Mr. Wysquers by Larry Auerbach

Mr. Wysquers by Larry Auerbach. Pemberton N. Wysquers is a very dignified old English gentleman who own a very old package delivery business that operates on a worldwide scale. Once a year, usually at year end, he leaves the confines of his work environment to travel around in order to… Continue reading

The Troll Bridge by Larry Auerbach

The Troll Bridge by Larry Auerbach. In 1935 west Texas, two teenagers — Duane McCathern and Tony Picano — decide to go search for a lost treasure of Confederate gold based on an old tale told by a retired Texas Ranger, involving Indians and a mysterious spirit. As their hunt… Continue reading

Great Western Adventures by Larry Auerbach

Larry Auerbach is an historical-fiction writer who brings the Old West alive with his great western adventures. Each of them is packed with non-stop action, drama and history. Larry Auerbach proves to be an exciting story-teller. A Matter Of Honor by Larry Auerbach. Set in 1877, in New Mexico Territory,… Continue reading