Through My Laughter and Tears by Annette Stanzione

Through My Laughter and Tears by Annette Stanzione.

Returning Home to the Bronx (A Memoir).

Annette Stanzione was born into a Catholic-Italian family in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx in the 1950s.

In ‘Through My Laughter and Tears’, Annette relays anecdotes from her childhood to her first job working for the FBI, becoming a paralegal at forty-seven, getting married and then divorced, raising two daughters, dating, living upstate for three decades, and then eventually returning home to the Bronx.

Annette’s story is an engaging mix of humor and gravitas as she wends her way through triumphs and difficulties. Although she’s still looking for love — and loving the process of finding it — she perseveres with charm, wit, and warmth.

You’ll be drawn into Annette’s world and wish she was your best friend.

5 Stars: Unstoppable Page Turner!

I felt like part of Annette’s Catholic-Italian family from the first paragraph. Whether you grew up in Bronx, New York or not, this is a coming home saga like no other. Author Annette Stanzione invites you to reflect back, with her, on growing up in the 1960s-1970s.

With superb storytelling, Annette uses, written images, more humor than pain, and a tremendous sense of “glass half full’ perseverance. Annette skillfully walks the reader through her own growing up, dating realities, marriage conflicts, and single motherhood. Annette’s story is real, raw and truly unforgettable.

As the first-born daughter, the tragic murders by Son of Sam impacted her already strict, Catholic School/Home upbringing. She rebelled in small ways, while keeping a firm foundation under her.

Soon Annette added a little adventure in her life. “Secretarial position-not a secret agent!”

“At seventeen, I started this job in Manhattan on 69th and 3rd Avenue, in the Hunter College building. I got all dolled up. When getting in the elevator I slipped in my platform heels (it was the seventies) and fell on the ground. Thank God no one was in the elevator. My arm hit the wall and my leg was under my butt. I was more concerned with making sure I didn’t break a nail and made sure all ten were intact. Hey, I knew my priorities.

About a year and a half later I transferred to the FBI in New Rochelle, which was in the Sheraton Hotel, at that time. No one knew the FBI was there, of course. It was not something they announced on the outside of the building.

One day they had a tip that the Barclays Bank across the street was going to be robbed. We watched the FBI agents from our office circle the bank and the three men got out of the car with ski masks on and went into the bank with guns.

The agents were in and out of the building and the gunmen came out with their hands in the air. It was like watching a movie, only live. The great thing about that job was, you could transfer anywhere, as long as they had a position open. One girl I worked with transferred to Alaska and never came back.

They say there are three men to every one woman in Alaska. Maybe that’s why she stayed.”

Annette has had her fair share of tragedy and tears. Through it all she has learned to appreciate family, friends, and acquaintances who encouraged and helped her along the way. She is grateful to her parents and grandparents. Like a good mother, Annette has passed the gift of empowerment on to her two daughters, who in turn are sharing it with others.

In a time when the world seems out of whack, obstacles and risks seem to outweigh the rewards, I highly recommend you read this inspiring book. This short read will leave you looking for ways to view your experiences through Annette’s “glass half full” mindset. We all have stories to tell and I hope Annette will share more in the years to come

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Review by Jennifer Rosario: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Fun and Relatable Read! I got a good laugh!! Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2022. Verified Purchase. The author wrote this book in such a fun and conversational tone. Being a fellow Bronx girl, I really enjoyed reading about all the local spots she mentioned. I could also relate to the upbringing. I’m Cuban and Puerto Rican but our culture is so similar to the Italian culture, so at times, I felt like I was reading about my own family. The dating stories were also sad, funny, and totally relatable. I know what it’s like to meet a lot of frogs. LOL. Overall, this was a fun, funny and also sentimental story. I truly enjoyed it! I’ll take a pic with the book once I “put my face on”. 😉

Review by Karim Mayweather: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. “This Book is Jumping on Gear 14, Running on 135rpm and Climbing on Gear 24”. Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2020. Verified Purchase. Ok at first I was hesitant on getting this book because I’m a hardcore Brooklyn guy born and raised. So why would I want to read anything relating to The Bronx? Just kidding. The truth is I haven’t read a physical book in a few years. I usually listening to audiobooks. Plus, who has the time to sit and read an actual book anyway? Well unfortunately the Coronavirus hit NY hard and I needed something else to do besides all the other things that I was starting to get bored of doing. I pick up Annette’s book and it was really GREAT!!! Seriously, her book was very entertaining to me. I don’t think the cover and title did it justice. I thought it was going to be gloomy. But there were way more funny moments compare to teary ones. It’s hard to believe that this Annette’s very first book. I know who ever reads it is going to want to read more books written by her (well if she ever decides to put out more). Now I got a little more respect for The Bronx!!!

Review by A Santana: 5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Read! Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2021. Verified Purchase. I have not read a book in a very long time I am always reading things on the internet or FB etc., LOL I finally decided to read this book in its entirety I had started to read it a while ago but did not finish it until today, a friend of mine is the author who I met a few years ago at my nail salon. I absolutely Loved it even though some of her life stories are sad it kept my interest and was also very funny.

Review by Robert Fortini: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Wonderful read! Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2022. Verified Purchase. I recommend this book to all! Wonderful taste of living in the Bronx!!

Review by Amazon Customer: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Love, love, loved! Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2022. Verified Purchase. Loved this Book. Excellent read. Straight from the heart…

Review by Elizabeth Wirsing: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. I so enjoyed this book. Reviewed in the United States on February 22, 2022.Verified Purchase. Liked that it was funny and did not want to put the book down. Wants you to find out what is next! Want to read the next chapter. Keep writing. Great job!

Review by L Fitzgerald: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Very relatable! Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2021. Verified Purchase. While reading this book, I felt a bond, almost a sisterhood, with the author as she recounted her online dating tribulations! While I am born and raised in the south, I could still relate to the family dynamics as described by Annette. This is a must read!

Review by Lisa Steil: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Great Read! Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2019. Verified Purchase. I bought Annette’s book last week and read it in a day. There were parts I laughed out loud and some parts I had tears in my eyes. As a single woman who has been dating for about a decade, I can relate to so many of the stories. I love her optimism and the fact that she loves herself is such an inspiration. I am passing this book along to other friends who are out there searching for love. The answer, I think, is right inside of us and always keeping a sense of humor. Great read!

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Paperback: 123 Pages
Publisher: Wheatmark (September 17, 2019)
Language: English
Biography (Memoirs)

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Message From Author: Hi my name is Annette. I have always loved to write and make people laugh, so I incorporated funny stories into this first book.

This endeavor took me a long time, life sometimes gets in the way. I was very fortunate to work with a wonderful editor and my publisher Wheatmark helped me every step of the way.

Just when I thought I was done writing; another story would pop into my head.

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