R. Peter Ubtrent’s Books

OUR READERS: 786 The Aurora Chronicles 1-7. An Auroral Flame by R. Peter Ubtrent. The Aurora Chronicles Book One. Aurora is inquisitive, stubborn, and has far too much courage for one so young. She is also a half-Elf orphan, left at the Monastery of St. Verruchts by the Satyr Stiz… Continue reading

Dark Pilgrim Series by R. Peter Ubtrent

OUR READERS: 169 Dark Pilgrim Series 1-6. Dark Pilgrim Rising by R. Peter Ubtrent. Dark Pilgrim Series 1-6. 7,680 years ago, humanity was imprisoned for over 2,500 years by the shape-shifting Dwad-Mehstiv. The Noble Houses arose out of the ashes of the Wars of Conquest, The Church of the Blessed… Continue reading