R. Peter Ubtrent’s Books

OUR READERS: 782 The Aurora Chronicles 1-7. An Auroral Flame by R. Peter Ubtrent. The Aurora Chronicles Book One. Aurora is inquisitive, stubborn, and has far too much courage for one so young. She is also a half-Elf orphan, left at the Monastery of St. Verruchts by the Satyr Stiz… Continue reading

The Va’Shan Trilogy by R. Peter Ubtrent

OUR READERS: 193 The Va’Shan Trilogy. A Requiem For Caelus by R. Peter Ubtrent. The Va’Shan Trilogy: Books 1-3. When the young Lo’thar Mistshrouder of the Fikir Clan saved the even younger Lorelei Heartstealer of the Kar clan, all hailed it as the day when the two clans could end… Continue reading