Michael Oborn’s Books

Toward Happier Choices by Michael Oborn. A Coffee Conspiracy. This book is a Memoir better described as an Anthology of a person’s life. It also might be looked at as a transition piece by a person who doesn’t tell, but shows how he reinvented his life. “Our challenges strengthen and… Continue reading

Shepherding Cassie by Michael Oborn

Shepherding Cassie by Michael Oborn. Why does nine-year-old Cassie Shepherd need conversion therapy? How does Cassie’s father ensure his daughter does not become a lesbian? Cassie’s father is convinced most professional female athletes are homosexuals. An Olympic coach wants to coach and enter Cassie in the Olympics. Grandpa, the town… Continue reading

Educating Will Kimball by Michael Oborn

Educating Will Kimball by Michael Oborn. This is the story of a love gone wrong and a life gone lost. Without some reason to go on breathing, Will Kimball’s mornings were terrifying. Running on empty; where to go, what to do, and how were every day’s identity crisis. Las Vegas… Continue reading

Honor Bound by Michael Oborn

Honor Bound by Michael Oborn. For every First Responder killed in the line of duty, three die by their own hand. There is more to being a cop than may appear at first glance. Danny, a cop, has a drug problem. He loses everything; honor, family, home. Turning in his… Continue reading