The Mordiar’s Opus Series by R. Peter Ubtrent

The Mordiar’s Opus Series. Mordiar’s Hymn by R. Peter Ubtrent. The Mordiar’s Opus Series Books One. Mordiar Morduk was at the pinnacle of his career. One of the youngest to ever achieve the rank of Maxim Quirinus, he had won ever medal available, some more than once. Then one day… Continue reading

Dark Pilgrim Series by R. Peter Ubtrent

Dark Pilgrim Series 1-6. Dark Pilgrim Rising by R. Peter Ubtrent. Dark Pilgrim Series 1-6. 7,680 years ago, humanity was imprisoned for over 2,500 years by the shape-shifting Dwad-Mehstiv. The Noble Houses arose out of the ashes of the Wars of Conquest, The Church of the Blessed Prophets arose out… Continue reading

Eternity’s Handmaiden by R. Peter Ubtrent

Eternity’s Handmaiden (First Edition) by R. Peter Ubtrent. Stand Alone Book Alexis Locke gave the first forty-five years of her life to an agency that never gave a second thought to putting her in harm’s way. After fifteen years of voluntarily retirement and seclusion, she is forced to investigate the… Continue reading

The Va’Shan Trilogy by R. Peter Ubtrent

The Va’Shan Trilogy. A Requiem For Caelus by R. Peter Ubtrent. The Va’Shan Trilogy: Books 1-3. When the young Lo’thar Mistshrouder of the Fikir Clan saved the even younger Lorelei Heartstealer of the Kar clan, all hailed it as the day when the two clans could end their ages-old war… Continue reading

The Sslithax Heresy Series by R. Peter Ubtrent

The Sslithax Heresy Series. Sacrifice by R. Peter Ubtrent. The Sslithax Heresy Series Book One. When humanity first set out to explore the stars, they discovered that they were alone, for they never ran into any other intelligent life-forms. Because of this, human religion came to the conclusion that God… Continue reading

The Aurora Chronicles by R. Peter Ubtrent

The Aurora Chronicles 1-7. An Auroral Flame by R. Peter Ubtrent. The Aurora Chronicles Book One. Aurora is inquisitive, stubborn, and has far too much courage for one so young. She is also a half-Elf orphan, left at the Monastery of St. Verruchts by the Satyr Stiz with two bags… Continue reading