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Jake: Going Home (The Immortal Jake) by David DeRosa

Jake’s life is a merry jaunt around a militant mindset of misusing impossible science.

He’s a seven-thousand-year-old teenager, an extraterrestrial marooned since the Bronze Age, waiting patiently for humans to advance in science and social graces.  A few unsavory characters know what he is and want what he knows. They have their eyes on him.

At the dawn of the twenty-first century human science is close to offering the immortal what he needs to get home. While Homeland Security, a rogue C.I.A. agent and a would-be arms dealer all try to steal his research, a handful of trusted friends join him in a race to complete his work.

He’s let secrets slip before and has witnessed ensuing disaster. So, when the arms dealer and the rogue agent get hold of a mathematical formula that could destroy us all the ancient kid must ruin their plans.

Jake is certain that what he wants is just around the corner, and surprised when he finds it right in front of him. He’s determined to leave this world until a friend reminds him that life is not about where you are. It’s about who you’re with.

This ‘coming of the ages’ story is suitable for young adults and geriatric children.

Global Library: Science Fiction

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Anaxiunara: Mother Of Dragons (One brief Eternity) by David DeRosa

On a tiny globe near the edge of her galaxy Anaxiunara seeks a place to bear her young; an island group far from occupied land. She nestles there and sleeps awhile until her babies mature.

Two hundred years later the mother of dragons awakes to find her island nest overrun by humans. One of her offspring has befriended a child of this race. Anaxiunara teaches the girl to wield powerful magic. But when the Great Dragon meets the girl’s father (Capt. Jo Lee Validad) she discovers a magic she’s never known.

Jo Lee struggles to protect his family and his island home from tyrant wizards. Anaxiunara takes human form to study these curious beings but vows not to interfere. With this strange new magic compelling her to help the man she questions her vow.

The Great One does not know the power of this strange human magic. And, if it can be said that a dragon has a weakness it would be curiosity. She must learn what it is to be human. She must know this magic called loved.

Global Library: Fantasy Fiction

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The Orphaned Princess by David DeRosa

The battle was ended. The last dragon put out the fires and divided the people into factions. Gemite and Sylvan he charged with responsibility of their world, saying, “I will not save you again, from your recklessness.” Then he made a prediction. “A wizard of mixed blood will end your separation when a warrior of human blood restores justice in her land.”

After many ages, human encroachment calls Gemite and Sylvan to examine this new race. Elves were once aggressive and violent. So now, humans fight each other with no regard for things destroyed. If they learn to conjure the magical fire, the world will again lie in peril. Sylvan and Gemite still have a few petty bigotries yet to overcome. So, while the last great dragon sleeps, it is up to the children of his prophecy to avert disaster.

Two children (Theo and Kynthia) on a journey to become the heroes of prophecy, find that even characters out of a legend need help. Out of a land ruled by a despot, they are propelled toward a destiny that has been foretold. Predictions, however, are a funny thing. They never unfold quite the way the predicted predict.

Global Library: Fantasy Fiction

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About Author David DeRosa: Born in 1959, David has acted in and directed stage plays and musical productions, written songs and performed in rock bands.

He’s done voices in dramatizations for radio. His interest in entertaining has driven him always to learn new skills in the arts.

He juggles, knows a little slight-of-hand, and plays guitar and piano.

He’s also been known to cut and stitch in the costuming department, or to pick up a tool belt to help build a set.

His love of acting led to many character studies, biographies, books on psychology, history, and of course science fiction and fantasy adventures.

His thirst to know what makes us human is a life-long examination of the stories we tell.

Thus, much of what he is… is in what he tells.

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