Come See My Africa by Ken Palmrose

Come See My Africa by Ken Palmrose.

Enjoy a tour of southern Africa led by your guide, Tau, a young student who lives near beautiful Victoria Falls. Not every child or adult can actually travel in person to Africa, but Tau will take you on a journey of his world through words and pictures. Africa will come alive as a world that is now at every student and reader’s doorstep through pictures and words showing you the beauty and diversity of the scenery and culture from this part of the globe.

This particular story is a fun filled adventure for anyone ages 8-13 and beyond. The author has selected special places for Tau to show off the uniqueness that is Africa. You will see beautiful sights, learn about many of the animals of Africa, and have a brief look at the daily lives of its people.

As an ardent lifelong fan of travel books and videos, the author hopes this book will instill the desire to travel in every reader of any age.

Review by Ted Kunz, philosopher, adventurer, and author of ‘The Two-Wheeled Wanderer: An Obscure Man in Obscure Places’.

“Superb photography and storytelling take me back to an unforgettable year riding my bicycle through the heart of Africa. Ken’s book should be shared among children and their parents, because reading, learning, and hopefully someday visiting other cultures helps us to better appreciate our own.”

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Paperback: ‎40 Pages
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Children’s Multicultural Biographies
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About The Author:  For many years during my 36-year Forest Service career, I was a writer/editor and later a contributing editor for an extensive Arizona wildfire story titled “The Monster Reared His Ugly Head.” I wrote numerous news and web stories, special feature articles and additionally I continue learning to be an accomplished photographer having travelled to over 25 countries around the world. When I started this little project several years ago, my goal was to write a screenplay. I decided quickly I may not have the patience to write a screenplay. But now I think I do and I hope to adapt this short novel into one.

As a 75-year-old first time published author from Meridian, Idaho I was thrilled to have a novel published and now I have more to write. And so, I recently completed my second, novel. I also completed a unique collection of my first ever free-verse poetry along with some photos I have taken during my travels. I explain a little about each poem and photo and how they all relate. Titled, “Journey to September” it should be out soon either as an eBook or hard cover, perhaps both.

I was born and raised in Clatsop County Oregon in the Seaside-Astoria area graduating from Seaside High School and later from Clatsop Community College with an Assoc. degree in Forestry Technology. I was drafted into the Army and then trained as an imagery interpreter at Ft. Holabird, MD Military Intelligence School. I then served in Vietnam for parts of 1967 and 1968 including during the infamous Tet offensive.

With my 36 years in the USDA-Forest Service and after retirement adding another 15 years temporary service, I was involved in 51 fire seasons with duties ranging from firefighter to Infrared Interpreter to Information Officer. Although both novels are fiction, they are at times loosely based upon actual events that occurred during my career and my time in Vietnam.

Author’s Note: For further information, see July articles in the Idaho Press and Seaside Signal (Oregon) for recent interviews with the author.

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