Solving Peculiar Crimes by Radine Trees Nehring

Solving Peculiar Crimes by Radine Trees Nehring.

The Something To Die For Mysteries.

Carrie and Henry encounter peculiar crimes in these stories featuring right, wrong, and redemption. Carrie’s urge to help people who are in trouble often draws her into puzzling and sometimes dangerous human events. Henry provides support and back-up when her curiosity and helpful nature expose both of them to trouble and danger. Carrie McCrite and Henry King are the protagonists in Nehring’s popular “To Die For” Mystery Series.

5 Stars: Award Winning Mysteries Collection!

Readers familiar with Carrie McCrite and Henry King (protagonists) in Author Radine Trees Nehring’s very popular “To Die For” Mystery Series will be one step ahead of those of us who are just beginning the journey. Radine Trees Nehring’s award-winning writing career began when she fell in love with the Arkansas Ozarks. Her book locations are in Arkansas, where fans embrace her mysteries and are eager to share their beautiful state with the world.

Let me share a hint of what each chapter holds and I promise I won’t spoil the mysteries.

…Chapter One- “The Hanging” brings the reader along in a tour group of the legendary jail and courtroom of Judge Isaac Parker in the Western District of Arkansas. The history is real as the tourist revisit the drama surrounding the gallows, where seventy-nine men where hung.

…Chapter Two- “Crime Goes On A Honeymoon”: Carrie and Henry are enjoying their honeymoon when a mystery interrupts their breakfast. Detective Wolverton is on the case, when something very dangerous had been baked in the cake and delivered to the wrong couple.

…Chapter Three- “Something extra from Christmas”: Carrie and Henry’s Christmas shopping trip to the mall turn chaotic as shots rang out and Carrie saw boy sitting on Santa’s throne. “His left arm circled a toddler with blood on his cheek. The teen boy’s right hand was shaking, which made the gun it held wobble wildly.”

…Chapter Four- “Saved By A Train”: It Mother’s Day and Carrie’s son (from a previous marriage) had given Henry strict instructions to carry out. Even the best of plans can change when a man has a gun and the ability to use it. Miracles can be found in the most unlikely circumstances.

…Chapter Five- “Whatever Happened To Dana Jean?”: The rumors surrounding the Jackson’s Farm left the land unattended. Known as Blackberry Hollow to the locals, the mystery surrounding Dana Jean’s disappearance is still the talk of the town. Floyd Jackson recently died in prison after being convicted of killing his wife many years ago. Did Floyd kill his daughter Dana Jean too? That is the mystery that weighs on Carrie’s mind.

…Chapter Six- “Four Year Old’s Solve A Crime”: A summer reading program called ‘Clowning Around” in the Children’s Library gets Carrie’s attention, as two four-year-old boys show exuberance over the prospect of seeing ‘Noddy Clown’, after reading ‘Noddy’ stories in in books. As a former research librarian in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Carrie feels right at home in the library setting. The library experience goes downhill when Carrie discovers the Librarian has been murdered.

…Chapter Seven- “But They’re Not Really Dead”: Carrie and Henry were enjoying a reenactment of the Civil War when a man tells her a story about Mary Whitney Phelps. She was the only know women at “Pea Ridge”. “Mary Phelps came south from Springfield with a wagon load of supplies for her husband’s company. He was Colonel John Phelps, leading the 25th Missouri for the Union. Later he’d be Missouri Governor Phelps. As far as anyone knows, women who fought here other than Mary Phelps, but women weren’t recognized for their achievements in those days.

…Chapter Eight- “Tracker”: A grocery shopping trip becomes a mystery when Carrie returns home to find a candy wrapper on the porch. Much to Carrie’s surprise a search and rescue team appears on her porch. Josh Parker and Margo Khatri are accompanied by their K-9 named “Tracker”. The search is on for a Caucasian woman and man in their 40s. Tracker identified the candy wrapper, which proves one or both of the missing individuals had been on Carrie and Henrys porch.

…Chapter Nine- “What Did The Scarecrow Hear?”: It Halloween and while shopping for her pumpkin head in the gift shop, Carrie’s shopping experience was interrupted when Clive came in and stated “there’s big trouble in Maggie’s pasture”. Everyone’s focus was in the pasture where they discovered a man lying on the ground near the pasture gate. They mystery begins.

…Chapter Ten- “The Tattle Tale: A quick trip to JC Penney to pick up a few necessities put Carrie in an unusual situation. She witnesses a crime and wrestles with the decision to report it or not. Her conscious says yes, but will the consequence of her decision hurt an innocent child?

…Chapter Eleven- “A Dangerous Dance: A phone call from Deputy Police Chief Rayford Duncan brings back old memories for retired Police Major Henry J. King. At a surprise accommodation ceremony to recognize Henry’s brave actions and quick thinking, which saved the lives of more of our officers, including Deputy Police Chief Rayford Duncan puts Carrie’s life and freedom in danger.

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Paperback: 284 Pages
Publisher: St Kitts Press; Large type / Large Print Edition (December 1, 2020)
Language: English
Short Story Collection

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Meet The Author: Multi-published author RADINE TREES NEHRING and husband John moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to rural northwest Arkansas in 1988 after spending weekends on their Arkansas land for ten years. Radine began writing a series of articles, essays, and stories about the Arkansas Ozarks shortly after she and John bought their land, and these found interested readers around the globe. Many were collected in her first book, DEAR EARTH: A Love Letter from Spring Hollow, initially published in New York in 1995. When asked which of her books is her favorite, DEAR EARTH is the one Radine names. It is still available in print, has been published in Chinese, and also sells well in e-book form.

Radine says all of her writing expresses her love for the Ozarks and when she began writing her “To Die For” traditional mystery series in 2000, Ozarks tourist destinations were natural settings for her.

“I enjoy writing about what I love and sharing these places with readers everywhere. Both they and I experience my chosen destinations as the story unfolds.”

During her writing career, Radine also wrote and hosted a radio program, “Arkansas Corner Community News,” for ten years. The program, as well as all her other writing, featured unique people, places and events in the area.

She has received many regional and national awards, including a National Silver Falchion for mystery writing and the Governor’s Award for the best writing about Arkansas. Radine was the 2011 inductee into the Arkansas Writers’ Hall of Fame.

Her newest release “Solving Peculiar Crimes” is a short story anthology featuring Carrie, Henry and their friends.

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