Voice Of Conscience by Behcet Kaya

Voice Of Conscience by Behcet Kaya.

Voice of Conscience is a tightly-spun tale of redemption and human nature vividly depicted in the story of one man’s manic journey to fulfill his debt and reclaim his past at whatever cost.

Voice of Conscience begins in a small village in eastern Turkey, where Ramzi Ozcomert Jr. is catapulted into a fearsome adult world after the brutal death of his parents and sister. Shattered by grief and fear, Ramzi begins his flight from threats both real and imagined that take him from Istanbul to London, engendering in him a deep need for revenge. His plans are interrupted when he discovers love in the most unexpected of times, allowing himself to fall for an American and start over in California.

Despite his subsequent success in America, he cannot overcome the horrifying images of his murdered family members that plague his every moment. Ramzi’s obsession will take him to the very heart of his past as he travels back to Turkey, culminating in an ending that will confound all expectations. Voice of Conscience articulates a collision of opposites – of Turkish customs and Western values, loss and new life, love and hate – in a compulsively readable book essential for our times.

Review by Steven: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Voice of Conscience- A Tragedy Most Resounding

…A creative artist is at his best when he portrays what he knows best. Undoubtedly, Behcet Kaya is in his elements in the Voice of Conscience which picturizes the eventful lives of Turks. Love, Hate, Brutal Revenge, Honour Killing – you can find them all in abundance in Voice of Conscience where the master story teller Behcet Kaya weaves enthralling plots to captivate the readers and transport them to the world of Turks, to which he himself belongs.

…Ironically, this fast-paced story starts-off in a sleepy hamlet of Atamkoy where Ramzi Sr. the robust father of Ramzi Jr is seen vacillating between his past and present memories. Erin the bewitching sister of Ramzi Jr. is on the verge of tying knots with Turkel. Just when everything seemed normal, nemesis entered in the form Rival family Korucu which culminated in slaughtering of Ramzi Jr’s entire family. A terrified youngster runs for his life and ends up in England and later in America where he pursues his graduation in Engineering. The Lady Luck smiles upon beleaguered Ramzi Jr as he gets married to an American Megan. He makes most of the capitalist America and lives up to its dream of rags to riches.

…But, the primeval roots of the protagonist prevail over his sophisticated present. The call to avenge his family’s death is too compelling for him to brush-aside. The catastrophe strikes as Ramzi Jr ends up destroying himself.

…The narrative technique adopted by Behcet Kaya is flawless. He doesn’t miss even a single aspect while portraying the picture of Turkish and America lifestyle. One can find autobiographical traits in characterization of Ramzi Jr. Though the psychological undertone that a man is tied to his Origin forever is too emphatic, the author leaves behind a Powerful message “VIOLENCE CAN ONLY LEAD TO SELF-DESTRUCTION”.

…This is one of the most gripping stories I have ever feasted my eyes upon!

Review by Kirkus Reviews: Highly atmospheric, transporting account of an ancient custom alive in a modern world.

Review by Richard R. Blake: The Cycle, Sacrifice, and Cost of Revenge

…Behcet Kaya in his first novel, “Voice of Conscience” writes from of a culture foreign to the understanding of most Western thinking. He writes of a culture steeped in traditions carried over from generations past, a culture where family pride demands revenge once insulted.

…”Voice of Conscience” is a strong first novel and Behcet Kaya is well on his way to becoming recognized for his classic approach in communicating a message with a strong story line.

From The Author: I must admit to being a late bloomer as a writer. After years of acting, my creative side gravitated to writing a story that had been percolating in my head for some time; the story of a troubled man and how he faces his inner demons. “Voice of Conscience” actually started out as a screen play, but I realized how limiting that form of writing was. There was so much more I wanted to describe and express.

My motivation for writing this novel was two-fold. The country of my birth fascinates people and rightfully so. Turkey has a long history with many civilizations enriching its soul. I wanted to share some of those traditions (particularly of northeastern Turkey) with the American people. Intertwined with that was the need to create a literary work that would touch the reader’s soul and inspire him or her to question, probe and think about life.

From The Back Cover:

…”Voice of Conscience’ is a riveting tale of life, love, and revenge.” By Ellen Feld, featheredquill.com

…”This novel is a Shakespearean Tragedy done at its best. I can imagine this story as a big screen movie. ‘Voice of Conscience’ is a story the reader will not forget.” By Nancy Eaton, bestsellersworld.com

…”Kaya has presented us with a must-read first novel, a tale discussing cultural imperatives that must be explored by all of us as we face today’s world. This is a memorable read!” by G. A. Bixler, IP Book Reviews

…”Behcet Kaya has planned out his story well and the characters are vivid throughout. Enter into Ramzi’s world, where the soul is consumed by the dark clouds of a painful and unforgettable past – where nothing can soothe the savage beast within.” By Martha Jette, Author/Editor

…”Voice of Conscience’ is a compelling drama with the author incorporating the traits of a Shakespearean Tragedy very successfully. It is highly recommended to readers who enjoy compelling stories of human frailty.” By Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services

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Paperback: ‎428 Pages
Publisher: ‎Author House (September 4, 2009)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Classic Literature)

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About The Author: Author Behcet Kaya was born in northeastern Turkey. Growing up in a small village with long held traditions, his rebellious and creative nature emerged at an early age. Leaving home at fourteen, he travelled first to Istanbul and then on to London. His dream was to complete his high school education and then a college degree in engineering. While at Hatfield Polytechnic, Kaya made his first visit to the U.S. as an exchange student with the BUNC. He made the move to the U.S. in 1976 and became a U.S. citizen in 1985. While living in Atlanta, Georgia, he followed his creative yearnings, attending the Alliance Theater School and studying at the SAG Conservatory of Georgia. Kaya and his wife moved to Los Angeles, where he continued his studies at the Roby Theater Company and the Shakespeare, A Noise Within Theater Workshop.

Along with acting, writing became a natural outlet for his creative yearnings. He has published six novels, “Voice of Conscience, Murder on the Naval Base, Road to Siran Erin’s story, Treacherous Estate a crime story, Body in the Woods and Appellate Judge as well as several short stories. He is currently working on his 7th novel titled “Murder in Buckhead” In May 2017 Behcet Kaya graduated from California State University Channel Island majoring BA Political Science.

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