The Rogue Bear & Other Short Stories by Anastasia Marie Cassella

The Rogue Bear & Other Short Stories by Anastasia Marie Cassella.

‘The Rogue Bear’ short story is based on a true story. The story reflects the experience Anastasia had when a bear tries to enter Anastasia’s Cherryfield, Maine’s ranch. Other short stories in this collection include ‘Just Like Grandma’ who tried to protect her grandchildren from an abusive alcoholic father. ‘Small Blurb’ is about a woman who fell on the tracks of the IRT in NYC. ‘The Writer’ who follows immediate predictions of a painting above his desk. ‘You’re Supposed To Be Scared’ is a great Halloween story of a haunted house you would not want to visit EVER!

5-Stars: Anastasia Marie Cassella is known for her short stories. Like a lot of people in Maine and other rural areas, stories are created, told, and passed down through the generations. Story telling is an art and an endangered species. I hope Anastasia writes more short stories in the future. Review by the Editor at Book Marketing Global Network.

Book Specifications from Lulu:
Page Count: 76 Pages
Book Size: US Trade (6 x 9)
Publication Date: May 8, 2023
Category: Fiction (Short Stories)
Category: Fiction (Small Town & Rural)
Category: Short Story Collections (Short Reads)

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About Anastasia Marie Cassella: Anastasia was born in Bar Harbor, Maine, and raised in Downeast Maine. She is proud to be an author from Maine and many of her books are centered around one or more locations in Maine.

Diagnosed with several illnesses, she is determined to fight though her disabilities. She encourages those around to fight for good physical and mental health.

Anastasia has published ten, multi-genre works. She has been writing since she was sixteen, following in her dad’s footsteps. Poetry comes easy for her. Truth comes easily. Writing dramas, using life experiences, comes easier.

She loves assisting authors and writing. She is currently working on novels and children’s stories. When she is not enjoying the great outdoors, that Maine has to offer, you will find her on Facebook. She loves to play games and interact with other authors. She frequently shares photos of the foods she is baking, post fun photos about the snow storms, and other related things going on in Maine.

She invites you to read her books, leave a review, and connect with her on Facebook.

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