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The Dragon Slayer by David Harvey

To some village folk, he was the Dragon Slayer. To the King of Zorgonia, he was their Guardian. To Liam himself, it was a mystery. He’d grown up with the dragons and he loved them.

King Garrin loves his prosperous country, and all its people. It is surrounded on three sides by high, jagged snow-capped mountains, but its way of life and prosperity has always made it a target for brigands and armies of thieves.

When Zorgonia is threatened again by a large army preparing to invade, the King knows that this time, the archers and unicorn army will be too small to handle the sheer size of the invasion.

The country needs the dragons, the most fearsome creatures in the world (or so the dragons think!) But other than looking fearsome, there is not much they can do.

Can Liam find a way to use the dragons and save Zorgonia?

Can he use them in a way that they can go beyond just looking fearsome to being fearsome?

If Zorgonia is to survive this threat he will need to do something bold.

Product Details:
Print Length: 182 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (January 4, 2021)
Language: English
Global Library: Fantasy (Sword & Sorcery)

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When The Sun Blinked: Search For The Truth (Book 1) by David Harvey

At 09:15 on the morning of 08 October 2015, the biggest disaster in aviation history occurred when several commercial flights, other aircraft, and helicopters, simply vanished from both radar and visual sight in the vicinity of Cape Town International Airport, South Africa.

No traces of wreckage, debris or bodies were ever found.

Flights AHA 115, inbound from New York, was one of them. It crashed into the sea, close to shore and 28 passengers ultimately survived.

Everyone else was either killed in the initial crash, succumbed later to their injuries, drowned, or were killed by the sharks attracted to the blood and gore as they scrambled desperately through the water to shore.

The 28 survivors thought they had been the lucky ones.

They were dead wrong.

As days pass with no sign of rescue, they search through the debris on the beach for food and water and survive by scavenging through the hold of the wrecked airliner when the tide is out.

Days merge into weeks and for some reason, the world seems to have forgotten them.

What they do discover is they seem to be in the middle of a pristine nature park, with familiar wildlife living in profusion – but bizarrely, mixed with wildlife supposedly shot out to extinction several hundred years previously.

After several weeks, a group of nine decided to attempt to find a way through the mountain range behind them hoping to find signs of humanity.

Because apart from anything else, they quickly come to realize that in this pristine environment, ruled by nature, they are somewhere near the bottom of the food chain.

Series: When The Sun Blinked: Search For The Truth (Book 1)
Global Library: Action Adventure
Global Library: Science Fiction (Action Adventure)

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When The Sun Blinked: The Soldiers (Book 2) by David Harvey

A world unimagined – the other side of the mountain range is as far removed from twenty-first century reality as a parallel universe. For the nine survivors the full extent of this pristine, wildlife-filled environment, is totally bizarre and an encounter with an unexpectedly large, but injured lion leaves them baffled – from a size perspective.

From the top of one of the numerous mountains, a puzzling sighting provokes more disturbing questions than answers. From another side of the same mountain, they can overlook the bay into which they crashed, but what they see, simply adds more confusion to the puzzle.

Making their way back to the other nineteen survivors, the information is shared, and a decision made to attempt to climb the massive mountain behind where they are living. If they can get high enough, it may bring the pieces of the puzzle together and either confirm or deny what they have seen.

What they see provides the answer to what they went looking for. And if it is correct, there is not going to be any rescue – ever – and this is their new world, for better or worse.

Searching for other survivors takes them down the coastline to the remains of another crashed commercial airliner.

Breaking into the hold enables them to scavenge enough supplies to enhance their current uncertain world.

During the days of scavenging, they become aware that they are being watched from one of the mountains by seven armed men, dressed in the tattered remains of camouflage uniforms. These men, however, seem reluctant to come down and meet them, which raises suspicions in the minds of the survivors.

When they finally do meet, their suspicions are confirmed. They are all soldiers, survivors of the same event which caused their helicopters to crash, but now they see the situation as an opportunity to take over the original group and re-populate the world according to their rules.

A situation that cannot possibly end well.

Series: When The Sun Blinked: The Soldiers (Book 2) by David Harvey
Global Network: Global Library: Action Adventure
Global Library: Science Fiction (Action Adventure)

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When The Sun Blinked: The Lions (Book 3) by David Harvey

Ten square kilometers (six square miles). That’s approximately the total amount of beach that provides relative safety for the survivors although even that comes with nature’s brutal reminders.

At the top of the beach is a massive wetland. A wildlife paradise, but home to initially, five aggressive nomadic mountain lions. Down the beach from their camp, where they discovered the second aircraft wreck, a clan of hyenas has taken residence. And now that the orcas have left the bay on their annual migration route, the great white sharks are once again at the top of the aquatic food chain.

The five nomadic male lions explore their territory regularly and contact with the survivors is a frightening experience. Made even more so when the lions find mates and soon five becomes eleven lions living in the wetland.

In a long food chain, the lions are the absolute apex predators. Nature can be beautiful or brutal, depending on one’s position in the food chain, and out here, the survivors are somewhere near the bottom and the message is driven home repeatedly.

Carelessness costs lives – theirs.

Series: When The Sun Blinked: The Lions (Book 3)
Global Library: Action Adventure
Global Library: Science Fiction (Action Adventure)

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Retribution: Seeds Of Revenge Book 1) by David Harvey

Alexander Jack Lightfoot and Ethan Hunter experienced all kinds of hell in Afghanistan.

When they became targets of a drug syndicate based in Cape Town, South Africa, they resorted to the only thing they knew. Meet force with greater force.

First came the extortion.

Then the harassment.

Then it became personal.

Which was a serious mistake.

Because that’s how retribution started.

Series: Retribution: Seeds Of Revenge (Book 1)
Global Library: Action Adventure
Global Library: Fiction (Urban Life)

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Retribution: Winter Revenge (Book 2) by Dave Harvey

Cesar Quevedo’s life revolves around revenge. The Cape Town winter rains are starting when heads will be down and buried under umbrellas. That will be his time to strike.

Dimitri Alfieri also wants revenge but understands the value of waiting. In the meantime, he can’t stop niggling away at the Hout Bay family, despite being warned off.

With drug money missing, two psychopathic killers with a reputation for brutality are sent from Bogota to Cape Town to find it.

Needing fresh abalone suppliers, Cesar Quevedo unleashes his peculiar brand of brutality against an abalone poacher to simply make a point and later, meets Melissa Samuels, a key player in this world and surprises himself by succumbing to her charms.

While Cesar Quevedo and Dimitri Alfieri spend their time plotting revenge, the Hout Bay family carry out a pre-emptive ambush with military precision against them.

Dimitri learns a very painful and expensive lesson that leaves him in a hospital with a huge question mark. How could anyone know where he would be at a specific time and what he had in the boot of his car?

In an elaborate but deadly game of chess, the stakes are high and the longer this game goes on, the more dangerous it becomes.

Series: Retribution: Winter Revenge (Book 2)
Global Library: Action Adventure
Global Library: Fiction (Urban Life)

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Retribution: Twilight Revenge (Book 3) by Dave Harvey

When Dimitri Alfieri was ambushed, he was shot twice as a lesson. The money he was carrying to be laundered, was stolen.

He never saw who it was, he can’t prove anything but he believes the Hout Bay family need the money, they have the military experience so they had to be behind it.

When a significant portion of the money is subsequently dumped in a public park, he becomes increasingly unravelled.

Cesar Quevedo, the abalone poacher, his ally and only friend, is no stranger to ruthless violence. But he has his own problems. His earlier killing of an abalone poacher to send a message comes back to haunt him when an attempt is made on his life, leading to more violence and deaths.

Now it is about to become personal. Dimitri Alfieri vs the Hout Bay family. He would like to believe that his friend Cesar, has his back. But Cesar is, inexplicably, in love and revenge is no longer part of his thinking.

Series: Retribution: Twilight Revenge (Book 3)
Global Library: Action Adventure
Global Library: Fiction (Urban Life)

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Retribution: Steps To Revenge (Book 4) by Dave Harvey

Benito Alfieri expands his cocaine empire with a new market in Central Asia.

His abalone market keeps growing, and other than the regular Hout Bay irritations, the world from his office is looking good.

Or so he thinks.

Until one of his trucks catches fire, destroying the contents, while a second one is hijacked and later torched, also destroying the contents.

Were they accidents, random events or something else? His Central Asian market feels the pinch of no delivery and they want payback.

When problems arise, the Alfieri family resolve them their way using kidnappings, torture, murder, and corruption.

Benito Alfieri is a very dangerous man, but the loss of the trucks with their loads of cocaine and the pushback from Central Asia are pushing him to the edge.

The real Dimitri Alfieri, Benito’s nephew, emerges and proves that he has no boundaries when it comes to barbaric violence and revenge.

Series: Retribution: Steps To Revenge (Book 4)
Global Library: Action Adventure
Global Library: Fiction (Urban Life)

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Retribution: Unfulfilled Revenge (Book 5) by Dave Harvey

In 2011 Columbian authorities closed down the Alfieri brothers drug empire, jailed Guido Alfieri for life and deported his brother Benito and Guido’s son Dimitri.

With Guido’s help from behind bars, they washed up on the shores of Cape Town, South Africa and promptly set up shop. Helped by the fact that they were now living in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Benito Alfieri quickly grasped existing crime syndicates by the throat and re-built the Alfieri drug empire.

By 2016, they controlled the Cape Town drug distribution market, the Cape Town nightclub world, the bulk of all racketeering and money laundering markets in the Western Cape, as well as bribing, bending and forcing a significant number of police and politicians onto their payroll. The size of their cocaine market was now larger than in Colombia.

When Dimitri Alfieri initially came to the Hout Bay business demanding monthly protection payments, they paid so that they would leave the business alone. The status quo would have maintained itself, but Alfieri made a mistake and threatened them.

Which wasn’t just a mistake. It was the biggest blunder the Alfieri cartel could ever make.

Series: Retribution: Unfulfilled Revenge (Book 5)
Global Library: Action Adventure
Global Library: Fiction (Urban Life)


Retribution: Final Revenge (Book 6) by David Harvey

“These are not good people. They are psychopathic murderers and drug dealers.”

A story of crime, punishment and retribution.

Alfieri controls the Western Cape cocaine market, the Cape Town nightclub world and the bulk of all racketeering, money laundering and poached abalone markets.

Life, notwithstanding what he sees as a few complications, is all about more money.

While Alfieri plans expansion, corrupt politicians and police provide his protection and violence remains his problem eliminator. But, behind the scenes all is not going his way.

Using a lethal combination of technology, drones and explosives, the Hout Bay team intend to get Benito Alfieri’s attention.

Series: Retribution: Final Revenge (Book 6)
Global Library: Action Adventure
Global Library: Fiction (Urban Life)


Message from Author: “I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1951. I spent my early years in Linbro Park, a suburb of Johannesburg, on a small holding of peach trees, asparagus and rhubarb, exploring the long disused next-door cemetery, avoiding snakes and grandpa’s beady eyes. (And they were eyes that missed nothing).

From there the family relocated to a farm in Chingola, Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia).

Given the farm was carved out of virgin forest, it was back to avoiding snakes and other denizens of the thick bush – but all good learning curves.

From Zambia the family relocated to Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe) and from there I attended university in South Africa.

Somehow it seemed that all of my school years were spent at isolated boarding schools, buried deep in the bush in both Northern Rhodesia and Rhodesia, which may account for a lot of my quirks.

After the bush war, when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, I emigrated back to South Africa where I now live in Cape Town.

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