Spanish Romance Editions by Chris Karlsen

Spanish Editions by Chris Karlsen. A Tiempo Para Ti (Spanish Edition) by Chris Karlsen. MARIA GLORIA GARCIA MENENDEZ (Translator). Mientras cabalgan por el campo inglés, las hermanas Electra y Emily Crippen se encuentran atrapadas en una brecha en el tiempo. Arrojadas de vuelta a la Inglaterra de 1357 y capturadas… Continue reading

Down To The Needle by Mary Deal

Down To The Needle by Mary Deal. A Psychological Thriller. From the day her five-year-old was abducted, Abigail Fisher vowed never to stop looking until her daughter was safely back home. But despite multiple searches, twenty-three years have passed without a trace of Becky Ann. When Abigail learns that death… Continue reading

Sea Cliff by Mary Deal

Sea Cliff by Mary Deal. Rachael Connor has great looks, money and a home of her own, but childhood abuse has left her fearful of men. When Rachael meets Matthew, she begins to rethink her life. He falls in love with her, but Rachael rebukes him, living by the “rules”… Continue reading