Science Traveler Series by J.L. Greger

The Flu Is Coming by J. L. Greger. Science Traveler Series Book 1. In The Flu Is Coming, a new type of flu — the Philippine flu –kills nearly half of the residents in an upscale, gated community near Albuquerque in less than a week. Those who survive become virtual… Continue reading

She Didn’t Know Her Place by J. L. Greger

She Didn’t Know Her Place by J. L. Greger. Would you rather be fired or face criminal charges? Dana Richardson faces that dilemma in her new job at a university in New England. A research center, which reports to her, is falsifying data to help industrial clients meet federal pollution… Continue reading

Other People’s Mothers by J. L. Greger

Other People’s Mothers by J. L. Greger. A Collection of Stories. The short stories in OTHER’S PEOPLE’S MOTHERS are snapshots of the wisdom, humor, and errors made by women as they interact with their children as youngsters and adults. Mothers in fiction are often reduced to stereotypes of good, like… Continue reading