Lady Buff & Yardstick: The Three-Footed Kitten by Dutch Rhudy

Lady Buff & Yardstick: The Three-Footed Kitten by Dutch Rhudy. Set in a famous Franciscan Monk’s Art Studio. Lady Buff & Yardstick is a heart-warming story of a mother and kitten. Shunned by mama Magdalena and befriended by Brother Matthew; curious little Yardstick provides funding for a new infirmary roof…. Continue reading

Boot & Milk Balls by Dutch Rhudy

Boot & Milk Balls by Dutch Rhudy. Boot & Milk Balls take us back in time to the mirth and madness of a bygone era. The antics of fun-loving, hometown characters, often turn bazaar. Two popular legends, grossly entwined, evolve to become one macabre tradition. Three additional short stories; Lost… Continue reading

Dutch Rhudy’s Books

A Secret In Ash Brooke by Dutch Rhudy. A Secret in Ash Brooke by Dutch Rhudy Summary: A small town detective agreed to mentor a local newspaper reporter who wished to enhance his sleuthing hobby. In the process of improving his observational skills, the reporter scrutinized various citizens torso and… Continue reading