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Once Upon A Weekend by Cherie-Waggie.

Construction worker Sam Pargeter and his younger brother, Ricky set out with two friends, Ken, and Brian, for a quiet weekend at a rented mountain cabin. But things aren’t as quiet as they hoped when mysterious and peculiar things start happening the minute they arrive. Windows change position, hallways lengthen, whole rooms disappear, and Ricky seems to be the target of a spectral woman in white. Frightened away from the cabin, Sam, Ricky, and Ken soon discover they didn’t leave the trouble behind. Not only do the weird things keep happening, but Ricky mentally reverts to childhood. He and Ken are still persecuted by the woman in white. The only one who doesn’t seem to be affected is Sam, and he is determined to find out what is behind all the paranormal activity and put a stop to it before it destroys his brother and best friend.

Review by Linda Jennings: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Another keeps your attention book. Cherie’ Waggie, you did it again. This is the second book I have read of Ms. Waggie. This is an attention keeper, it’s hard to put down once you start it. I can see this becoming movie. I enjoyed the suspense and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. I will certainly be looking for more of your books. Think I just found my new best author.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎188 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (May 25, 2023)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Ghost)
Horror (Occult)
Paranormal (Ghost Mystery Thriller)
Paranormal (Mystery)

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Dakotas Dragon by Cherie Waggie.

All Dakota Jennins wants after the murder of her husband and partner in their Private Investigations firm, is to spend her wedding anniversary alone in the mountains. The last thing she expects is to find herself immersed in the kidnapping of the international superstar, Eddie Tseung as his rescuer. Discovering the half-naked Eddie bound in a tarp and dumped in the desert, Dakota frees him. With the kidnappers following and closing in, she and Eddie begin the long, treacherous, and dangerous trip on foot across the desert to where she left her pickup. Frustrated by her predicament and to the interruption to her grief, she turns her anger on the talkative Eddie by doing her best to ignore him. Eddie isn’t easily dissuaded and Dakota finally gives in to his charm and finds not only is Eddie considerate and understanding, but someone she’s glad to have on her side when the kidnappers finally catch up to them.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎292 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (May 24, 2023)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Women’s Adventures)
Romance (Action & Adventure)
Fiction (Christian Literature)
Mysteries (Suspense Thriller)
Mysteries (Women Sleuths)

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Rogue Marauder by Cherie Waggie.

Adventures Haunalyn and Sneighd Book 1.

Join Sneighd Arkon, a Denovan freighter pilot, on a wild adventure through the galaxy in this thrilling page-turner. Despite facing constant challenges to keep his battered ship flying, Sneighd refuses a tempting job offer from sinister Syndicate Boss Baquar Starka. However, when Sneighd accepts a loan from Starka to keep his vessel functional, he unwittingly becomes embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Accused of a murderous crime he didn’t commit, Sneighd must rely on the help of friends and newfound allies, including Tendrite Portmaster Korbot Maka and Rhadurian pilot Haunalyn, to clear his name and evade the clutches of Starka and his cohorts. With danger lurking around every corner and a ticking clock threatening their mission, can Sneighd, Korbot, and Haunalyn find the real killer and prove Sneighd’s innocence before it’s too late? Don’t miss out on the action-packed journey of “Sneighd Arkon and the Rogue Marauder.”

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎313 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (September 27, 2021)
Language: English
Fiction (Space Fleet Science)
Fiction (Space Operas)

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No More Heroes by Cherie’ Waggie.

A Philip Chandler Mystery.

When a much-needed vacation to Hong Kong turns upside down, Washington Private Investigator, Philip Chandler finds himself involved in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. He and Hong Kong action star, Eddie Tseung are nearly blown to bits in an explosion in Eddie’s apartment.

Miraculously escaping the explosion, a fire, a near drowning, and an attempted poisoning, Eddie asks Philip for help, then mysteriously disappears, leaving Philip a suspected murderer in a manhunt by Hong Kong police. With the aid of Eddie’s eighteen-year-old son, Jai, Philip searches for clues to lead him to Eddie while trying to stay ahead of the Asian authorities.

Product Details:
Paperback: 258 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (October 21, 2019)
Language: ‎English
Fiction: (Traditional Detective Mysteries)

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Lucifer House by Cherie’ Waggie.

After the death of her father, magazine editor, Olivia Gray has to get away for the holidays. The isolated coastal town of Pirates’ Point, Maine seems to be the perfect place.

Her first night at her friend’s beach house, she discovers Pirates’ Point has a night walker.

Chris Wu, a lonely man who lives in an ancient rock house on the cliff overlooking the ocean is a former international pop star who disappeared from public view eight years earlier after a tragic car accident. His home, Lucifer House, built by a notorious pirate captain, Jean-Paul Lucifer, is believed by the townspeople to be haunted by the ghost of 10-year-old Charity Lucifer.

After an accident temporarily cripples Chris Wu, Olivia moves in to help him and soon becomes convinced not only that Charity does haunt Lucifer House, but that she is trying to get a message to Chris concerning the car accident. It isn’t long before Olivia becomes convinced the accident wasn’t an accident and someone in Pirates’ Point wants Chris dead.

5 Stars: Paranormal ghost mystery set in Maine.

If you love paranormal, mystery, romance and suspense, you will find Lucifer House by Cherie’ Waggie hard to put down.

Author Cherie’ Waggie weaves a believable, multi-layered tale that keeps one foot in main character Olivia Gray’s world and the other in the lure of the past.

I love everything Maine (born on the coast of Maine), so the well-developed characters and descriptive writing kept me engaged, as the sleuth in me needed to know what happened in this coastal town.

Main Character Olivia Gray just needs some time away from the bustle of the city after the death of her father. Little does she realize what awaits her in the cold, damp, coastal, New England fog. I invite you to Pirates’ Point, Maine and specifically invite you to Lucifer House (built by a notorious pirate captain, Jean-Paul Lucifer) where the ghost of 10-year-old Charity Lucifer might just reach out of the mist and touch you.

Settling in, Olivia Gray leaves her room to explore her surroundings and I quote. “Outside, the half-moon dangling over the ocean bathed the world in silver blue light. She went onto the deck to watch the waves play along the shore and movement caught her peripheral vision. She turned her head.

…Someone was walking along the beach, his hands in the pockets of his heavy coat, bare head bent, oblivious to the waves that seemed to wash over his feet. A solitary, lonely figure against the backdrop of the ocean and night, he passed the beach house and seemed to melt into the darkness.

…Olivia shivered. There were no such things as ghosts.

…Returning to her room convinced that the night walker must have been some local unable to go to sleep, she climbed back into bed. Maybe he lived in the house on the hill. And maybe the drive to Maine wore her out more than she thought. Maybe she imagined him. After all, who would walk-through ice-cold water in the middle of the night?”

…The night walker is only the beginning; Olivia finds all her senses fully awake and engaged as the mysteries surrounding Lucifer House beckons her to unravel the truth and bring peace to the spirits on Pirates’ Point.

After reading Lucifer House, enjoy her other books titled Without Warning: The Fireman; Look Back to Tomorrow; Twisting Dagger; Dakota’s Dragon; Once Upon A Weekend and No More Heroes: A Philip Chandler Mystery.

Editorial Review (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Publisher: ‎CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 1, 2011)
Paperback: ‎350 Pages
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Ghost)
Horror (Occult)

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Message From Author: “I an Oklahoma Green Country, ranch raised, proud to be an American Veteran woman. I discovered my writing talent at age 10, and have been writing poetry, short stories, and books ever since. I’ve been married and widowed, and all my children have four legs. I love animals, have training as a veterinarian assistant, and graduated from college in 1986 with a degree in Drama. I live with my 87-year-old mother in an old farmhouse between Skiatook and Sperry, Oklahoma, like taking long walks with my year-old Schnauzer, Mahlah, and caring for our four cats, Goldman, Sunny, Happy, and David. We’re visited every night by our neighborhood racoons and opossums, and a sweet dog we call Bud, who comes by every morning.”

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