Death’s Pale Flag by Gary Simonds

Death’s Pale Flag by Gary Simonds.

A highly-successful brain surgeon begins to encounter ghosts.

Brain surgeon and unlikely war hero, Ryan Brenan, has it all. A booming practice, a beautiful home in an idyllic setting, and a happy loving family. Then, the apparitions begin. Subtle at first, but soon there’s no doubt about it, he’s seeing ghosts, spirits, the undead. Of course, he could just be going nuts, cracking under the pressure of his constant exposure to death, mayhem, and tragedy. But, he believes he has proof that the ghosts are very real, and that they are specifically haunting him.

5-Stars: Pulse racing paranormal medical thriller, that brings haunting to a whole new level.

Author and neurosurgeon Gary Simonds, masterfully draws his readers into both the professional and chaotic neurosurgery universe. I was struck with the sheer humanity and even venerability of the neuro surgical team. We tend to put our medical professionals on hero pedestals. This intensifies the already perfectionistic, workaholic, overcommitted struggle for achievement, among these medical personalities in danger of succumbing to human fallacy.

Pregnant with their third, Environmental Lawyer Kelly Brenan and her husband Ryan Brenan (Neurosurgeon) leaves the bustle of DC. They settled their growing family into a rambling old farmhouse with lots of land and new opportunities within the community of New Bethany, Pennsylvania.

You now have a front row seat in the neurosurgery ward, and in the lives of the neurosurgery team, at the Carriere Clinic. The intense, life and death drama, that unfolds professionally and personally will keep you turning the pages. Follow Ryan’s personal journey, as paranormal entities start to reveal themselves to him, causing him to fight for his sanity, and his family. Witness the keystrokes and images as Ryan is forced into a macabre treasure hunt. Ryan believes he has proof; the dark lady, and the other ghosts are real. Does he find enough evidence to convince his wife Kelly and other important people around him?

Let me bring you into the story here: “It was as if the undead were determined to become regular fixtures in his life. Perhaps it was New Bethany, though, and not him. Perhaps the place was overrepresented in the metaphysical world. Or could it have something to do with the jeep? He seemed to experience so many of his “interfaces” when in the jeep. It had been his father’s. When his father died, his mother put it in storage until he could drive. He loved the beat-up old thing, but could it be some sort of spook receiver? Who knew? The only thing of which Ryan was certain was that he needed a break, a reprieve, an armistice with the world of the dead. His wits were fraying; his pistons, overheating. So, he clung to the promise of an upcoming escape—only a couple of weeks away—a neurosurgical meeting in Miami. Seven glorious days away from the apparently very haunted Susquehanna Valley. Surely the spirit world couldn’t flourish in the bright sun and salty air of South Beach. It wouldn’t be long and he would be in another world altogether— one bursting with life and youth and play. And as icing on the cake, he’d be accompanied by Kelly.”

Will this retreat bring Ryan the mental rest and family time that he yearns for?

I highly recommend Death’s Pale Flag by Gary Simonds. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I was surprised by the ending. The story will challenge some of your preconceived ideas while entertaining you with humor, family drama, and the thrill of paranormal activity.

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Paperback: ‎380 Pages
Publisher: ‎BQB Publishing (May 2, 2023)
Language: ‎English
Medical Thriller
Supernatural Thriller
Ghost Fiction Thriller
Paranormal Thriller
Family Drama

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About The Author: Gary Simonds is a neurosurgeon who has treated tens of thousands of patients with devastating illnesses. He is a professor at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and the Virginia Tech School of Neuroscience. He has published three nonfiction books on burnout and psychological distress in healthcare providers and routinely writes about, and gives talks on, neuroscience, neurosurgery, medical socioeconomics, medical humanism, medical ethics, and burnout.

Simonds grew up in New Jersey and England, is an avid soccer fan, a guitar and bongo player; and lives in North Carolina.

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