The First Unibear by Kathleen J. Shields

The First Unibear by Kathleen J. Shields.

This happy-go-lucky little Bear cub loves to explore! One day he follows a butterfly into the dark woods where he sees a curious sight and a shimmering light. A beautiful white horse needs help and this tiny young bear hurries to save him. What follows is a magically inspirational tale of what can happen if you follow your heart, have good in your soul, and do good deeds.

“Only the pure with good in their soul have the power and magic to see me as whole.” ~ The Unicorn

  • Colorfully Illustrated
  • Rhyming Story
  • Strong Moral Values
  • Scripture about Unicorns

“Once you receive the gold on your head, the magic will flourish, the magic will spread.”

Review: “Simplicity of the Purest of Heart. I had the pleasure of knowing the author when she was a child. My mind wanders back to a little girl with twinkles in her eyes who had a very active spirit and imagination. And this book is definitely proof of that. Thoroughly enjoyed the story of kindness paid forward from the eyes of a very wise 10-year-old.

So much deeper than beautiful rhymes and vibrant pictures. God answers prayers. When all seems dark and dismal, He’s only a prayer away.

When bear related his story to his friends, some were awed, while others scoffed. So, it is when we try to tell others the ‘good news’ and spread the ‘word.’ Some people will be hears only, while others will be doers. When you do a good deed, do not do so with expectations. Do it with a good heart and the purest of intentions. When others see this, they will do the same and thus start a chain reaction of goodness.

I am blown over by this beautiful book! The illustrations are amazing and the rhyming story is simply adorable. This is an inspiring story about doing nice things for others and doing it only because you want to do good. This is bound to be one of those books that everyone will want to have.”

About The Author: Award-winning author with 30+ published books, Children’s Educational picture books, Tween adventure stories and Christian Inspirational Fiction.

5 Stars: Acts Of Kindness and Lessons Learned!

This bear Adventure is “Enchanting”. Beautiful bright, colorful illustrations by Aashay Utkarsh will delight children. This enchanting story told by Award Winning Author Kathleen J. Shields inspires children as they join Bear on his adventurous day outside. Bear’s act of kindness and pure heart brings him face-to-face with a magical unicorn. Bear’s woodland friends do not believe his unicorn story at first. Many lessons will be learned, including acts of kindness naturally spread to others, even if it starts with ‘The First Unibear’.

I recommend this teaching kindness picture book for all young readers 4-10 years old. ‘The First Unibear’ should be placed in community, church, and school libraries. I hope this book finds its ways to those children confined to hospitals and homeless shelters. There is even a black and white coloring book to purchase so the magic can continue.

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Product Details:
Hardcover: ‎48 Pages
Publisher: ‎Erin Go Bragh Publishing (August 30, 2021)
Illustrator Aashay Utkarsh
Language: ‎English
Young Readers: Bears
Young Readers: Christian Animal Fiction
Young Readers: Christian Inspirational Books
Young Readers: Age Range: 4-10

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About Author Kathleen J. Shields: Kathleen J. Shields is a prolific writer with more than 30 published books! She is creative, highly imaginative and an extremely dedicated, hardworking individual. Some award-winning books are the “Hamilton Troll’s Adventures” and “The Painting” which is Christian Fiction. She also runs her own graphic and website design company as well as a Publishing Company.

Kathleen has been writing poetry and rhyming stories for decades both for fun and for hire in custom greeting cards and for local speaking engagements. She enjoys sharing her rhyming stories and talking with folks about how they too can write if they put their mind to it.

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Prolific Award-Winning Author with Multi-Award-Winning Educational Series!

Prolific Award-Winning Author with Multi-Award-Winner!

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