The Secrets to Stepfamily Success by Gloria Lintermans

The Secrets to Stepfamily Success by Gloria Lintermans.

Revolutionary Tools to Create A Blended Family Of Support and Success.

“[Secrets for Stepfamily Success] is the most thorough work on step families I have seen… a handbook of great value for both professionals and stepfamily members in navigating the complex territory of stepfamily life.” -Joan Sarin, M.S., Founder, Stepfamily Solutions (

“This book is a valuable resource that I will recommend to everyone I meet who is either divorced and starting a new relationship or who is already part of a stepfamily.” -Natalie Franklin, Administrator, Life in a Blender.

“This is probably the most comprehensive book I’ve read in a very long time…. easy to read and to understand. I can definitely see this as a great tool for professionals working with step families as well and individuals and couples contemplating forming one.” -Claudette L. Chenevert, Stepfamily Life Coach, Coaching Steps, LLC

The secrets to Stepfamily Success offers tools that can significantly lower the alarming rate of step and blended family divorce, helping families evolve into highly nurturing, reliable refuges of warmth, safety, encouragement, strength, caring, and joy.

Step and blended families have a unique dynamic with which couples must cope, along with all the other normal challenges of life and marriage. See how these families differ in up to sixty structural and dynamic ways from typical intact biological families-including consisting of two co-parenting homes and ex-spouses-and learn how to successfully recognize and manage these challenges. For most couples, trying to build a successful remarriage can mysteriously bring out their deepest personal fears, longings, shames, and hopes.

The key to not only survival, but also living this journey well, begins with discovering opportunities to heal and to succeed; it is not about blame or badness. With the right preparation and resources, a multi-home step or blended family can be a stable and solid foundation for co-parents and children.

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Paperback: 344 Pages
Publisher: Llumina Press (August 10, 2016)
Language: English
Self-Help (Divorce)

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About The Author:  Gloria Lintermans is an author and freelance writer. A former syndicated fashion columnist, her popular column, “Looking Great,” appeared in English and Spanish language newspapers across the U.S. from Hawaii to New York, and worldwide from Saudi Arabia to South America.

Lintermans is the author of THE SECRETS TO STEPFAMILY SUCCESS: Revolutionary Tools to Create a Blended Family of Support and Respect, THE HEALING POWER OF GRIEF: The Journey Through Loss to Love and Laughter, THE HEALING POWER OF LOVE: Transcending the Loss of a Spouse to New Love, THE CHEAP CHIC: A Guide to LA’s Resale Boutiques, the “ultimate guide to recycled fashion”, forerunner of RETRO CHIC: A Guide to Fabulous Vintage and Designer Resale Shopping in North America & Online  and The Newly Divorced Book of Protocol . A fashion editor and freelance writer, she has authored numerous articles on fashion and beauty, along with a wide range of timely topics for national and local magazines.

Lintermans has appeared on national and local radio and television talk shows across the county and enjoys a reputation as an articulate, warm, and knowledgeable guest. She has hosted her own “Looking Great with Gloria Lintermans” cable television and radio shows and is a popular lecturer and commentator.

Lintermans is a member of The Authors Guild, Inc., and S.A.G.- A.F.T.R.A. (Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television & Radio Artists).

She believes that there is a great need for children to understand that it is our differences that make each of us special and this world a peaceful world in which to live.

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