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A Distant Earth by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira.

When interstellar travelers discover a planet teeming with life but devoid of humanity and art, they send an armada of spacecraft hoping to recruit Earth’s indigenous people to settle the new world. Instead, their advance-ship encounters oceans full of plastic garbage, Native American resistance, and a right-wing agitator named Bram Roberts Trenchant. Trench and his followers hate all aliens and believe they intend to destroy America by exploiting what Trenchant calls “the lie of climate change.” He vows to capture the spacecraft commander and execute her as a warning that all aliens must GET OUT. In the end, only a pair of conflicted teens may be able to save the commander and her mission.

Searing political satire from the authors of The Battle of The Alamo Taqueria.

5 Stars: Earth is not exactly as the visitors imagined!

A Distant Earth, the new novel by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira, is a powerful political satire about benevolent, hyper-intelligent aliens from another world. They value humanity’s creativity and strength so much that they want to relocate Earth’s indigenous people to a distant planet free from the ravages of global warming. While the aliens are bound NOT to interfere in the fate of Earth, they intend to give Earth’s leaders a stern warning about the deadly effects of climate change.

Their armada of flying saucers is well on its way to Earth when the alien flagship plunges into the Pacific Ocean and becomes entangled in a web of plastic debris. While under repairs, the crew befriends a retired widower who offers to take the ship’s commander, Captain Faith Morrow, and her husband on a tour of nearby Hollywood.

Faith has a commanding presence, a playful spirit, and a love of old Hollywood movies. She also enjoys classic superhero costumes and blockbuster special effects. So, when she catches the attention of Bram Roberts Trenchant—the founder of a group of right-wing supremacists—it leads to a series of encounters that are first comical but then grow more and more deadly.

Trenchant incites his followers by telling them, “This isn’t about the climate, friends. This is about CONTROL. Aliens want to cripple our industry, weaken our economy, and make us sad and vulnerable. You know they’re coming from south of the border and from other continents. But they’re also coming from other worlds. They’re even coming from OUTER SPACE. Can you believe it?”

Resistance to the aliens comes in many forms, the supremacists, the press, the world’s political leaders, and even some of the indigenous peoples themselves. But, in the end, it’s Trenchant’s disillusioned teenage followers who turn on him and do their best to save Faith, her crew, and her mission.

I think you will thoroughly enjoy the compelling, insightful, and often hilarious novel. ‘A Distant Earth’ is full of fun, adventure, and a chilling portrait of the dangers we face in the twenty-first century. I also encourage you to read ‘The Battle for the Alamo Taqueria’, another funny and fascinating political satire by the same authors.

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Product Details:
Hardcover: ‎265 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (January 7, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Humor and Satire
Humor (Satire Political)

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The Promise Of The Gateway by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira.

Deep in the drop behind Green Mountain High, Emily Perkins finds a gateway to the past where she’s no longer a nerd, and the school’s superstar quarterback is in love with her. He hasn’t yet suffered the crippling injuries that will ruin his future, and Emily thinks she can use the gateway to save him. But there’ll be a price to pay. Dangerous distractions wait on the other side. Visions of social injustice haunt everyone who returns. And then Emily learns that the gateway can’t be trusted.

5 Stars: Coming Of Age Time Travel Spectacular!

Emily Perkins, the brainy class nerd at Green Mountain High, is the loneliest girl in the school. She eats alone, spends her break time alone, and is shunned by most of her classmates. She’s also secretly in love with the school’s former super-star quarterback, Jake Kane… even though his life has degenerated into total failure.

Eight years earlier Jake was clearly destined for a career as a superstar quarterback in the National Football League.  He had amazing talent, and real motivation because his family was deep in debt due to his father’s high tech business failures. After rewarding discussions with recruiters from several major universities, everything seems so promising for Jake. He could work it all out, he thought, save his family, and live out his dream.  But less than two hours later, his life and dreams were shattered by a tragic career-ending injury.

As the years pass, Jake’s life crumbled even further, from sorrow to uncertainty to bitter withdrawal. His mother convinced him to take a job as the high school janitor. At least he would still be around the school, still remembered and honored by the school’s football players though he felt less and less deserving and more and more bitter the more he saw them.

And then that nerdy girl, Emily Perkins, dared to come into his life. Somehow, she said, she stumbled on a green shimmery phenomenon in the ravine behind the school, and she learned that it was vortex… and a gateway to the past. She’d already traveled through it and thought that it may just allow Jake to go back to the day of his injury, relive it, and undo the tragic event.  Jake was skeptical, of course, but Emily insisted that they go exploring… together.

From that moment on, the novel deals with both the past and the future, as Jake makes repeated attempts to return to his former life and undo his fate. He soon finds he can’t do it alone. He needs help… and not just help from Emil who is more than eager. He also needs the participation of players on the school’s current team and help from an amazing teacher whose lectures are so powerful that they too are a gateway to the past.

The story’s characters are tied together by Jake’s tragedy, by family bonds, friendship, the teacher’s amazing lectures on social injustice, and their own psychological needs. With them, we face the age-old question of ‘what If?’

What if the Vortex is all Jake needed to go back in time, replay one botched football down, sidestep his injury, and go on to the career that was promised to him?

What if he needs more… to find someone to be injured in his place, perhaps? Would Jake be willing to sacrifice one of his friends to achieve his dream?

And, what sacrifices would you make if you were Jake, or—just as importantly—if you were Emily and suddenly realizing the dangerous consequences of trying to save someone you love.

I invite you to read The Promise of the Gateway… a Coming-of-Age Fantasy that raises important ethical questions for teens and grown-ups alike, and… It’s one heck of a good story.

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Hardcover: ‎390 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (May 19, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Time Travel)
Fiction (Coming Of Age)
Fiction Teen and Young Adult

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The Peacemaker Series!

Alien Mission by Nick Iuppa, John Pesqueira.

The Peacemaker Book 1.

CTHULHU MEETS THE DA VINCI CODE When young teen, Victor Encinas desecrates a religious shrine in order to join his brother’s gang, he finds himself drawn into a world of alien spaceships, insectile high priests, and an interplanetary religion that seeks to take over the earth. Somehow, he finds that the most popular girl in school is in love with him and he’s been appointed The Peacemaker. The first book in The Peacemaker Series introduces us to the desert metropolis of Tumac City where a historic Spanish mission has been watched and studied by alien priests for centuries. The benevolent high priest of the unearthly religion is nearing the end of his life. And a revolt on his planet may soon bring about the return to ancient barbaric ways and the ascent of his depraved son. That shape-shifting monster has been exiled to Earth and kept in check by a series of human Peacemakers chosen by the high priest himself, and Victor is next in line for the role.

5 Stars: This Is Not Your Typical Alien Invasion!

If you are new to Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira’s books, you are in for a surprisingly powerful paranormal adventure. Those of us who have been following these authors, find this first book in The Peacemaker series, a masterful beginning.

Imagine a terrifying supernatural experience that gives you incredible powers! This is exactly what happens to a teenager named Victor Encinas, who is so desperate to join his brother’s gang that he desecrates a religious shrine as part of his initiation. And then:

“Suddenly a beam of intense white light shoots down at Victor and blinds him for a moment. He falls to his knees and feels himself jerked up feet-first into the sky above the church. The building, the truck, and the whole parking lot seem to jump back violently until he finds himself suspended hundreds of feet over them. Victor twists up to look into the light that has captured him, but its brilliance overwhelms him. “GOD ALMIGHTY!” he calls.”

Does God have anything to do with it? Victor is freed from the beam of light but soon learns that he has just been chosen to become a human peacemaker and stand against an exiled alien high priest who is plotting an interplanetary religious take-over of the earth.

As US government, Native American, and religious authorities work (sometimes at cross purposes) to understand the strange puzzle pieces coming together near the mission, a series of grisly serial killings begin. And then, as if young Victor doesn’t have enough on his mind, he finds the most popular girl in school falling in love with him, becoming a great help and support, but, in the process, also a target of the killer.

If you enjoyed reading The DA VINCI CODE, you will not want to miss “Alien Mission,” the first installment of The Peacemaker series. Take special note of the extensive list of characters at the beginning of this book, as the authors will build on this list going forward. This story is beyond your wildest imagination, and it is only the beginning.

I look forward to what comes next in The Peacemaker series.

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Product Details:
Series: The Peacemaker (Book 1)
Paperback: 368 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (December 3, 2018)
Language: English
Horror (Paranormal)

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Alien Inquisition by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira.

The Peacemaker Book 2.

In this second installment of The Peacemaker Series, Rhykin, the son of the high priest of an alien planet and heir apparent to his father’s reign, continues his exile on Earth. Meanwhile, supposedly good aliens have agreed to develop a new industry for our planet. Massive production facilities manufacture beautiful dream-endings for those aliens coming to the end of their lives. They are fueled by the energy of sleeping humans, and millions are employed in the endeavor. Victor Encinas, the Peacemaker, is now working as a liaison between Earth and the aliens. He discovers is that, in addition to Dream Factories, the aliens have also created Nightmare Factories which generate horrific worlds that torture and punish political enemies.

After his father’s death, Rhykin finally ascends to power and demands that everyone convert to his depraved religion. Those who will not are sent to the Nightmare Factories. Of course, Rhykin still desires Gaby though she has married Victor and had a son. Victor struggles to protect his wife and all humanity against the alien forces, supporting and then joining a resistance movement dedicated to eradicating Rhykin’s cruel priesthood. Of course, mere resistance cannot stop the monster, and soon it seems that even the Earth itself must play a part.

5 Stars: Guarantee It Will Shake You From Covid-19 Weariness!

Alien Inquisition Book Two in ‘The Peacemaker Series’ has finally arrived. I guarantee it will shake you from your 2021 Covid-19 weariness and shock you into a world filled with Aliens, both good and evil.

Aliens from the previous Iuppa/Pesqueira novel ALIEN MISSION have returned to our planet, supposedly to provide economic security for the Earth. They build DREAM FACTORIES everywhere. The facilities are designed to give an easy sendoff for those advancing in years and approaching the end of their lives. They do this by simulating a beautiful twilight world fueled by the dreams of millions of workers who enter “sleep pods” to provide the simulations with vision and energy.

But what no human has been told is that the aliens have also created NIGHTMARE FACTORIES to punish criminals and political prisoners. Fueled by the nightmares of workers trapped in the role of Hel-dreamers… the aliens’ enemies fall into fiery pits or are attacked by enormous bugs that tear them apart. Then the victims come back to life and go through the same suffering all over again. The simulation continually modifies itself based on dreams of hell, and it seems so deadly-real that some of the Hel-dreamers are murdered by their own nightmares.

The Department of Homeland Security is now handling Interplanetary Affairs, and our hero, Victor Encinas, is made liaison between human resources and their alien supervisors. A very hefty budget comes with the post, and Victor soon learns no one is paying much attention to his use of the funds.

Victor is pleased to return to his family from a tour of the alien facilities. His son, little Gabriel, is excited to see his daddy, and his wife Gaby has a romantic evening planned. But the time of warm embraces can be sidetracked easily. And when his old friend Father Oliver shows up, Victor learns that Rhykin, his alien enemy, has ascended to the position of High Priest. Rhykin insists that all humans convert to his religion, or they will find themselves sentenced to Hel-dreams.  

Victor is at a loss as the Inquisition comes after Gaby, whom Rhykin has desired since the first moment he saw her. But then Victor learns of the Forces of S.A.V.E. (an underground resistance movement) and decides to channel his liaison funds to support SAVE and break the Inquisition. But it isn’t the power of millions of dollars or military might or even the strength of shared dreams that stand strong against the Inquisition in the end. It is something far more fundamental. 

Alien Inquisition runs the gamut from tender romance to heart-stopping horror. The DaVinci Code has nothing on this series, as Authors Iuppa & Pesqueira take you to the distant edges of their incredible vision and leave you wanting more.

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Product Details:
Series: The Peacemaker (Book 2)
Paperback: 283 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (March 4, 2021)
Language: English
Horror (Paranormal)

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The Sitcom Murders 1 by Nicholas Victor (aka Nick Iuppa).

Sexy Sixties Sitcom.

What if the heroine of an immensely popular television sitcom suddenly learned that her show was being turned into a horror series by a deranged screenwriter? What if she was able to drive over to the writer’s home and confront him? What if she then learned that he was able to give her the power to defend herself and even begin to love the murder and mayhem of HORROR? And then, after she had eliminated three homicidal maniacs, he explained that he had more work for her… more sitcom murders.

5 Stars: Dark Comedy About The Sexy Sixties!

This first installment of The Sitcom Murders is a dark comedy about a sexy sixties TV character who suddenly realizes that her TV show has become a horror story and she just might be the first victim.

Lacy Livingood, the TV heroine, is home alone when a madman suddenly begins breaking down her kitchen door. Terrified by his hideous stocking mask and threats of rape and murder, Lacy beats him off with a frying pan, then rushes to her car and drives across LA to find the show’s writer. She’s not sure what to expect, but aging screenwriter Billy Edelman explains it all.

“Ya know, for a girl half the world thinks is brilliant, you’re a little slow on the uptick,” Billy answered. “You and Johnny and Ronnie are characters, in a sitcom, a very popular one fifty years ago. Look at this.” And with that Edelman clicked a link and entered eBay. He typed in “Lacy Livingood” and pages and pages of Lacy Livingood memorabilia confronted him: autographed photos, scripts from the show, clothes she had worn.

“But our show’s not on anymore,” Lacy whispered.

“People’re always lookin’ for somethin’ fresh,” Billy answered. “If not new characters, at least old characters in new stories. And that’s what I’ve given them.”

“So now I’m the main character in a horror story,” Lacy said at last. “Okay. But if I have to be in this show of yours, at least teach me how to defend myself. You can do that much for me can’t you?”

And Billy could; in fact, he could help Lacy learn to enjoy murder as much as his villains… but with dire consequences.

Author Nicholas Victor (aka Nick Iuppa) has given us something never seen before, a TV sitcom character who actively conspires with her show’s living writer to defeat the bad guys. There is a fine line between reality and fiction, TV characters and real people, self-preservation and blood lust. And sexy Lacy finds herself right at the crossroads of everything and loving it.

If you enjoy dark humor, pick up a copy of The Sitcom Murders I – SEXY SIXTIES SUBURBIA. I’m sure you will enjoy the read and find yourself looking forward to the next installment. (A preview of The Sitcom Murders II: SEVENTIES NEWSROOM is available as part of the first book).

I think you’ll find yourself as curious as I am about where the author will go with this new series…and just who Lacy Livingood will murder next.

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Product Details:
Paperback: 92 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (February 10, 2019)
Language: English
Humor (Dark Comedy)

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Alicia Trilogy

Alicia’s Ghost by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira.

The Alicia Trilogy Book 1.

The astoundingly beautiful Alicia has ended her modeling career in Mexico City, married the love of her life, helped pay his way through college, settled into a comfortable life in Los Altos, California, and now she’s dead… Murdered.

Her husband, Professor Carlos Mann, has wrapped himself in an obsessive-compulsive disorder to hide from that fact. But when Amy Joy, one of Carlos’s students, is sold into slavery by a Chinese mob that traffics in Asian girls, Alicia returns with a vengeance.

Can Alicia save her man, foil the human traffickers, and destroy her murderer? Overwhelming supernatural forces stand against her. But, hell, that just makes her stronger!

Told in the voices of Carlos and Alicia Mann, Alicia’s Ghost is a funny, imaginative and thrilling ride through the human and spirit worlds of Mexico and the American Southwest.

Product Details:
Series: The Alicia Trilogy (Book 1)
Paperback: 342 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st Edition (December 18, 2013)
Language: English
Fantasy (Paranormal)

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Alicia’s Sin by Nick Iuppa and John P. Mendoza.

The Alicia Trilogy Book 2.

To avenge her parents’ death, sadistic sex trafficker Tiger Joy sends deadly assassins after Carlos and his beautiful ghost wife Alicia. The pair escapes to Cancun where they battle witches and drug lords to help their friend Señor Popcorn win the love of his life. But the Afterlife Judges aren’t happy with Alicia’s temper, and they send her off to anger management therapy with the ghost of Sigmund Freud.

In old Vienna, the spirit of a seductive crown prince tempts Alicia, and then she’s captured by gypsies who put her on display in the Ghost Chamber of their traveling carnival. Alicia commits an unforgivable sin, and it finally gives Tiger Joy the perfect chance for revenge.

Product Details:
Series: The Alicia Trilogy (Book 2)
Paperback: 346 Pages
Publisher: Iuppa Creative Group (June 5, 2014)
Language: English
Fantasy (Paranormal)

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Alicia Bewitched by Nick Iuppa and John P. Mendoza.

The Alicia Trilogy Book 3.

Logic Professor Carlos Mann sets out to murder Tiger Joy in her prison cell.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous queen of human traffickers captures him and ships him off to the Yucatan, where the evil witch, La Bruja, uses all her powers to try to weaken and destroy him.

Meanwhile, Alicia calls on friends both living and dead to help save her husband, and in the process, she learns many terrible secrets that were born in the days of the great Mayan Empire … secrets that could save or even destroy Carlos and Alicia.

Product Details:
Series: The Alicia Trilogy (Book 3)
Paperback: 312 Pages
Publisher: Iuppa Creative Group (April 14, 2015)
Language: English
Fantasy (Paranormal)

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The Alicia Trilogy: 3 Book Gift Set

Now the complete story of Alicia’s Ghost is available as a series of individual books or in a single volume. The ghost of the world’s most haunting and vengeful heroine must battle drug lords, human traffickers, Maya witches, legendary monsters, and the Spanish Inquisition to stay with the man she loves.

All three books for $8.97

Stand Alone Books

Avenging Adelita by Nick Iuppa and John P. Mendoza.

A tender romance with a ticking time bomb at its heart.

There’s a bomb on this train. It will explode before you reach your final destination…because you murdered my wife.

University professor Tom McKeever has just lost his wife Adelita to cancer. But the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes she didn’t have to die.

The faculty and administration of the university where he teaches in Mexico played a major role in causing her death.

Now, Tom relives powerful memories of his life with Adelita as he and the rest of the faculty take a train ride into the mountains. He plans to gain revenge by blowing up the train, killing all those who have wronged him and everyone else on board… including himself.

5 Stars: Fast-Paced, Action Suspense Thriller!

Nick Iuppa, Author of ‘Bloody Bess And The Doomsday Games, has teamed up with John P. Mendoza to bring us another fast-paced, action suspense thriller that will keep readers turning pages and biting their nails.

There’s a large cast of unique characters, many of whom are confined to business class cars on the Copper Canyon Railway as it speeds through the Grand Canyon of Mexico, unaware of the impending man-made disaster that’s about to shatter the serene environment.

Somewhere in the process of grieving for his lost wife, Adelita, his “warrior woman” love, Professor

Tom McKeever walks a thin line between reality and golden memories that keep pulling him back into his-her beauty, delicious aroma, and open arms. The gut-wrenching knowledge that there was an experimental cancer treatment that might have saved Adelita’s life, had it not been for the decisions of one man, is more than Tom can bear. The need for revenge seethes like red-hot embers but conflicts with thoughts dredged up from a Catholic School upbringing: “Vengeance is mine, saith the lord!”

Time is running out, but somehow the collateral damage begins to seem more and more defensible, a justifiable murder suicide. Is it? Find out; come ride the rails into Copper Canyon when time is definitely not on your side.

Avenging Adelita by Nick Iuppa & John P. Mendoza by these two authors give the reader what they have come to expect; great descriptive writing, with dialog and startling transitions from present to past and back again placing the reader in the mind of this widower.

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Product Details:
Paperback: 168 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 7, 2014)
Language: English
Romance (Suspense)

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Bloody Bess And The Doomsday Games by Nick Iuppa.

“Nick Iuppa loops a brilliant mix of technology, romance, military lore, and vampires into a terrifying, sexy spree in the Swiss Alps. The details are 3D. If you’re looking for a heart-pounder, this is it.” S.B. Stinnet

The castle of 15th century duchess Elizabeth Laskaar looks down on the little Swiss village of Murdenwald and the secretive military complex nearby. There, the UN hopes to end world conflict with a vast military simulation that will dramatize the apocalypse that will follow the next major war. To head the project, they hire notorious Hollywood producer Donald Vito, master of explosive action adventures, who still mourns the murder of his teenage love in the 1950s.

Vito and the simulation team use new technology to build hundreds of virtual soldiers and terrorists you can touch, speak to, and reason with. But they also begin to feel the influence of Elizabeth Laskaar. She’s often called Bloody Bess – the first real vampire – because she maintained her youthful beauty by slaughtering her maidservants and bathing in their blood.

Recklessly inspired by their surroundings, the team creates a virtual vampire that soon takes on the characteristics of Elizabeth’s magnificent, long-dead husband. Soon, he and Bess stalk the compound, seducing everyone working on the project, until vampire blood surges beyond the humans to the virtual characters with unthinkable consequences. In the end, perhaps, only the power of Vito’s long-lost love can save humanity.

5 Stars: Magnificent Fictional Horror Drama!

Bloody Bess and The Doomsday Games is a magnificent fictional horror drama featuring ancient vampires, teenage romance, and a top-secret military project. The Doomsday Games, as the project is called, involves a team of international scientists, engineers, and military personnel who gather in the ancient town of Murdenwald, Switzerland, to do no less then put an end to war.

Nick Iuppa developed a cast of authentic and unique characters like Elizabeth Laskaar (Duchess of Hungry) known as “Bloody Bess” to her victims in 1580 in the small village of Nyirbator Hungary. She prowled the streets of Murdenwald seeking out young women to murder so that she could bathe in their blood. Her husband Ferenc, some say, is still the director of the town’s ancient library. A most beautiful man with midnight blue eyes, he waits for naïve young women to come to his tower and aid him in his evil work. Then there’s Donny Vito, the world’s greatest film producer, called upon by the U. S. President to breathe life into the Doomsday Games. Elli Capadonico is the girl Donny loved in his youth; she fell victim to Arnie Cudgel, an obsessive young man with both romantic and sadistic intentions. The cast also includes scientists, mathematicians, military personnel, writers, artists, technicians, Chu Yun Trang (the director of a rogue nation seeking to build nuclear weapons), and a myriad of simulated characters who populate the virtual Armageddon.

Nick’s highly descriptive writing takes the reader from the Middles Ages to a 1950s high school romance, to mysteries surrounding the ‘knowledge’ held in the ancient Murdenwald Library, to the International Simulation Center itself where the final challenge becomes solving “the God Problem.” Nick weaves these stories together so skillfully that the separate lines merge to become plot twists in an amazing and unexpected ending.

The author, Nick Iuppa, is the son of a prominent Rochester, New York doctor. Nick attended the University of Notre Dame and did his graduate work at Stanford. Nick’s first job was at MGM Studios in Hollywood where he worked on TV specials with Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones (creator of the Road Runner). He also had the privilege of writing for the Wonderful World of Disney, working as an instructional designer for Eastman Kodak, leading Bank of America’s in-house TV production group, managing the Learning Technologies Group within Apple Computer, and finally returning to Paramount Pictures in Hollywood where he designed Internet entertainment and built Hollywood-style simulations for the military.

Nick’s extensive travels to Europe have inspired some of his characters and settings. His work history, technical knowledge, and experience have given him the tools and concepts for his novels.

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Product Details:
Paperback: 448 Pages
Publisher: Iuppa Creative Group (June 4, 2014)
Language: English
Romance (Science Fiction)

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Esteban Meets Alicia by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira.

As two escaped convicts and the worst sandstorm in recorded memory descend on the little town of La Sentencia, Arizona, Esteban Dorantes encounters a mysterious and beautiful woman. She advises him that (like his great, great grandfather before him) he must set off on a quest in search of the fabled seven cities of gold… to save La Sentencia. She adds that she too has a quest… to find the man who murdered her.

Product Details:
Paperback: 60 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (January 28, 2017)
Language: English
Fantasy (Paranormal)

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Esteban’s Quest by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira.

Magical Madness.

A fireball launches itself from the Arizona desert leaving behind three camels, a magical jukebox, and a five-year-old girl who only speaks Italian.

Soon, the nearby town of La Sentencia is reeling from a series of disasters. The copper mine, which supports the town, shuts down leaving most of the population unemployed. Massive sandstorms batter the place. And then the Devlin Lucero shows up. He seduces a pretty substitute teacher and then uses her to spread greed, anger, and vengeance everywhere.

In the face of all these trials, Esteban Dorantes decides to retrace the steps of his great, great grandfather, who once led a quest to find the Seven Cities of Gold. Aided by the camels, the wisdom of the little girl, and the spirit of the magical jukebox, he hopes to locate a great treasure and bring it back to save La Sentencia.

Esteban is accompanied by Ceci Moreno, his old high school sweetheart, the only person in town who doesn’t think he’s a madman. But Ceci is still in love Gabriel Romo, another dreamer who somehow feels he can bargain with the devil to save the mine and the town.

Wacky, scary and spectacular, Esteban’s Quest blends science fiction, Aztec lore, classic horror, and offbeat humor into an unforgettable tale of love, destiny, magic, and redemption.

5 Stars: There’s A New Adventurer In Town!

Step aside Indiana Jones. There’s a new adventurer in town. Esteban Dorantes may be a little more reluctant, but he has an even greater sense of destiny than even Dr. Jones. Dorantes is goaded by the desperate needs of his impoverished hometown and visions of his great, great grandfather… an African slave who once led Spanish Conquistadors on the first quest for the Seven Cities of Gold.

The story opens in the Arabian Desert where a wall of wind a mile high and a hundred miles wide, roars though an oasis carrying off a husband-and-wife team of archeologists but leaving behind their five-year-old daughter.

We move to La Sentencia, a small town in Arizona, which is devastated by its own windstorms and other disasters including the immanent closing of a copper mine… the only business in that part of the state.

What’s the link between these two desolate desert locations… the little Italian girl who suddenly shows up on the winds of a sandstorm to advise the residents in Arizona? And then there’s an ancient artifact that may have been left by space travelers. Does it hold the key to the building of great earthly civilizations… and the salvation of La Sentencia?

Esteban Dorantes must have some sense of all this as he decides, at the little girl’s bidding, to takes up his great grand-fathers quest for The Golden Cities and save his home town in the process.

The novel’s fifty-six chapters of action-packed adventure may surpass some of the greatest quests ever told, with its Aztec lore, science fiction spacecraft, magical jukebox, a destiny that spans generations, horror, humor, three camels, talking coyotes, a very sexy substitute high school teacher, the devil himself, and, of course, a love story.

I invite everyone to read Esteban’s Quest and experience this compelling tale for themselves.

I loved Esteban’s Quest by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira. I encourage you to purchase other books by the team including: The Carlos Mann Trilogy (Alicia’s Ghost, Alicia’s Sin, Alicia Bewitched) and Avenging Adelita (romance), in addition to the stand-alone novels by Nick Iuppa include Bloody Bess and The Doomsday Games (fictional horror drama featuring ancient vampires, teenage romance, and a top-secret military project) and Taken by Witches (a modern horror story based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales).

Editorial Review (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Paperback: 352 Pages
Publisher: Iuppa Creative Group (July 21, 2016)
Language: English
Fantasy (Paranormal)

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Taken By Witches by Nick Iuppa.

When he was a child, Niko Madonie was terrified of his over-protective grandmother. Somehow, he knew she was a witch possessed of overwhelming supernatural powers and determined to save him from the real and imagined dangers of the modern world.

Now a successful writer in Hollywood, Niko is helping create an animated version of Hansel and Gretel while he struggles to protect his beautiful young wife from sexy, New Age witches who hope to sacrifice her to please the ancient crone.

This is an epic horror romance set against a background of legends, with complex villains, a magical young couple, and a storyline straight from the darkest pages of the Brothers Grimm.

5 Stars: Better Keep The Lights On While Reading!

If you have ever thought that reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales to your children or grandchildren might frighten them, then you’d better keep the lights on while reading Taken by Witches to yourself.

Author Nick Iuppa asks questions you might not ask aloud. “Do witches exist; where does their power come from, and to what ends will they use it?”

Masterfully written, this multifaceted story begins in the small Polish village of Zakopane high in the Carpathian Mountains. A warlock skillfully tells the story to a shopkeeper and his young daughter after he returns a collection of gruesome masks that the shopkeeper once sent to America so they wouldn’t fall into the hands of the Nazis. The masks are all images of the same woman, a witch named Babcia (pronounced Bob-cha) the Polish name for grandmother.

The warlock’s story begins with a young boy named Niko Madonie who realizes that his grandmother has supernatural powers that terrify him up until the day she dies. As an adult, Niko marries and becomes a successful writer in Hollywood. But even there he is haunted by memories of Babcia and he finds he must struggle to protect his wife from new age witches who decide to sacrifice the beautiful young woman to please the ancient crone.

Imagine Babcia’s evil smell: (the stench of blood sausage mixed with the spicy sweetness of gingerbread) and realize that ancient history doesn’t always stay in the past. Centuries after Niko’s grandmother lost her first baby to medieval witch hunters, she bears a new family to a new husband in a new land, America. But even in this future place and time, she remembers the vow she made when the infant was murdered: “Atrocities to her loved ones will never happen again,” no matter what the consequences.

Author Nick Iuppa has impressive credentials as the former Creative Director of Paramount Pictures’ Digital Entertainment, Head of Apple Computer’s Learning Technologies Group, and Writer for the Wonderful World of Disney.

I enjoyed Taken by Witches by Nick Iuppa as a modern horror story based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which first brought the essence of ancient witchcraft into America’s bedtime stories. Nick’s other novels include Alicia’s Ghost, Alicia’s Sin, Alicia Bewitched, Bloody Bess and The Doomsday Games, and Avenging Adelita.

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Product Details:
Paperback: 382 Pages
Publisher: Iuppa Creative Group (October 31, 2015)
Language: English
Romance (Fantasy)

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The Witch Within Her by Nick Iuppa.

Sequel to Taken By Witches.

Sexy, Stunning, Relentless Horror.

A possessed child is caught in a war between witches!

Spanning centuries of horror and witchcraft, the powerful sequel to Taken By Witches tells how Babcia Czarownica, the greatest of all witches, does battle with far more seductive members of her craft. She must confront a lustful priest, a predatory lover, a vengeful undead beauty, and the unspeakable evil hiding at the top of Rapunzel’s Tower… all to save her beloved grandson and his family from utter annihilation. And she must accomplish all this while sharing the body of an eight-year-old girl.

Product Details:
Paperback: 402 Pages
Publisher: Dos Milagros Press (May 11, 2017)
Language: English
Romance (Paranormal)

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The Battle For The Alamo Taqueria by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira.

Remember The Taqueria.

When vigilantes gun down her uncle during an illegal border crossing, an idealistic young Mexican woman decides to make a dramatic political statement by leading a strike force to recapture the Alamo. Then international spies, Hollywood celebrities, the American President, the whole Mexican army, and a teenage kid with a tank become involved… and everything spins out of control.

5 Stars: Funny and Very Interesting!

In this very funny and interesting read, a dreamy young Mexican woman name Claudia Madero joins a group who tries to cross the US/Mexican border illegally and is shot at by American vigilantes.

Her aging uncle is mortally wounded in the incident, and – after being returned to her hometown – she partners with a local priest and a successful merchant in an attempt to make a dramatic statement about the negative consequences of US border policies.

Why not recapture the Alamo, she decides, draw the attention of the press, and force an honest debate about the issue?

Of course, there are bungling players on all sides of this comedy, and Claudia and her “Army” end up liberating, not the real Alamo, but a Taqueria designed as a replica of the historic shrine. It doesn’t seem to matter though. The US President decides that he too wants to make a statement and so he sends the US Marines to confront her.

No matter what your political view, we feel that it is important that everyone be informed about both sides of this complex and difficult issue. This is not the time to ignore current events and become a bystander.

If you like Saturday Night Live, you will love this book. I could see some chapters as a skit with the actor Alic Baldwin cast as Donald Trump.

I think you will really enjoy The Battle For The Alamo Taqueria. It is a powerful but humorous presentation of an important side of the immigration issue and perhaps a warning about apocalyptic consequences.

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Product Details:
Paperback: 236 Pages
Publisher: Dos Milagros Press (February 17, 2018)
Language: English
Humor (Satire Political)

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About The Authors:

Nick Iuppa began his career as an apprentice writer with famed Bugs Bunny/Road Runner animator Chuck Jones and children’s author Dr. Seuss. He later became a staff writer for the Wonderful World of Disney. As VP Creative Director for Paramount Pictures, Nick did experimental work in interactive television and story-based simulations. He is the author of seven novels, Management by Guilt (Fawcett Books 1984—a Fortune Book Club selection) and eight technical books on interactive media. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Ginny.

John Pesqueira studies at the University of Arizona, Columbia, and Stanford prepared him for an impressive career in media design and development. His passion for the visual arts and popular culture continue to inform his creative efforts and still inspire his writing and photography. John grew up in the Sonoran Desert and his love of the history, legends, and people of the American Southwest and Mexico remain a major focus of his work. John lives with his wife in Northern California.

Novels by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira:

  • Alicia Bewitched
  • Alicia’s Sin
  • Alicia’s Ghost: The Alicia Trilogy Book 1
  • Alien Inquisition (The Peacemaker Book 2)
  • Alien Mission (The Peacemaker Book 1)
  • Alien Inquisition (The Peacemaker Book 2)
  • Avenging Adelita
  • Esteban Meets Alicia
  • Esteban’s Quest
  • The Battle For The Alamo Taqueria
  • The Promise Of The Gateway

Novels by Nick Iuppa:

  • Bloody Bess And The Doomsday Games
  • Taken By Witches
  • The Sitcom Murders 1: Sexy Sixties Sitcom by Nicholas Victor (aka Nick Iuppa)
  • The Witch Within Her

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