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Beyond The Diamond Pod by Theodocia McLean.

It is the year 3010. Fyodor lives in the future and travels to the past.

Her story is vivid, depicting real-time events as she moves through time, back into our Biblical past: Genesis, Adam and Eve, Noah documented with biblical references.

A truly wonderful story intertwined with fantasy and fact.

Travel with Fyodor in A Diamond Pod and witness Biblical Time Travel in a new dimension.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎133 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (October 9, 2018)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Time Travel)


Nephilim: Living Among Us by Theodocia McLean.

Is This Half-Breed Living Among Us Today?

People are experiencing encounters with these fallen angels who have both de-evolved and evolved with an insatiable lust.

Theodocia McLean’s book, The Nephilim: Is This Half-Breed Living Among Us Today? is a unique approach to the “Nephilim” (offspring of fallen angels and human copulation).

This might possibly be Theologians best kept secret.

This is a fictional account of the “Nephilim” briefly described in the Bible. Her premise is that fallen angels survived the great flood that wiped out the earthbound Nephilim.

This fictional accounting is set in the backdrop of a convention of people who are experiencing encounters with these fallen angels who have both de-evolved and evolved with an insatiable lust and the question remains, is this half-breed among us today?

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎127 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (September 7, 2018)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Nephilim)

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Household Property Inventory Workbook by Theodocia McLean.

A Must Have Record Keeping System.

The Household Property Inventory Workbook by Theodocia McLean is one purchase you will wish you had made several years ago. Lucky for you, it is never too late to document household and personal belongings.

This workbook is geared for homeowners or those who rent. Document and track everything from furnishings to valuables. This workbook begins with all the primary household family members’ vital statistics, dates, places, of birth, right down to the details needed for family members if you are in the hospital or you need someone to care for your furry members of the family. It ends with your end-of-life instructions.

Heaven forbids your home and all its contents are lost to fire, flood or other natural disaster. However, this is when this workbook becomes valuable. Your home and all its contents are your biggest investments and you have spent a personal fortune insuring for earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and theft. It is the worst time of your life when the insurance adjuster wants proof of your loss. You took the time to document your belongings in this workbook, you followed the format, your recorded serial numbers, included receipts and photocopied everything. You even stored copies on external hard drives or in the cloud. You’re covered! Just sit back and wait for the insurance company to cut you a check.

I highly recommend you purchase this workbook annually for your home and store each past year(s) in your safety deposit box. This workbook makes a great wedding or housewarming gift. Buy copies for yourself, your family and friends.

Product Details:
Workbook Paperback: ‎435 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (September 15, 2018)
Language: ‎English
Self-Help (Property)

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Cat Diary For Cat Lovers (In The Event Of Accident Or My Death) by Theodocia McLean.

Dear Cat Lover,

I could never imagine (not would I want to) my life without a cat. Even as a child, I had a cat and some years a cat and a dog for pets.

The idea for this Cat Diary stems back twenty-five plus years. Circumstances beyond my control was forcing me not only to move to another state, but I couldn’t have a cat where I was going.

My pressing task was to find a new home for my beloved male cat named Greybow. I bought a notebook and begun writing everything I knew about Greybow’s likes, dislikes, medical history (as he had lost one leg due to an accident), and everything that made him special. Next, I put an ad in the local newspaper. A day passed before a local college student called and asked if she could visit Greybow. She came over to the house and immediately wanted Greybow. She moved here to attend college and she was homesick for her family and lonely. She had an apartment that allowed cats and so she decided she needed a furry friend. Before we moved ahead with the exchange, I asked her to take the notebook home and study it before she made the final decision. She called in a couple of day and asked if she could adopt my Greybow. She said she had read his diary and was convinced he would be the perfect companion for her. I say my goodbye and watched her drive away with my precious Greybow. Before she left, I gave her my new address and asked her to write, so I would know that Greybow was settling in well. A couple of months later, I received a long letter stating how wonderful Greybow had settled in. She said she was no longer lonely as he was her shadow and stayed close while she studied long hours. In my heart I knew that the diary had played a huge role in guaranteeing the successful transition for both her and Greybow.

These many years later, I created this workbook to help you and your precious furry friend(s) find a new home. You might find your situation mirrors mine so long ago. Perhaps illness has driven you to this decision or a family member has died and his or her cat needs a new home.

I would never wish on you the agony of needing to place your furry family member in a new home, but if it needs to be, I hope this workbook brings you comfort and the new owner much needed information to make the transition seamless.

It is now 2018 and my shadow is named Wolf. He was a shelter cat, adopted before six month and returned to the shelter. When I found him in 2011, he was in a large room of cats, curled up all lone on a corner piece of carpet. I picked him up, turned him over, and held him close to my chest like a baby. He looked up at me with the lonely eyes and started purring. My heart melted and I knew he was the furry one. Someone had already named him Wolf due to his gray color and pointed ears. He was and is adorable. He is now age seven and the king of the house.

This workbook would not be complete unless I stated that Wolf has endorsed it. Wolf is my loving shadow and I have talked through every word of this notebook with him and he gives his full approval.

Wolf and I realize that if you are using this workbook, it is because you love your furry friend and want to provide for him or her even when you can’t be around. We wish you and your furry member of the family the very best in health, love, cuddles and the transitions that life brings.

With Love from Wolf and Theodocia (Photos Included are Personal)

Product Details:
Workbook Paperback: ‎98 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (October 6, 2018)
Language: ‎English
Self-Help (Cat Care)

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Characters Unleashed: Writing Exercises For New Authors by Theodocia McLean.

Congratulations, You Have Decided To Write A Book.

Writing your first book will send you on a roller coaster of emotions. Maybe you have dreamed for years of retiring from your job, creating time and the perfect space to write your novel. The words might pour out of your mind faster than you can type or you might face dry spells where the words won’t come. Writing your book will become a labor of love, intense work, laughter and tears, but seeing your book in print will be one of the most thrilling experiences of your lifetime.

Family and friends might ask you the very same question that you find yourself asking as you stare at the blank white page in front of you. Why am I writing this book? Is my first intention to become famous and get rich or do I have a story, an idea or some information that I want to share with others?

In my experience, my first book was fiction because I had a story in my head that wouldn’t leave me alone. A story that I needed to tell if for no other reason than getting it out of my head and the satisfaction of reading it in print. From there I branched out into a memoir in hopes of sharing a part of my life journey. My workbooks were written out of a need to share important information with others. I created a format that allows my reader to write their own contribution in the workbook and make it their own.

I think the best authors have written out of the sheer pleasure of writing the novel, biography, short story, poetry etc. Passion for the characters, story or information that you want to convey will be the springboard that will keep you writing.

The satisfaction of selling my books is surprisingly not about money at all. I have discovered that selling a book is a humbling experience. If just one person takes time out their busy life to purchase and read one of my books or contribute to one of my workbooks that they hold in their hands and write in, how much more truly lasting satisfaction could I possibly obtain?

Why A Workbook? Words are like clouds, they form, the create amazing things, they create chaos and then they disappear.  You don’t have to be perfect at journaling for this workbook to help you as an author. You do have to be willing to put the work in to reap the rewards.

As your move along into this workbook, you will write about what you know and what you imagine. I created this in workbook format because writing is in your blood and this workbook will guide you.

Every day you get up out bed and experience life. Maybe you go someone, talk to people you know, meet someone new, are perhaps you are forced into a new environment or situation.

Unless you are writing a reference book, your book will most likely be about characters, environment, locations, and time periods. Whether fiction or nonfiction, your book will need to draw your reader out of their space and time and into your creation of space and time. The more you understand how your day-to-day experience transforms into the life of your book, the better writer you will become.

I wish you the very best in writing, publishing and more importantly, promotion and sales. You are welcome to contact me for help.

Message by Theodocia McLean

Product Details:
Workbook Paperback: ‎151 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (September 22, 2018)
Language: ‎English
Self-Help (Authors)

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Message From Author: I, Theodocia McLean, was born on Beals Island, in Downeast Maine, in 1954. Sold to the mailman, adopted twice, I was not told my beautiful name until my sixteenth birthday.

My love for writing began when my fifth-grade teacher captured my imagination with creative writing assignments while I was living away from home, in a harsh, punitive private school environment. A song that I have sung every day is the only link that I had to Clara, my one special friend, who made daily life bearable for a short time, in that dreadful place. I have longed for the day when someone, even a stranger, would bring me the proof, that I desperately seek. Did my friend Clara really die in a car accident, fleeing with her abductor (father), from the school?

UPDATE: In fall of 2023 some of us (now) adults who survived PHS have come together. Two friends from this newly formed group have done amazing research and detective work. The last few months have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I now have written legal documents that describe Clara’s life. It does not change the events of that horrible day. I was holding Clara’s hand and screaming, as her father knocked out our school yard supervisor and abducted her from the school yard in 1966. All these years I wondered what I could have done something to stop the abduction or to prevent her death. You see, they told me (a 5th grader) that Clara died in a car accident. Legal documents prove this was a lie. Clara went on to live and get married. I am so grateful to my survivor friends from PHS. Our stories are all real and we have been able to verify each other’s memories. Some of us have passed away now, but we are all survivors (not victims) of a hell on earth, while living at the private boarding school (PHS).

I have removed my book ‘DID: True Story Of Survival’ and my book ‘Theodocia’s Heart Songs’ from circulation for the time being. I hope to bring it back at some point in the future. In my new book, I plan to share some of own techniques for healing. I plan in detail about my experience of seeing two angels on the evening before 911, while in West, VA (on a family trip). I want to share the significance of these two angels, at that time?

I am an avid reader and I enjoy reviewing books.

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