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Retribution: A Dish Served Cold by Ron A. Sewell.

On discovering the murder of his sister, Chief Inspector John Daniels follows the path from which there is no return. An unusual turn of events helps him in his task. From hunter to preditor, he remains one step in front of the police when he sets and springs the trap to destroy those he despises. Single-handed, he plays the game but rewrites the rules in the knowledge failure will cost him his life.

Those who control others to do their bidding believe they are untouchable. John uses his extensive skills and knowledge of villains to help those with nowhere else to turn. With the assistance of two others, they act as minders for those who cannot protect themselves.

5-Star Review by Customer Réal Laplaine: Verified Purchase. Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 3, 2023. Vengeance with style. RETRIBUTION, by Ron A Sewell, is a twisted crime thriller, and frankly, one that takes sudden turns that one simply could not see coming. At the outset of this novel, John (Jack) Daniels, Chief Detective, finds out that his sister has been brutally murdered. He knows who did it and he wants justice now, but others within the law enforcement community don’t see it as he does, so John promptly steps down from his position in the force and sets his sights on payback. Through the pages of this book, we come to know Daniels as a person, making it very easy to identify with this very private, hard-hitting man who yet has a soft core, a mix of humor, romance, and old-school principles, who not only seeks vengeance, but who is vulnerable too – and of course, the thread of love starts to weave another story within the story, one that adds another dimension to this crime thriller. While there is little mystery about who killed John’s sister, the real question which draws the reader into the story, and which the author skillfully unfolds, like peeling away layers of onion skin, is how does John find that justice and even when he finally does, how did he accomplish it. Layers! Recommended.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎387 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (January 25, 2023)
Berni Stevens (Illustrator)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Action Thriller)
Thrillers (Contemporary)
Thrillers (Action Adventure)
Thrillers (British Flair)
Suspense Thriller (Crime Fiction)

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Abbey by Ron A. Sewell.

What would you think when told your father is dead? Abbey Lane hoped he had burnt in hell. Abbey’s connection with a lunatic hacker finds her mixed up in a game of global terror and intrigue.

William Haliwell is a wily veteran of law enforcement. Over time, he has gained the influence and social network to get the job done. His superiors believe he is past his sell by date and want him retired. Yet he must get to the heart of the problem but he knows that for every action there is a reaction.

Abbey presents Haliwell with a vital clue. His direct interference identifies a terrorist base, but what happens next is in the hands of MI6.

5-Star Review by Editor: James Bond and Tom Clancy Move Over for William Haliwell!

If you love contemporary thrillers and dramas with British flair, this is definitely your next read. I was addicted from the very first page. Personally, as someone who was rejected by my biological father, main character Abbey Lane tugs at my heart strings. In the first page we learn that Abbey, a young Londoner, receives a letter from her legal guardian Mr. Gregory Peters. Abbey has a life altering decision to make quickly.

Author Ron Sewell is a skilled story teller, who weaves a spine-tingling drama filled with suspense, twists and turns, that involve cybercrime, so sophisticated, the world nuclear arsenals are in danger of being compromised.

Abbey, Tyler and Michael unwittingly get involved and become partners with Jacob. Jacob uses his personal computer to trade information on the dark-net and his digital portals knowledge to skim money from banks and other entities. Knowledge, power, and greed are formidable masters.

Commander Haliwell (veteran of law enforcement) works diligently to assess the threat levels and let those in power know the terrorist threats are not going to go away. Let me bring you into the story at Chapter Twenty-Three.

…His desk  telephone  rang;  he  lifted  the  handset  and  said, “Haliwell.”

…“Good morning, Commander. Kathy James.”

…His mind raced as he recognised her name. “Long time no speak. Have you something on that damned laptop?”

…“Yes and no. We found something you should know.”

…He was silent for a moment. “About time. With the lack of information, I shelved the case.”

…“We never stopped looking, Commander. From what we have recovered we know you need a trigger which activates the launch programme.”

…“Okay, what is the trigger?”

…“I don’t know. It could be anything. What I do know is without the trigger, we cannot stop it operating.”

…“We must be able to do something.”

…“You’d need to reconfigure every ICBM  launch programme.”

…“I can’t see that happening when governments believe their systems are unhackable.”

…“I’ll send you my report and then it’s on your desk.”

…“Did you find anything else?”

…“We recovered bits and pieces, but nothing that makes any sense. I’ll keep my people on the case, but I doubt if we’ll ever retrieve all the pieces of the jigsaw. The originator did a great job of contaminating the hard drive.”

Will the British authorities figure out how to stop an impending nuclear attack?

Accomplished Author Ron Sewell brings his realistic characters to life using police and military components that will keep you turning the page. When you done enjoying ‘Abbey’ by Ron Sewell, please turn your attention these books: ‘A Basketful of Sleepers’, ‘The Angel Makers’, ‘You Can’t Hide Forever’, ‘The Collectors Book One’, ‘Full Circle: The Collectors Book Two’, ‘Tower 34: The Collectors Book Three’, ‘Diamonds and Sand: The Collectors Book Four’, ‘Finders Keepers: The Collectors Book Five’, ‘Black Gold: The Collectors Book Six’, ‘And The Point Is’, and ‘Finding Linda’.

Editorial Review (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Print Length: 273 Pages
Publisher: Appollonia Books. 1st Edition (December 6, 2020)
Berni Steven (Illustrator)
Language: English
Fiction (Action Thriller)
Thrillers (Contemporary)
Thrillers (Action Adventure)
Thrillers (British Flair)
Suspense Thriller (Crime Fiction)

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Message From Ron A. Sewell:

Name Ron A. Sewell.
Age – Old enough not to listen to idiots.
Born in Edinburgh.
Happily married to Sheila, we both got it right the second time.

At the age 14 with my passport and an almost empty rucksack I headed for the south of France. Here, I had a fabulous time working as a deckhand on luxury yachts.

If you choose to read my books and find you do not enjoy them please with my good wishes buy and read another author. Thank you for trying. The Collectors is a series of thrillers.

Message From A Retired Agent:


I love your thrillers Collectors’ series. The main protagonists are powerful characters with a sense of humour. The stories are page-turners. I hope these books continue to be successful.

Best regards,


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