Kathy Morley’s Books

The Gift by Kathy Morley. Finding The Extraordinary In Everyday Living. A masterful storyteller, Kathy Morley whisks the reader into another dimension through her own experiences with psychic phenomena, hypnosis, UFOs, and channeling. As the plot unfolds, the reader may draw parallels in their lives previously missed or attributed to… Continue reading

Kaylin McFarren’s Books

Black Wing Sky by Kaylin McFarren. Epic Fourth Installment In The Gehenna Series! When Lucifer’s soldiers captured his brother, the Seven-Star General of the Archangel Army of Heaven, Samara Daemonium thought it was the turning point in the war. Victory for Hell was on the horizon, as was a peaceful… Continue reading

Kathleen J. Shields’ Books

The First Unicorn by Kathleen J. Shields. Almost everyone knows what a unicorn is, but do you know where they came from? Who was the first unicorn? How did he get his golden horn? And why did others follow in his footsteps? Aden is a young horse, who believes that… Continue reading

Kathleen Heady’s Books

Sacrifice by Kathleen Heady. In this fourth book in Kathleen Heady’s series featuring Nara Blake, the story takes us to a small Spanish town in the Pyrenees, where Nara and her now-husband Alex Collier travel to retrieve several notebooks that belonged to a British artist who died there during the… Continue reading

Kathryn Lane’s Books

Stolen Diary by Kathryn Lane. Stand-Alone Fiction (Coming Of Age). Stolen Diary explores the challenges that Jasmin, a gifted yet socially awkward child, faces growing up with a disengaged mother. Her grandfather unwittingly creates further tension between Jasmin and her mother by encouraging her genius. Unable to deal with her… Continue reading

Ken Palmrose’s Books

Come See My Africa by Ken Palmrose. Enjoy a tour of southern Africa led by your guide, Tau, a young student who lives near beautiful Victoria Falls. Not every child or adult can actually travel in person to Africa, but Tau will take you on a journey of his world… Continue reading