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Consequences of Falling
(A Riverfield Novel) by Glenn Sartori

Tragedy, murder, and conspiracy push three Riverfield residents down unfamiliar paths…

…. a psychologist who takes on an unethical mission; the wife of a detective who inserts herself in a murder investigation; and a former cabaret hostess who risks everything in order to discover her lover’s killer.

Mayhem abounds as Union Miller unwittingly becomes the link between the three—whose actions result in unexpected consequences that change the fiber of Riverfield forever.

5 Star Review: Riverfield Novel Book Two is finally here and titled Consequences of Falling.

*****Bradley and Elizabeth survived a whirlwind romance, elopement and great sex, for two people who are as different as day and night and then their daughter Jessica was born.

*****Tragedy unfolds and life changes direction for Elizabeth. I Quote:

*****“As the clouds rolled across the sky obscuring the last bit of the evening light, Elizabeth kept watching the lake from her apartment’s deck. She thought of herself as a woman always watching something in motion, which was shifting and changing. She wasn’t in motion, or was she? It made her light-headed to think of this. She yearned for her mind to be clear like the water, to be clear of that day in court. And the occasional woodpecker’s remote tapping and the air rending silence that followed it were only sounds registered in her head. They were meaningless, but that day in court was not.

*****It seemed her thoughts were determined to wander along that shadowy path, where court arguments laid like exposed roots across the forest floor. It was the day that her life totally fell apart, the day she lost her daughter. It had happened last month.”

*****How could things go so wrong?

*****It is October 1989 and Elizabeth Trent finds herself running from her past and the only answer might be revenge. A new counseling job in Riverfield, Missouri at the CYA clinic might be a good start. Would returning to the place of her childhood be the answer or would there be old ghosts?

*****Falling into the routines that a small town has to offer; Elizabeth immerses herself into her clients and secretly hopes she will bump into an old heart throb Union Miller. The mundane has a way of becoming short lived when secrets threaten to break free.

*****Murder and mayhem begin on Monday May 7, 1990. Can Elizabeth live with the consequences of her actions? Join the investigation as “The morning fog was as thick and wet as breath on a mirror, dimming the heat lightning in the air. Yellow bolts the color of a cat’s eye forked out above the police station. Inside an oppressive mood had settled over the building. Everyone was feeling frustrated. They needed some sort of concrete lead in order to move.”

*****Romance, tragedy, abduction, murder and conspiracy engage this well-developed cast of characters that include detective John Turner, Mike Ryan, Anne Turner, Kimberly Young, Peter Benton, Randy Bennett, Connelly Dunnerman, and Seiko Dunnerman. The events that unfold will change Riverfield’s small town forever, for now fear grips the community.

*****I love this fast-paced novel with lots of suspense and mystery. Author Glenn Sartori uses real life stories as inspiration for this novel. He includes an excerpt from his next Riverfield Novel titled ‘Reflections Of Triplets’.

*****I invite you to read Consequences of Falling (Riverfield Novel Book Two) by Glenn Sartori. I reviewed this book from a Kindle format. I suggest you also read book one in the series titled Union Of Friends. Author Glenn Sartori has also published South City Mosaic: Life On Alaska which I have also enjoyed as book one in his South City Mosaic Series and his stand-alone book titled Epiphany.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Series: A Riverfield Novel (Book 2)
Global Library: Suspense Thrillers, Mysteries

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South City Mosaic: Life On Alaska
(South City Mosaic Series Book One) by Glenn Sartori

I grew up in the South City on a street called Alaska. The mosaic of my early years is like a collection of tiles in a multicolored mural. The tiles were pieced together by many hands —my loving and stable family, the tight-knit neighborhood, my grade school friends, and the compassionate nuns at St. Cecilia’s School. Come back and visit those years with me. Perhaps my grade school adventures will make you smile…and possibly help you recall your own cherished childhood memories.

5 Stars Review: Whether you are young or old, South City Mosaic: Life On Alaska will capture your heart and mind as endearing, heartfelt boyhood memories from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade are experienced in and around Glenn’s house and loving family home on 5226 Alaska Ave.

*****Twenty-two life packed chapters that truly begin on April 10, 1940 when Glenn was born. Read the well-placed words of Glenn’s vivid childhood memories that will take you back in time to the sights, sounds, smells and yes, tastes of a simpler, kinder and gentler life.

*****There are so many examples that I want to share with you, so choosing this one is difficult, but reflective of the mood and character of the stories. I quote: “In the 1940s and 50s, before electronic games and computers, collecting and trading baseball cards was a boyhood passion everywhere, and my grade school was no exception. The chance of getting a Mays, Mantle or Musial was thrilling, and to get the final card that completed your set of any baseball team, especially the St. Louis Cardinals, was a victory. Cards with pictures and stats of baseball players were the only type available, no hockey or football players. I bought mine at my neighborhood grocery store—a nickel for five cards packaged with a sheet of bubblegum. If I think about it, I can still smell the bubblegum aroma that wafted from the open package. Chomping down on the malleable pink sheet of gum filled my mouth with sugary juices. As vivid as the memory of chewing the gum is, I have no recall of blowing bubbles. Maybe I never acquired that skill set.

*****On many days after school, my friends and I would trade baseball cards, usually on someone’s front porch. It was always fun and a good way to complete a team. Shouts like “I’ll trade you a Duke Snider for an Alvin Dark. Or I’ll trade you a Yogi Berra for a Gil Hodges” were flying around the group. Sometimes we’d trade two for one, and occasionally three for one if someone really needed a particular player.  We’d even coordinate trades between three or four kids. I loved those times. (I had a fine collection but not now. After I’d been gone from home for few years, I discovered that my dad had donated, among other things, the baseball cards to the St. Joseph’s Orphan Home for boys. Maybe they enjoyed them, traded them as I had.)”

*****Look at the 21 photos from those days and let your taste buds recall one or more of the included recipes that will draw you back in time. If you are young, you will learn valuable information about life for one young boy in the 40’s and 50s. If you are older, the memories written in this book will no doubt trigger some pleasant memories of your childhood.

*****Compare your childhood with Glenn’s, his first cigarette, first kiss and so many more firsts, which you will not want to miss. Like me you will be forced to wait for Glenn’s promised book two and three in his South City Mosaic Series.

*****”South City Mosaic: Life On Alaska” by Glenn Sartori is a childhood memoir worth reading. Read all Author Glenn Sartori’s books found at Amazon. Review by Theodocia McLean.

Series: South City Mosaic (Book 1)
Global Library: Memoirs

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The Triplets’ Secret (A Jennifer Sturgis Mystery) by Glenn Sartori

Retired journalist Jennifer Sturgis never imagined one cold case would change the course of her life. That case—the mysterious disappearance of Crystal Scott—has been unsolved for fifty years.

The main persons of interest were the “Triplets,” three women never charged, but branded guilty by an entire town. Now in their eighties, the triplets, fascinated by Jennifer’s blustery entrance into their calm life, allow her an interview—with one bizarre condition.

Jennifer accepts. Soon she is mesmerized by the old women’s tale. Disturbed by possible connections to her family, she finds herself facing a vengeful gunman. But no matter the risks, she is determined to publish their story.

The Triplets’ Secret is a story of obsession, reinvention, and shocking revelations that compel Jennifer to question everything—even her own identity.

Book Review by Fran Bradley: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Keeps you Guessing. Loved this book and it kept me guessing and agreeing with Jennifer and her feelings.

Book Review by Richard Lang: 3.0 out of 5 Stars. Enigma. Jennifer Sturgis, a retired journalist decided to write a story about a Riverfield cold case, the disappearance of Crystal Scott. The triplets, Maggie, Karen, and Lisa were suspected of murdering Crystal, a Riverfield resident. Crystal was also a person of interest in the death of Patty Stanley. Riverfield was a labyrinth of secrets and Jennifer’s interviews with the triplets began releasing them one by one. But the triplets weren’t the ones that had secrets. The story starts out a little slow but has enough oomph to keep you reading.

Series: A Jennifer Sturgis Mystery (Book 1)
Global Library: Suspense Thrillers, Mysteries

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Epiphany by Glenn Sartori

In medieval Russia, a battlefield historian is commissioned to transport treasures from invasion-torn south to a haven in the north. Centuries later, four events occur simultaneously.

Grace Sawyer, on her summer sabbatical at the Rosanov Art Institute in Yaroslavl, stumbles upon a black stone from a medieval Russian treasure. Richard Simon, an art historian in New York, is solicited by a friend in the CIA to journey to Yaroslavl on a cryptic quest.

In Kiev, the brother of the president of the Ukraine is assassinated, and a group of men plan to violently end the Epiphany—the historic meeting between the Pope and the Patriarch of Russia.

Within a week, these events will mesh in a violent climax that echoes in the halls of the Rosanov Art Institute.

Book Review From Amazon Customer: 5.0 out of 5 Stars ….and Patriarch together for the first time since the Great Schism of 1054. Prophetic in bringing the Pope and Patriarch together for the first time since the Great Schism of 1054. A good plot that kept me reading one more chapter before putting it down. Characters come across as real. Having grandparents who came from Russia and Kiev I enjoyed the challenge of the culture.

Global Library: Suspense Thrillers, Mysteries

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Union Of Friends (Riverfield Series Book One) by Glenn Sartori

The announcement of Union Miller’s death arrived with the Saturday mail. That notice pushed Travis Gibbs to return to Riverfield only to discover that his best friend, Union Miller, had been dead for two years.

It was an open and shut murder case—Union had stalked a woman, had killed her, and then had been killed by her husband. However, women had always pursued Union. Why stalk one? Why kill one?

The search for answers propels Travis on a deceit-filled journey that ends in a conclusion he can’t believe, until violence steps into his life.

Review by Martha A. Cheves: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. They were best friends. Yet…..”Union was murdered two years ago. He felt a contraction in his heart and a cold tingling in his face, and couldn’t utter a word. Two years Travis thought. He lost the power of sight for an instant, but he conquered his emotion by a strong effort of willpower, almost a transport of rage. Why had she waited two years before telling him? He felt numb, lost, and as if he had just awakened from a coma and was being downloaded with events he missed. The words two years rolled through his mind – Union has been dead for two years. He heard her say something about coffee, and he followed her into the house, his mind returning to reality.

Union Miller and Travis Gibbs had grown up together. They were best friends. Yet, he had been dead for two years and Travis never knew until he received a letter from Union’s mother stating ‘My Union was murdered. Please come. He didn’t do it.’ So, he went to Riverfield to find out who killed Union and why.

According to the police Union killed Patti and Patti’s husband killed Union. But why? This simply wasn’t the Union Travis had known the better part of his life. And because of this, he was determined to find out what really happened. With the help of an old schoolmate Travis started his investigation through which the name Global Friends kept popping up. Could there be a connection? Could Union have found information regarding this company that needed to remain hidden?

Union of Friends is one book that kept me in the dark until the end. I never knew where it would lead me next nor which character could really be trusted. Author Glenn Sartori let nothing slip which kept me turning pages as I tried to decide how everyone connected. I’m now looking forward to the next book in this series.

Series: A Riverfield Novel
Global Library: Suspense Thrillers, Mysteries

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About The Author: Glenn Sartori is a lifelong resident of St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from St. Louis University with BS and MS in Electrical Engineering. In 1997 he married Rosanne and enjoy condo living in St. Louis County. They have two sons Michael and Jeffrey, both grown, live in different cities and have a family of their own.

Glenn worked in electronic design and engineering management at McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing, and traveled to many countries, his favorite was Japan. He retired in 2002, which is the same year Rosanne retired from teaching in the St. Charles School District.

In late 2002, Glenn started his second career as an author of text books. Along with his college friend, they have co-authored four engineering text books for Pearson Education Publishing Company. Glenn successfully transitioned to writing mystery novels and most recently published the first book of his memoir trilogy.

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