroughly enjoy the compelling, insightful, and often hilarious novel. ‘A Distant Earth’ is full of fun, adventure, and a chilling portrait of the dangers we face in the twenty-first century. I also encourage you to read ‘The Battle for the Alamo Taqueria’, another funny and fascinating political satire by the same authors.

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Product Details:
Hardcover: ‎265 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (January 7, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Humor and Satire
Humor (Satire Political)

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About The Authors:

Nick Iuppa began his career as an apprentice writer with famed Bugs Bunny/Road Runner animator Chuck Jones and children’s author Dr. Seuss. He later became a staff writer for the Wonderful World of Disney. As VP Creative Director for Paramount Pictures, Nick did experimental work in interactive television and story-based simulations. He is the author of seven novels, Management by Guilt (Fawcett Books 1984—a Fortune Book Club selection) and eight technical books on interactive media. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Ginny.

John Pesqueira studies at the University of Arizona, Columbia, and Stanford prepared him for an impressive career in media design and development. His passion for the visual arts and popular culture continue to inform his creative efforts and still inspire his writing and photography. John grew up in the Sonoran Desert and his love of the history, legends, and people of the American Southwest and Mexico remain a major focus of his work. John lives with his wife in Northern California.

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