Appellate Judge by Behcet Kaya

Appellate Judge by Behcet Kaya.

Book One In The Jack Ludefance PI Series.

“From the swamps of the Florida panhandle, once again emerges private investigator Jack Ludefance, in a murder/mystery/thriller novel by award winning author Behcet Kaya, titled “Appellate Judge.” A key element in this case, in which readers are orbited into with a very subtle path of reasoning, revolves around a violin. Not just any ordinary violin, but a Stradivarius, worth many millions of dollars. What’s more, it seems this particular Strad, which was gifted to the judge years back by a Swiss aristocrat, was actually at one time owned by the most famous violin virtuoso who ever lived, Niccolò Paganini; adding even more to its value.

The uncovering of details about this violin makes for a very sophisticated history into the world of classical instruments. With suspense, action, seduction and attitude, worthy of the Jack Ludefance series, “Appellate Judge” ranks high in the best-of-class within this genre. It stands on its own for readers just entering the series, albeit those who have read his two prior novels, “Treacherous Estate” and “Body in the Woods” would appreciate the continued character development and maturity Kaya brings to his latest in the series. “The Appellate Judge” is not one to miss!” Gary Sorkin

Review by JoJo Maxson: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Another fierce novel that will keep you glued to the pages. Appellate Judge by Behcet Kaya is the third Jack Ludefance novel, and this private investigator gets better with each book. Jack is taking a break from his cases and goes on a cruise with his sister, Margaux, and their late father’s companion, Deloris. In the middle of his vacation, he gets a call that his next challenging case is waiting for him when he is back in the states. A year has passed since the Honorable Judge Russell Hasting died. His daughter is not convinced it was a heart attack, especially since there were marks clearly across his neck. Can Jack work his magic again to find the clue that will give him a break?

Behcet Kaya is an amazing author that continues to build off his intriguing character, PI Jack Ludefance. Appellate Judge keeps the readers hanging on to every work as the story unfolds into another suspenseful thriller. I love how the author keeps his novels fast, fierce, and full of action without extra filler. I am looking forward to the next novel in this series and the new turn in his life.

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Paperback: ‎379 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (November 27, 2020)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Crime Mysteries)
Thrillers (Organized Crime)
Thrillers (Suspense)
Mysteries (Crime Thrillers)
Mysteries (Murder Thriller Crime Fiction)
Mysteries (Mystery Suspense Thrillers)
Mysteries (Private Investigator)

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About The Author: Author Behcet Kaya was born in northeastern Turkey. Growing up in a small village with long held traditions, his rebellious and creative nature emerged at an early age. Leaving home at fourteen, he travelled first to Istanbul and then on to London. His dream was to complete his high school education and then a college degree in engineering. While at Hatfield Polytechnic, Kaya made his first visit to the U.S. as an exchange student with the BUNC. He made the move to the U.S. in 1976 and became a U.S. citizen in 1985. While living in Atlanta, Georgia, he followed his creative yearnings, attending the Alliance Theater School and studying at the SAG Conservatory of Georgia. Kaya and his wife moved to Los Angeles, where he continued his studies at the Roby Theater Company and the Shakespeare, A Noise Within Theater Workshop. In May 2017 Behcet Kaya graduated from California State University Channel Island majoring BA Political Science.

Along with acting, writing became a natural outlet for his creative yearnings. He has published seven novels, “Voice of Conscience, Murder on the Naval Base, Road to Siran-Erin’s story (Sequel To Voice of Conscience), Treacherous Estate (crime story), Body in the Woods, Appellate Judge (Part of The Jack Ludefance PI Series), Murder In Buckhead (The Jack Ludefance PI Series), as well as several short stories.

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