Gateskin Chronicles by Janice Spina

The Legend Of The Taken Ones by Janice Spina.

Gateskin Chronicles Book 1.

New Fantasy Series For Ages 13-17.

This is Book 1 of a fantasy series that will have six books in all. In this book learn about the three children of King Gateskin and his wife, Queen Solinara. The children have had powers since they were quite young.

Serena was three years old when she learned of her power to move objects with her mind. Her brother, Simon, can fly and their sister, Catalina, can become invisible or blend into her surroundings. They live with their parents in Sovorotskina, the Land of Light.

With these powers comes responsibility. The children must try to use their powers for the common good and responsibly to help others. The three children befriend a Sprite named Spindle who accompanies them on their adventure. Along the way they meet up with their aunt and uncle, their mother’s brother and his wife, Wizard Hotenfaran and Fairy Procelina. The group must travel into the evil land of Parotovina, Land of Darkness, to save King Gateskin, who was kidnapped, and also rescue some of the descendants of their friends and fellow Sovorotskinans who were captured and taken by the Evil Ones. These descendants have been waiting a long time to be free to return to the villages of their ancestors.

The children have many trials and adventures along the way. Will they be able to rescue their father and fellow Sovorotskinans without endangering their own lives? Will the evil King Kaposkaran and his Queen Beregina stop Serena and her siblings from being successful or will they turn Serena and her siblings to their dark ways?

5 Stars: With powers comes responsibility!

‘THE LEGEND OF THE TAKEN ONES’ is book one of six planned in the ‘Gateskin Chronicles’. Award-winning  Author , Janice Spina, is writing this fantasy series for ages 13-17, but I can attest to the fact, adults will enjoy it too.

Serena Anya (age 14 is the heroine of story, sister to Simon Andolferan (age 12) and Catalina Leahna (age 10). Their mother is Solinara; Queen Fairy of Sovorotskina. Their father is Gateskin; King Wizard of Sovorotskina. Serena, has the power to move objects with her mind. Simon can fly, and Catalina can become invisible. With these powers comes responsibility.

Sovorotskina (Land of Goodness & Light) was one of the villages that make up the Territory of Noella Province  (later known as Votovia). The other villages are Votovia (Land of Magic & Mystery), Merona (Land of Peace & Harmony), Merlina (Land of Myths & Legends), Amora (Land of Faith & Love), and Parotovina (Land of Evil & Darkness).

I think to understand the story you must understand the ‘Votovians’. The Votovians were feared by other villages that did not have fairies and wizards. The Votovian children were taught these five simple rules in Votovian School from the age of four. They used rhymes and simple language so that the youngest children could understand the rules.

Rule#1: Never use your powers to hurt anyone (not even to injure, move or hurt even flowers).

Rule#2: Help your fellow villagers out in any way you can.

Rule#3: Always band together for the common good.

Rule#4: Above all, protect the children. If danger comes, fast we will flee, and stay together using our powers only in an emergency.

Rule#5: Powers are to be used in emergency situations if agreed upon only by the governing council with final approval of the King and Queen of Votovia.

The Votovians were all hoping they would never have to use their powers. Their powers collectively were so strong they could destroy everyone in their path. They were a peace-loving people, and this did not come easy for them , but they would do whatever they had to do to protect their children and the children of their friends in Sovorotskina and any of the other neighboring villages.

I will let you discover on your own ‘THE LEGEND OF THE TAKEN ONES’. I highly recommend Gateskin Chronicles, Book 1. Author Janice Spina always has valuable lessons in her storylines, which make her stories true ‘Jems’. Janice has written 19 children’s books and has multiple series, for ages 10 and up.

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Product Details:
Print Length: ‎500 Pages
Publisher: ‎Janice Spina; 1st Edition (August 28, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Fantasy (Fairy Tales and Myths)
Fantasy (Mythology and Folk Tales)
Reading Ages 13-17

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The Unknown Territory by Janice Spina.

Gateskin Chronicles Book 2 by Janice Spina.

The adventures continue in this addition of Gateskin Chronicles. Many new characters and creatures are introduced. Spells abound with magic all around. Many visitors come to Sovorotskina looking for asylum from the evil King Kaposkaran of Parotovina. Will King Gateskin accept them all or even be able to trust them not to be spies for the evil King?

Serena uses her powers to assist when wolves come their way. Other creatures are also about and threaten the safety of the village.

Kaposkaran finds himself in trouble when his village is attacked by creatures. Will he turn to Gateskin for help? If he does, what will Gateskin do?

There is a spy about in Sovorotskina. Will the spy be discovered and somehow stopped from undermining the magic of King Gateskin and his family?

5 Stars: Equally enchanting as the Harry Potter series.

‘THE UNKNOWN TERRITORY’ (Gateskin Chronicles Book 2) continues from ‘The Legend of The Taken Ones’ (Gateskin Chronicles Book 1). The Gateskin Chronicles can be read out of succession, but you will not want to miss any of this exciting, magical, fantasy series.

I believe ages 13+ will enjoy this series, as Award-winning author, Janice Spina has an amazing way of telling the story, and capturing the attention and imagination of her readers. ‘The Unknown Territory’ takes you to the TERRITORY OF NOELLA PROVINCE, which is made up of six villages, with the Sea of Shakelle off the southern borders. New characters, new creatures, new dangers, and new spells abound.

This book opens with a new breed of wolves stoking fear among the villagers, as they search for new hunting grounds.King Gateskin (powerful wizard of Sovorotskina) reassures his people; the wolves are kind and friendly. The province is not without danger though. Sovorotskina (Land of Goodness & Light), Votovia (Land of Magic & Mystery), Merona (Land of Peace & Harmony), Merlina (Land of Myths & Legends), and Amora (Land of Faith & Love), all had reason to fear Parotovina (Land of Evil & Darkness). I decided to share this quote so you will understand the true danger that exist for the TERRITORY OF NOELLA PROVINCE.

…King Gateskin created a Channel Spell to open a connection to all the other villages except Parotovina. He kept that window closed. Once he had all the rulers of the villages virtually in his Meeting Room, he called the meeting to order.

…He explained what had happened in the Village of Parotovina and the dangers they faced from the roaming Catlings.

… “We need to help Parotovina. I know all of you have had unfavorable treatment by King Kaposkaran and his guards, so have I. But we cannot let these people suffer like this. We have to do something.”

… “Will we have to use dark magic to take out these creatures, King Gateskin?” King Cavelan asked.

… “Never! We have to try something else. Please let’s use first names only here. We are all rulers and don’t need to use the pomp and circumstance in these serious times.”

… “I agree, Gateskin,” Cavelan said.

…Noderan of the Village of Amora asked, “Do you have something in mind, Gateskin?”

… “Well, I think I can come up with a few spells with the help of all of you and my Wizards. Please let me introduce you to the former Parotovinan Wizards.”

…Gateskin spread his hands across the table and pointed out the four Wizards to the rulers. They all nodded and waited for more information about what they would be doing.

It is up to you to discover. Who is the spy in Sovorotskina? Will the spy be discovered and somehow stopped from undermining the magic of King Gateskin and his family?

‘The Gateskin Chronicles’ will you on a magical journey, equally enchanting as the Harry Potter series. Once you begin, you will anxiously wait for the next book to be released.

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From The Author: This series began many years ago in 2009. A spark was created and my muse worked overtime to create two books simulataneously – a historical fiction and this fantasy series book 1. Once I began writing the story flowed and continued into book 2.

This isn’t my favorite genre but my muse seems to like it and keeps coming up with new ideas for the next book. It was fun coming up with strange and complicated names for these characters, creatures, lands, and spells. Sometimes I have no idea where they come from. All I know is that they pop into my head when I need one.

Watch for books 3-6 coming over the next few years. They are epic stories with hundreds of pages. Each book grows larger than the previous one. I hope you enjoy this fantasy series and forget your troubles and fly away with Gateskin Chronicles.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎615 Pages
Publisher: ‎Janice Spina (July 1, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Fantasy (Fairy Tales and Myths)
Fantasy (Mythology and Folk Tales)
Reading Ages 13-17

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Biography: Janice Spina is an award-winning author of 38 books (new one to be released in July 2022).

With 19 children’s books, Louey the Lazy Elephant, Ricky the Rambunctious Raccoon, Jerry the Crabby Crayfish, Lamby the Lonely Lamb, Jesse the Precocious Polar Bear, Broose the Moose on the Loose, Sebastian Meets Marvin the Monkey, and Colby the Courageous Cat, Jeffrey the Jittery Giraffe, Clarence Henry the Hermit Crab, Lucy the Talented Toy Terrier, The First Star, Drystan the Dragon and Friends Series, Book 1-6, and MG/PT/YA books, Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series, Books 1-6, Abby & Holly Series Books 1-6, copy editor, blogger, book reviewer and supporter of fellow authors.

Janice has multiple series which includes the Abby & Holly series (MG/PT Ages 10+), Mariah series (Age 18+), alone with a few stand-alone books. A new book in the Gateskin Chronicles series for 15+ is coming soon.

She has written 5 Novels including Hunting Mariah, Mariah’s Revenge, How Far is Heaven, In a Second, and Lubelia Alycea: One Hundred Years (a historical fiction/romance) for Age 18+.

Her works include one Short Story Collection: ‘An Angel Among Us’ for Age 18+.

Janice’s short stories have been published in others’ anthologies and in The Writer’s Newsletter,


  • Louey the Lazy Elephant: Mom’s Choice Awards – Silver Medal
  • Ricky the Rambunctious Raccoon-Mom’s Choice Award – Silver Medal
  • Jerry the Crabby Crayfish-Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
  • Lamby the Lonely Lamb-Mom’s Choice Awards – Silver Medal
  • Jesse the Precocious Polar Bea-Mom’s Choice Awards – Silver Medal
  • Broose the Moose on the Loose-Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
  • Sebastian Meets Marvin the Monkey-Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
  • Colby the Courageous Cat-Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
  • Jeffrey the Jittery Giraffe-Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
  • Clarence Henry the Hermit Crab-Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
  • Lucy the Talented Toy Terrier-Mom’s Choice Awards – Silver Medal
  • The First Star-Mom’s Choice Awards – Silver Medal
  • Drystan the Dragon and Friends Series Book 1: Drystan and Durward Save the Day
    (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award & Top Shelf Runners-up Award)
  • Drystan the Dragon and Friends Series Book 2: Damara Helps Drystan Find His Roar
    (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award)
  • Drystan the Dragon and Friends Series Book 3 Delbert Finds Himself
  • Drystan the Dragon and Friends Series Book 4: Delfina Solves a Problem
  • Drystan the Dragon and Friends Series Book 5: Drago Does a Good Deed
  • Drystan the Dragon and Friends Series Book 6: Dragana Helps a Fairy Make Believe (Bedtime Stories for Children Book 1). (Mom’s Choice Awards – Silver Medal)


  • Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Book 1: The Case of the Missing Cell Phone-(Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Honorable Mention- Readers’ Favorite Book Award)
  • Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Book 2: The Case of the Mysterious Black Cat (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award)
  • Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Book 3: The Case of the Magical Ivory Elephant (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award and Reader’s Favorite Book Awards – Silver Medal)
  • Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Book 4: The Case of the Brown Scraggly Dog (First Place in Top Shelf Awards, Finalist in Red City Review Awards 5-Star Book Review – Readers’ Favorite Book Awards)
  • Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Book 5: The Case of the Sad Mischievous Ghost (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Authorsdb Cover Contest – Silver Medal)
  • Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Book 6: The Case of the Mystery of the Bells (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Finalist – Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, Finalist – Book Excellence Awards)
  • Abby & Holly School Dance (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award & Bronze Medal from Readers’ Favorite Book Awards)
  • Abby & Holly Series Book 2: Unfortunate Events (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award and Readers’ Favorite Book Awards – Honorable Mention)
  • Abby & Holly Series, Book 3: Secrets of the Trunk (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award)
  • Abby & Holly Series, Book 4: The Hidden Stairway (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award)
  • Abby & Holly Series, Book 5: The Copper Key (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award)
  • Abby & Holly Series, Book 6: Faulty Timeline (Pinnacle Book Achievement Award)

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Her logo is Jemsbooks – books for all ages!
Her motto is – Reading Gives You Wings to Fly!
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Janice’s hobbies besides writing are crocheting, exercising to keep in shape, going to the movies with her husband or out to lunch or dinner, reading, book reviewing, blogging and spending time with her five grandchildren who are her writing inspiration.

Janice loves to hear from readers and appreciates and happily welcomes reviews.

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